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[Accepted]Lucaken BRANCHES (please laugh) out [Dionae App]

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BYOND Key: Lucaken

Character Names: Leonid Myagmar (Previously 'Leonard Scheller'), Isiah Bly, Menlev Glukhov

Species you are applying to play: Dionae.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, just about everything on the wiki.


Why do you wish to play this specific race: Scouring the wiki as a new player, there is a lot to be inspired by and then eventually get sucked into. Personally, this also comes with a certain 'fear' of not playing a race or nationality authentically - by gaining access to Dionae characters I want to shed this mentality. Dionae seemed to me like the race I could take the farthest, considering the sheer amount of customization afforded by the lore. To list a few, I was particularly intruiged by the Mind Types and the idea of nymphs organizing themselves into all kinds of collective-personalities. In fact, a big reason for my first character being the Mind Type that they are is because I was interested in exploring how much I could push a multi-voiced gestalt. This is ontop of how any particular character will adjust to their location, faction and other such influences that are standard to other races.

Oh, and people just seem to just have so much damn fun with them. From the discord discussions/memes to the few I get to spot in-game, it just looks like a blast. Don't get me wrong, you can go far even with just a standard human, but Dionae always felt like the next level to me.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: First, there is the obvious biological differences. Constantly being aware of how light and radiation affect you, understanding almost anything is going to outrun you, as well as identifying threats (like atmospherics) differently gives a very clear outline of how you are supposed to play one. Though perhaps this is not major in terms of game mechanics, I feel as though it's something I could take very far in the right situations. More subtly, you also have to be aware of how your particular gestalt would register and respond to any particular situation, being in touch with how your nymphs will react and come to a decision, constantly. 


Character Name: Gentle Wind Over Turbulant Seas And Sands

Short Backstory: The orginal nymphs of what would become Gentle Wind Over Turbulant Seas and Sands (Gentle Wind) formed as a result of the conflict between the Shkhr and the Kshhr on the reclaimed planet Xrim, just as hostilities died out. As one of many gestalts to form in pursuit of unification, they were comprised almost entirely of young nymphs from both former factions - though this would result in inner turmoil early on, they quickly overcame differences in order to act as a catalyst for peace talks and general coordination upon Xrim. The same young nymphs which would've made up the gestalt then would've gained important if not insular experiences in diplomacy, sharpening their use of Rootsong and inner focus, and in turn gradually influencing their view of the world. This would be reinforced soon after with the re-discovery of Xrim by the Skrell nearly half a century later, where Gentle Wind participated heavily in the diplomatic efforts and as a result, gained a newfound ambition in meeting and understanding new species. To this end, the gestalt did as they have done several decades ago, and merged with several, relatively older nymphs who hailed from the Jargon Federation.

With new experiences being merged and a rapidly forming identity, the gestalt decided that further skills and qualifications would be needed to achieve their newfound dream of wandering the turmoiled galaxy. To this end, they swiftly enrolled in the Aliose University of Medical Sciences, and, with the use of regulated intaking of blood, managed to excel and impress enough to graduate in a shortened amount of time. From this point onward, the varied group of nymphs decided that they could no longer wait more. They had to see and calm this turmoiled galaxy. Across more than a decade, Gentle Wind would wander from planet to planet, finding more species than they could have ever imagined - and with it, their countless worries and problems, the mending of which would result in their most prized experiences. Among the most significant of their travels was their visit to Moghes, a truly enlightening and harrowing pilgramage that would see Gentle Wind interact with the most severe of cases, both mental and physical. So touched was the gestalt that, after merging with a few nymphs of The Spirits of the Oasis, they chose to commemorate the experience within their name, citing it to be just as revolutionary of an experience as seeing the first Skrell upon their homeworld. Finding themselves unable to contribute pragmatically to the peoples of The Wasteland (an experience which was shared on other journeys, too), the gestalt reasoned that it must find a more permenant spot in the galaxy if they were to complete their collective dream.


What do you like about this character?: I find the concept of a very amicable, understanding Dionae to be exactly what I need when I just want a roleplay-heavy round from time to time. While I adore characters that clash in interesting ways, there is just something very wholesome about being able to play a character that seeks to understand and befriend almost everyone. I think I'd have fun even if that was taken advantage of, as it's something I would expect and could happily facillitate with players. I also like how the character differs themselves from other Xrim Dionae - while I was originally unsure about that aspect, I think it's become a distinction central to them. And again, I like it because this character will likely push me out of my comfort zone a little in terms of Aurora lore and character concepts in general.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?: Above avarage, maybe? I've spent four long formative years role-playing in MMORPGs, so I feel I have a rock-steady foundation with my writing now. I've also spent five-ish months on the server, so I think I've also adapted to SS13-style role-play by now, as well.

Notes: Chirp Chirp!

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I've known Lucaken for exactly four years, before I even played on Aurora!
He's a great and mature roleplayer who undoubtedly will be able to portray a good Dionae character.

It's a +1 for me.

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