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Kathira's journal

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Byond key: TheGreyWolf

Discord key: TheGreyWolf#0535

Character Name: Kathira El-Hashem

Item name: blue leather-bound journal

Item function(s): It will function as a mixed & expanded version of folders & clipboards: 

  • It can be opened & closed.
  • When opened it can be written on like a clipboard.
  • When closed it can’t be read or written in.
  • It contains several pages, and more can be added by using paper on it, functioning as a folder in regards to what can be put inside of it.
  • Pages can be indexed, with about 3-4 indexes maybe. Perhaps with an unsorted “index”. Kinda like different 'folders' they can be in.
  • Due to the obviously increased size of it, the item itself would be bigger and likely closer to the size of a book code-wise.

Item description: Closed: A blue journal emblazoned with the New Kingdom of Adhomai's flag across the cover.
The pages within are a mix of clearly indexed case files, and study notes alongside less clearly indexed pages that appears to be fragmented thoughts, not unlike a diary. The very first page of the journal reads “dedicated to Qirandri Mrorirhaldarr” and is signed “Mrradar Sanufar” underneath.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: She brings it to work as it is the way she collects her thoughts, not to mention cases she works on. Especially after the recent events she experienced that has made her more uncertain about not noting it down.

How did your character obtain this item: The journal was a gift from Kathira’s professor at Kaltir Law Academy, whom she was close with from before the accident that injured her leg. She was given the book at her graduation as a parting gift from them and as a reminder of where she is from, along with who she was.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Beyond simply showing where Kath is from, the insides of it hints towards her faith and it gives a rare insight into the name she had before she adopted a more human-like name upon departing Adhomai. For Kath this is the book that signifies what she has managed, and the way she keeps track of things.

Sprites: Gallery link: https://imgur.com/a/rE3PZ8v

Additional Comments: I already contacted Geeves in regards to the code for this item so that part isn’t a major problem.
Sprites by: Dumbdumn5

Edited by TheGreyWolf
unbolded a part that was accidentalyl bolded
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Solid item that (I think) has really no way to be abused, and has plenty of backstory to support it. I also think it's a novel idea for an Investigator - made me think about my own character a bit! Easy-peasy +1

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