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3 day temp ban Slleepy Wolf unban

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BYOND Key: sleepy wolf
Total Ban Length: 3 days
Banning staff member's Key: Pratepresidenten
Reason of Ban:

Reason for Appeal: Every time this has happened, the round has been 2/3rds complete, I've been in non-vital roles (Cargo tech, Janitor), And it's in Dead Deadhour where there's not even anyone else in the roles or, even in the department. I'll ahelp right before every time now, since yeah, I Should.

I get WHY the rule is in place, and understand why I was tempbanned for not ahelping. It just feels like I shouldn't have to at times, because there's like, 20 minutes left in the round and it just feels useless but I get it.

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