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Warbidons Skrell Deputy Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Warbidon
Discord Name:Warbidon#1495
Position Being Applied For: Skrell Deputy
Past Experiences/Knowledge: Skrell Lore Dev with two other peple on the Hestia Server.
Examples of Past Work: 

The Brief Essay: please include a brief essay on your thoughts about the current state of Skrell lore, and what your plans for it would be.

Skrell are a love letter to the classic smart alien archetype. It was always standing as a shadow to the science fiction trope and with the recent events that have occurred in the lore I really enjoy the sort of not-so-happy utopia that they have. I enjoyed Caelphons events and (less so) my part in accidentally mangling the state of affairs of the 'Tups. The events really showcase how the Federation is aming for the always upwards, forever improving trajectory that drove the Skrellian species into the Glorsh-omega wall a few centuries ago. They use techno-solutions to solve problems, Be it Psionic nlom interfaces to close the cold gap of space, genetic engineering to lengthen their own lives or social credit systems to glue the festering holes in their society together. I want more techno-solutions, anathema to the sensibilities of other species. They should be subtle, absolutely invasive and for the good of the Federation. The role of reeducation camps should be broadened, exposure to them by Skrell in the Jargon Federation should be something that is both normal and expected. Yes mal-adjusted go there, but so do good people who wish to have their vacation. Many people outside of the federation point fingers at the society as if they were the source of every modern ill, and they should. 

The Federation should have ambition. As it stands I feel like the upper echelons of the Federation are non entities.  We had a look at the very top, but what about the few Skrell charged with safe keeping worlds? People of Federation worlds should know the names of their governors, but only so they can know they are acting as pawns for the real people in power. Those people are naturally the amorphous mass of bureaucracy that have butchered each other with consultants for centuries and only got more subtle after. 

Lastly, I feel as if the Wiki Page for the world of Qerr'Balek could use some love. The structure of the first few paragraphs should be reworked so that the description of the world -- a place that is being rebuilt -- has some details. It taps on some tantalizing details but doesn't go over it in the rest of the document. I'd like to expand upon the points of interest, at the very minimum to include the "Jux'Qwi" that is mentioned once and described never. I'd also like to go into details on the past age of progress and the ecological disasters it sprung up.

The medical maladies are very cool, and I would like to add one that's been rendered "extinct" as a hallmark of progress: Some type of pollution induced asthma that affects the gills of a Skrell become non functional in water environments and makes the skrell liable to drown in the water. This would be reflected in that particularly poor environments on the homeworld up until the Glorsh Era would suffer from this malady.

Additional Comments: I would like to thank RyberStyx / Mack#2829 for prodding me into making an app.

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Hello, sorry it has taken me so long to address this application. Unfortunately I will have to deny it but you are always free to contribute via lore applications. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns as to why.

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