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Incident Report - 09/12/2021

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Reporting Personnel: Yasin Deamurr

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Atmospheric Technician 

Game ID: cdZ-aVXO


Personnel Involved: 

Daniel Milner, Engineer: Victim

Yorick Gallows, Cargo Tech: Offender 

Leona Raszeur, Officer: Witness

Yasin Deamurr, Atmos Tech: Witness


Secondary Witnesses: 

Dayo Abioye, Cargo Tech: Watched the fight from outside engineering

Ostroverkhov Urvan, EMT(?): Treated Milners and Gallows injuries as first responder


Real Time: (9:00AM GMT 09/12/2021)

Location of Incident: Engineering


Nature of Incident:

[ ] - Workplace Hazard

[ ] - Accident/Injury

[ ] - Destruction of Property

[ ] - Neglect of Duty

[ ] - Harassment

[ x ] - Assault

[ ] - Misconduct

[ ] - Other _____ 


Overview of the Incident: 

While sitting in the engineering foyer with Milner and Abioye, officer Raszeur approached our desk yelling at Milner, shouting ‘bitch’ a few times to get his attention. She asked Milner to repeat something he had said to her earlier in the shift. (he had called her a cunt in response to similar behavior, something he already apologized for). While this was happening, Abioye stood up to leave, and Gallows walked into engineering through the open door - grabbing Milner and threatening him. Milner threw a punch in response, and Gallows pulled out a maglight to use as a weapon, hitting Milner over the head with it. Myself and Raszeur attempted to pull them apart as the fight moved into the back corner of the foyer, and at some point during the fight Milner had his ribs audibly broken by Gallows. Officer Raszeur held Milner to the ground while Gallows attempted to duct tape his hands, I pulled Gallows off and the fight ended there.


Medical and Security responded to calls made over common by Abioye, doctor Urvan confirmed that Milner had at least one broken bone. Gallows was carted off by security, and Milner by medical. Several unnamed onlookers remained, giving a rundown to the only head of staff working at the time. The entire incident took place in the ten minutes between the transfer being called and the shuttle's arrival, leaving no time to collect evidence.


Submitted Evidence: [None]


Would you like to be personally interviewed?: 

[ x ] - Yes

[ ] - No


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: 

Cygnus Rey, Chief Engineer

Actions taken: After hearing a rundown, Rey lightly scolded Officer Raszeur in the engineering Foyer and then moved to security. Afterwards, Rey requested Milner come to security, not realizing he’d been moved to the ODIN on transfer, pending treatment for still broken bones. An argument ensued, where Rey had told Milner to ‘come to security and run your mouth. I’ll be here’. I’m unsure if any action was taken towards Yorick.


Additional Notes: The way Chief Engineer Rey handled the entire situation was a joke, and I don’t think his actions should go without mentioning. I’ll make a separate IR if needed.

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TO: Yasin Deamurr, Atmospheric Technician, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.


DTG: 12-06:12-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2463



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