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Review Request - Zachary Delinges

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Reporting Personnel: Rrhuyala Rrhakaslav'Karimi

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Warden

Personnel in Question: Zachary Delinges

Job Title of Personnel in Question: Cargo Technician

Reason for Review: [ ] - Extended Arrest History [ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record [X] - Other: Extreme violence in custody.

Notes: Delinges repeatedly assaulted this one and other officers after he had been arrested for a contraband charge. Every time someone needed to enter his cell for something, he would attack them. At first, this was so this one could implant him with an augment disruptor to disable his toolset augment, but it continued each time an officer needed to enter his cell, which lead to him first being transferred to solitary, and then earning a HuT charge for the repeated assaults. 

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TO: Rrhuyala Rrhakaslav'Karimi, Warden, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Review Request -  Buck Thompson

Upon request, the internal review board has conducted a full review of the individual in question. In review, the board has identified one or more reports of disturbing nature. The case was turned over to the Federal Investigations Bureau  and charges have been filed. 

Thank you for your report.

DTG: 08-22:10-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2463


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