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Re-Add Nurse

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I believe it would be beneficial to re-add the Nurse role to medical, not as an alt title, but as its own role with two slots. ( amount of slots can be debatable tbh) 

Now, the real question is why? 

Back when Nurses WERE still a thing, I found them to be the best conductors of roleplay in the medical department. They often did any aftercare with patients, they were usually with them the whole way, and they usually answered questions as well. Their lessened responsibility (to an extent) also aided in this. As for what they can do, I would say that Nurses are capable of doing anything other than Surgery. I know there are fears of the dreaded chart making a return, but for all intents and purposes, I consider "everything but surgery" pretty simple to remember in this instance.  


Nurses are valuable roleplay opportunities. They may not have THAT much differentiating them mechanics wise, but character wise they can change a lot. Physicians and surgeons think of things different than nurses do most likely, and this adds some much needed variety to the three role department as it is now. Role wise they can likely play something like a support role. They can patch people up as needed, but a lot of the time they assist in surgery with things like CPR, medication and vice versa, freeing up physicians to handle other patients.


I find this to be a relatively simple re-addition to the game, but one I feel would be very beneficial to the department and the server as a whole to spice things up a little bit.

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56 minutes ago, Roostercat said:

I consider "everything but surgery" pretty simple to remember in this instance.

Pharmacists and Psychiatrists already can do everything but surgery, so I don't see the same being true for Nurses being an issue.

If it's an issue about slots, the physicians currently have 5 iirc. Just take two from there.

I've always been a fan of re-adding nurse.

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