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Add an Exit Button to Robotics

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Hi. I've started to go to Robotics a lot more recently, and I think it'd be really nice if the robotics repairbay had a button next to the door for people to let themselves out, like how medical has in their lobby. That's all.


Sometimes the roboticist is busy and can't let me out, and a few times they've went AFK and I've been stuck there. It'd just be nice to have.

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Robotics has a weird access problem where individuals who have general access to Medical cannot access Robotics, and there's no general exit access on the garage bay door. This often leads to people having to stand around to leave until a Roboticist is free to let them out.

Perhaps a Medical-style button and giving Robotics the same generalized access as Medical would be a good idea?

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honestly i don’t really care how it’s implemented, just that there’s some way to open the robotics bay doors. for clarification, i do not mean the doors that go back into science, but the wide door that goes back into the central primary hall when the garage is up and open

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