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Appeal BeyondUnderstanding

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BYOND Key: BeyondUnderstanding
Total Ban Length:Forever

Banning staff member's Key: @Peppermint
Reason of Ban: Sub par antag conduct and salting in LOOC after round ended (Dont know the exact message, correct me if I missed something)
Reason for Appeal: 

Well it has been a while since the ban and I had time to think about it.  Anyways, I had an agent ID and security arrested me and took it about the time shuttle landed. Thinking I was in the right to fight back, I penned one and attacked the one who took the ID, they escaped and I took a hostage trying to negotiate something beneficial for me. Then I got PMed by pepper and I was a bit upset because I felt I was being blamed for doing something wrong, while I felt like I had every right to do what I did and that we had a reasonable IC situation leading to that. During the PM I got confronted and I LOOCed that I am busy dealing with an ahelp, everything fine till there. Round ended so I felt comfortable about using LOOC as a sort of OOC at the time and during it security took advantage situation to surround me, a borg behind me also walled off the escape (or bolted it?Dont remember) so I got annoyed LOOCed that what they are doing is lame (it was "this is lame" or something). I didnt consider that I was being hostile as a genuinely felt what they are doing was a bit dirty, for me it was like saying that security did a sub par job handling the situation OOC after round ended. But in hindsight I see that I shouldnt have talked at all and that I am in the wrong.

I am sorry for my behaviour and promise to be better with my antag conduct and use of LOOC.

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I'm usually fine lifting a first perma. For reference, it wasn't that you said anything awful, but it was a common pattern of frustration leaking into ooc channels. Which happens. Just remember to ahelp things instead and we can look into it.

That said, I do have concerns to do with your antag play as well - you have a lot of notes and warnings about it. So before I lift this, I need confirmation that you've read the antag/escalation and RP expectation ruleset in particular. Then you're welcome to give it all another try.

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