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[ACCEPTED] Triogenix's Skrell App *warble*

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BYOND Key: Triogenix

Character Names:

Jasper Feron

Vadim Vaziri

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Xiialt Blue

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Skrell have always interested me, originally they were going to be the first alien species I applied for, but following lore changes I decided to go for Tajara first instead. I think the biggest things that draw me to the race is firstly how they form relationships, Quya’s, and what that means for both development of children, and how skrell act on-station. The secondary things that draw me to the species are their history with Glorsh, and how their knowledge develops, in plateaus.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Their psionics is the first thing that comes to mind for me, as it, in combination with the J’ox’a is the starting point for all deeper relationships between skrell. It means that basically nothing of what you think of them can be hidden from a romantic partner, and this allows skrell Quya’s to be extremely flexible with skrell moving in and out constantly.

The other thing is their emotional sensitivity, Humans may be able to be nihilists, but skrell can’t. Therefore, they will care deeply about what they believe to be right/wrong, as well as their friends, however, but just as likely not to care about friends if they believe to be insulted.


Character Name: Xu’Qua Tyak

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Qau was born at the end of the Supernova Era, in the year 2392, in the region of Orcor, on Qerrbalak with no Qrra’Myaqq. Their familial clutch had a Qrii’Myaq, Qraa’Myaq, a single Qrra’Myaqq, and Myaq’Lak. Their Myaq’Lak, born in the early days of the Abyssal Era, taught the tadpole from a very young age about the horrors of Glorsh-Omega, their hate and disgust for it flowing into Qau’s brain, and, because of this, Qau distrusts synthetics heavily, and will never attempt to have any form of relationship beyond work with them, and even working can cause them undue stress. Their Qrii’Myaq, a geneticist, steered the young tadpole into helping others through kindergarten, whether it be through their own work of attempting to repair the genophage of a species wrecked by Glorsh-Omega, or other practices.  During this time, they were brought into the faith of Qeblak by their familial clutch. Qau found themselves following the faith closely, even making a trip to the Eqloq region to visit ancient shrines later in life. 

However, right before Qau was to go to college, disaster struck, his Myaq’Lak, who had told them of all the horrors of Glorsh and who had been a good mentor to them, passed away due to age and injuries sustained during their childhood under the tyrant intelligence. Qau was near inconsolable, wracked with emotions and unable to effectively control them yet, it was only by the work of their Qraa’Myaq that they eventually subsided allowing for them to realize that all things must come to pass physically, but memories and teachings live on. Because of this, Qau adopted the Honorific Xu’ to their first name. They would also try their best to live the rest of their life to the ideals of their Myaq’Lak, attempting to help whoever they could(as long as they are not synthetic) and try their best to stay loyal to the principles of Qeblak. As college and life marched on, Qau pursued medicine as a field, first getting a general practice degree, then a degree in general medical-chemistry, and finally a degree in anatomy. Throughout College Qau had a growing feeling of wanderlust, so when they finally graduated with their third degree, and a social credit score of 6.5, they petitioned the Federation government to allow them to travel abroad to Biesel. Sol was out due to the collapse, and they didn’t want to go to the backwater Coalition. So, with a sizable amount of money from their Qraa’Myaq, they headed off for Biesel, through Kyonang. Besides a scare with a SRF ship, the journey was uneventful. Eventually, finding their way to Biesel and leasing a apartment in Phoenix park, they pulled up the extranet and applied for a job with Nanotrasen, who, as their research had said when they did it back in the Federation, was a good human megacorporation to work for(ignoring the cyborgification), as a doctor. Their application was accepted, and after orientation, they were sent off to work as a surgeon onboard the NSS Aurora.


What do you like about this character?

Like with most of my characters, I like that Qau starts basic, so that I can develop them in multiple directions over the 6-7 months or more I plan to play them if this app is accepted. I also like their religious aspect, as I feel it has the possibility of granting some interesting RP.


How would you rate your role-playing ability? Mediocre-Good, there are still a few things I need to improve on to rate myself as good, but I’ve been getting much better.


Notes: The reason I didn’t pick Zeng for Qau, is because I don’t really think it makes sense to have a Zeng-Hu Skrell now, what with the company focus being HUMAN perfection.(If it’s even mechanically possible for Skrell to be employed by Zeng). And oh god the amount of red lined words.

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Hi there, thanks for applying. I do have some questions related to your app, however. 


1) Your Skrell appears to have been taught from a young age to despise Glorsh-Omega. Why would they come to Biesel, the synthetic central of the Orion Spur? How will this impact how this Skrell will interact with his colleagues that aren't organic? 

2) Is your Skrell happy with a "6.5" social credit score? Are they going to attempt to raise is during their time in Biesel? Do they like the social credit score system?

3) How does your Skrell feel about the events of 2461 (The Warbling Arc)? Do they know about it? If they do, how will this affect their decision making aboard the NSS Aurora?

4) What relationships have they had in their life (besides familial ones). How has this affected their personality, or are they a shut-in? 

5) How does your Skrell view other species?

6) How is the current election impacting your Skrell? Do they feel cemented in their politcal vote, or are they unsure of themselves? 


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Posted (edited)

Right, thanks for the questions!

To answer the first one, the reason they came to Biesel as I outlined somewhat in my app, is because they wanted to go to the stars, specifically another space besides the Jargon Federation, and due Sol having collapsed and the Coalition being a backwater, as well as the Badland states that would actually accept Skrell also being backwaters(in their eyes), it really only left Biesel. As for the synthetic life in Biesel, they somewhat see this as a trade-off, in order to fulfill their desire to see and work in the civilized/stable parts of the galaxy outside the federation, they will need to deal with being around synthetic life, and even working with it. While they do not enjoy this, they will be able to tolerate working with synthetics within a workspace, holding them in high suspicion for anything that goes wrong, and not attempting in any way to have a relationship more then colleagues with synthetics.

The second one, Social Credit Score. While Qau wishes they had a higher score, they are not very upset with the 6.5 score they have, seeing it as better then below a 6. They of course wish to increase their score, at least enough to become a Primary Numerical, which, if achieved, depending on what happens IC'ly and how high they get, may entice them to return to the federation. As for their opinion on the social credit system, they have some gripes with the system, revolving around how certain things are rated, but all in all believes the system is a good way to reward Skrell for being not only good citizens, but good people.

Third question, the warbling arc. Qau, like alot of federation citizens, followed the events of the arc on the news. At the time, they outraged, with the possibility of the archive may never be opened due to the actions of a rogue scientist, with that same scientists usage of artificial intelligence adding more fuel to the fire of their outrage. They closely followed the story up until the arrest of three terrorists aboard the NSS Aurora, after which they were much to occupied by schoolwork to really continue to follow the story. The had heard from some friends however that a wave of anti-skrell sentiment had been growing across human space. As for how it will impact their decision making aboard the Aurora, unless they are told more about the events on-station by a crewmember IC'ly.

Question number four, the relationships. Qau had multiple Qu'Nioh, and one or two Qu'Kaax(who he worked with during residency) but has never a Qu'Poxii.  They have however, had one Lu'Poxii, who surpassed them enough for the rivalry to be null near their final year of college. The reason they have never had a Qu'Poxii was primarily because they have had difficulty knowing if someone was/is right for them, and feels uncomfortable in moving quickly(in Skrell terms), this however may change now that they are out of college and in Biesel. As for how their relationships affected their personality, the biggest affect was with their Lu'Poxii. Their relationship just took Qau's basic personality and amplified it, making them want to help more people, primarily psychically, in order to one-up their rival. Beyond that, there was not much affect on their personality with non-familial relationships.

Question number five, how does my skrell view other species. Well to start with humanity, they view humans as very reckless, participating in the proliferation of artificial intelligence, but they also respect and admire humanities drive for technological advancement. For Tajara, they view them with concern and pity, concern due to the proliferation of nuclear weaponry on Adhomai, combined with the Cold-War situation, and pity because they are in that situation. For Unathi, they view them with Pity, due to the ruined state Moghes is in due to the events of the contact war. For Diona and Vaurca, due to the relationship between the rogue scientist in the warbling, and their primarily vaurca/diona research team, combined with Qau not being exposed much to either species through their life, has caused them to view both species with suspicion, unable to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong, needing to be told by a species like Skrell. For IPC's, they find them to be dangerous, and if not outright destroyed, held in the highest suspicion possible.

Question six, the current election. They feel unsure of themselves, liking the foreign policies of Weashbi, trying to help as much of the spur as possible, while also liking alot of Weibii's policies to deregulate the megacorporation's with Federation Space in order to keep the economy afloat, and their "Skrell First" policy, of fixing the issues of and helping Skrell within the Federation, while not being domineering. As of now, they are very much on the fence between those two candidates.


I hope this answers the questions you had!

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