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Rajjurl's New Groove

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BYOND Key: abigbear

Discord Username: bear#0117

Character Name: Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir

Item Name:  Tajaran Noble's Suit, Tajaran Silken Gloves

Item Function(s): Nothing more than a clothing article/jumpsuit

Item Description: Suit: A dark, older suit refurbished with new additions and golden buttons, embroidery, and trim. Made with silken fabric, crimson epaulette, and matching sleeve cuffs this suit is a remnant of an older time on Adhomai made new again with recent restorations. 

Gloves: A pair of silken gloves fitted to a Tajaran hand.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: When working in diplomatic functions, appearances are everything. In order to maintain the appearance of nobility while functioning as a consular, a more royal garb helps emphasize the more traditional setting within the New Kingdom of Adhomai

How did your character obtain this item?: In anticipation of his retirement from NanoTrasen, an old suit from the monarchs of old was obtained and refurbished before being tailored to fit.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: For all familiar with Tajara, the presence of the revolutions and the Monarchal society that came before is ever looming, especially when dealing with the New Kingdom of Adhomai. Acting as a consular for said kingdom, this suit helps bring forth the concept of re-established nobility and the caste system being not-so-subtlety pushed back into place. This item serves a hook for those not familiar with Tajaran society, or an interesting hook for other Tajara on any side of the political spectrum

Sprites:  Sprite preview and the dmi uploaded with the post.

Additional Comments: The .dmi was made with several items but I am bald and don't know how to separate them. I only want the suit and gloves added from it all. Credit to BrainOS for the amazing sprites.



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