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Sleepy's Command Whitelist Returnal

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BYOND Key: sleepy wolf
Staff BYOND Key: Pratepresidenten
Game ID: 🤷‍♀️
Reason for complaint: Lost command whitelist for unrelated ban - appealing to return it without having to reapply.

Additional remarks: The ban was unrelated to command whitelist, extremely temporary, and appealed/accepted. None of the times I left the game were as command. Thank you.

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I am not sure what can be done here. The command whitelist rules clearly state: "Receiving too many administrative actions. Any temporary ban, job ban or permanent ban will result in the whitelist being removed."

The tempban applied, even if unrelated to command play, was escalation of punishment for repeatedly logging out without using cryo, even with the appeal, its still a ban.

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I played my cargo character once in deadhour - the first time in months, and did not cryo as the only one in supply and got the first warning that round. This is the message I got on discord. 5pNzJVK.png

Ten days later, I join as my janitor - the first time in months. I spend an hour and a half in round talking in the bar, roleplaying the whole time. I cleaned shit! I was the ONLY janitor, it was deadhour with 6 people on station, all of them in the bar. I get distracted alt+tabbed and then eventually just close the game, casually. I get banned.


These are the ONLY two moments I did not cryo or ahelp I was leaving in the past few months. I usually do cryo - and I don't make it a frequent thing! I play the rounds I join, except when there is literally nothing going on.


I do not feel this is at all worth losing my command whitelist. I am appealing FOR that - because that should be an option for how to appeal it. You can CLEARLY see this has nothing related to bad command play - I do not want to lose my whitelist for TWO silly deadhour rounds that Prate happened to catch both times of. I play this game to have fun and roleplay, not have to type on these forums every day.


I have already stated I've learned whatever from that ban, I've not been told my command play is terrible, I was told to appeal here to get my whitelist returned without having to reapply.


Thank you.

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The rule is very clear. "Receiving too many administrative actions. Any temporary ban, job ban or permanent ban will result in the whitelist being removed."
The reason behind your ban doesn't matter, because you were still banned in the end. Yes, you appealed it, but that doesn't mean you get your whitelist back. 

In order to regain your command whitelist, you will need to re-apply and go through the week long trial period. 

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So I could have sworn that I replied with this earlier, but I guess I didn't. 

If you feel that the ban is unjust, we can tackle that and if it is found to be in your favor, you'll have the whitelist returned. But if you'd rather just reapply, then we can do that too. 


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