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Pax's amazing Alqaana backpack

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BYOND Key: Desven

Discord Username: desven#3538

Character name: Ka'Akaix'Pax C'thur

Item Name: Alqaana backpack

Item Function(s): Exactly like any other backpack in game does.

Item Description: Known for her extravagant concerts, Alqaana is one of few idols that have draw inspiration from Solarian classical music over more contemporary skrellian genres. This is her, in bag form! (credit to @Caelphon)

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Pax is known for its devotion to pop culture, especially Skrell media. A backpack is handy and almost everyone carries one on work, so it decided to give it a little of spice and bring its Alqaana one.

How did your character obtain this item?: Likely bought it from her overpriced webpage (this doesn't really mean it's that expensive, just that it costed more than an average backpack despite its cheap materials).

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Probably holds it very dearly. Again, it's akin to Pax's personality, and also to Skrell lore. I really like the idea of Skrell having idols and whatnot. Alqaana is completely headcanon, but I picture her as something akin to a K-pop star/gamergirl streamer. I'll probably keep coming up with Alqaana stuff and facts because Pax really talks a lot about the idols it admires and one can only say Axic so many times without losing their mind.










Additional comments: Thank you @DronzTheWolf for helping me recolor the sprites, @Caelphon for the descriptions, @MccRrib for hearing the idea and @Butterrobber202, @Lmwevil and @goolie for feedback and sprite talks. Also Gemspark for helping me make an alternative version with other another colored dress.



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