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2 journalist slots

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A slot for an independent journalist as well as a corporate journalist would benefit game rounds.

I recently had fun getting to be an indie after spawning as an assistant, and I was in a small feud with the corporate journalist. He called me a fake news tabloid hack because of my refusal to vet my stories with command. It was a lot of fun and the crew got two competing versions of the main event going on at the time with an antag.

Anyone can pick up a camera and a hot mic but the titles would validate the second journalist.

Journalists entire purpose is to interact with crew, spur engagement with the round, stir up trouble, and keep the crew up to date with current round events. And the rivalry is a fun dynamic.

So having 2 would be based and free press-pilled.

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I don't really see a structural change being made to the journalist's office as it is what with NBT looking like its in its final stages, but I can see some extra equipment being placed inside the empty locker, for example. The spare office could be an interesting element, like having some contention over who gets to use it, like, "I was here first!" vs. "Well I'm with the corporation." I guess my only real concern is the equipment (any later joiner or whoever gets to the office second in general is going to have to have these things in their loadout), and the fact that it feels like some people just don't pay that much attention to the newscasters. That's just me though. I think it could be really fun and generate some manner of rival-ish roleplay. I play a freelance journalist and sometimes get disappointed when a reporter is already in the slot.

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A journalists loadout is complete with a press badge, camera, and recorder. Having an extra set would complete the bare minimum. I agree about newscasters being a little underviewed. But ive found people get engaged with 'live reporting' from the entertainment channel. I was actually going to suggest a job guide edit too, soon.

I think the spare office works as a great location if we don't want any structural change. The NBT makes a lot of sense for not wanting such things. It doesnt even need tinted windows since its long enough to have interviews in the back be out of sight.

It fits thematically too for NT to give a crappy surplus office to a tabloid journalist hack.

So i suppose all it needs is an access and name change on the door.

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3 hours ago, Carver said:

Depends on how the spawn points are set up.


Don't say spawn deez nuts don't say spawn deez nuts don't say spawn deez nuts

Do you mean the mapping aspect of it? Is setting up a new spawn troublesome?

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11 hours ago, Zundy said:
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Don't say spawn deez nuts don't say spawn deez nuts don't say spawn deez nuts

Do you mean the mapping aspect of it? Is setting up a new spawn troublesome?

Troublesome? Not at all. Just that there's (possibly, haven't looked at the spawns) a mapping aspect so you can't just adjust the value from 1 to 2.

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