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Was a blast to code on the dev team, and you were a big part of that for me. Even if you felt like your actual contributions were few and far between, it was always good to meme with you in devchat. Definitely learned a lot about code from everyone, including you, just by reading what you were talking about with others. Sad you're outta here but was glad to be part of the team while you were here. Really appreciated the things you had to say.

Seriously, best of luck with whatever you do next, even if it's nothing. Been a pleasure.

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I woke up to this and it’s given me both sad and happy emotions.


I’m sad because of how much you meant to me when it came to the server, you are an intelligent and reasonable person that helped guide the server to where it is and I think you’re not giving yourself a enough credit. While it may seem that on the surface you did not put in a lot of work, in reality you were still interacting with people on a daily basis, jumping into discussions, sharing your thoughts and helping guide people. You’ve been a great help to me and I say with full confidence you’re a person that has also helped me grow. For that I thank you.


On the happy end, it’s nice to also see you push forward. Carrying on with life, passing through the milestones you’ve set for yourself. For this I wish you the best of luck, a genuinely happy and fulfilling life to you.

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Thank you for keeping the lights on for so long, and for making this community stand out as one I wanted to call home during my time in SS13. I always appreciated your diligence in managing the server, and your patience with people like me. I'm still grateful for your answers to all my stupid questions about SmartGit and DM, way back when! (I've forgotten a lot of it from disuse, but I'm sure it'll come back fast)

Best of luck to you in your degree and in your future endeavors, Skull!

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you're really underselling what your presence in the devteam meant to all of us. the camaraderie we have is a big factor on why we all push to do our best, and i don't think we would've stuck together and as tightly if we didn't have such good leadership under both you and arrow. we butt heads sometimes, but i don't think there's any family that doesn't argue every now and then. i'm glad you're going to be hanging around the maincord (come to the relay too we have lizardbus), but your presence in the devteam proper will be sorely missed

we're going to be just fine, though. despite all of our differing opinions, we're all on the same wavelength, owing to spending years trapped in the same code dungeon. and also matt would kill me if i PR something dumb

good luck on your future endeavors



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I'm a bit late to the retirement party, but thank you so much Skull, not only for the stuff you've taught me about coding, but putting up with the (admittedly small) amount of nonsense I've been in through the years, and even though I'm no longer here, and I may return in the future, even now, my experience as a wiki dev and what I've learned from you about managing a community, is helping me to do these very same things --

The coding skills you've taught, the wiki development I learned, the management skills I've developed, all indirectly and some directly throug you, all of it's cultivated in me being able to, despite my smol brain, to be capable of developing a game of my own, actually... I'd have never made it that far without you, you really *really* should recognize the positive impact you have on people, and I hope now you can chill and enjoy the community you've fostered.

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