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Lore Development Diary

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Have added a few minor edits over the past few days as response to feedback received. Have also added a section on the Bound and a section for K'ois while expanding the relationship between the K'lax and the Unathi a little. Next steps include fixing any contradictions that may be on the wiki page and adding sections on the Vaurca settlements namely the ones in Mendell City, New Gibson and Tret.

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The initial edits are now complete, enmeshing facets of both Chev and Fowls work together into a comprehensive whole. Virtually every part has been effected in some way, but together they create a narrative that should best fit nearly all Vaurcan whitelisted characters currently in existence. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Vaurca

To come soon, Chev's Broods will be replaced by Lesser Queens, and each Lesser Queen will be characterized to have different viewpoints by which they direct their brood and the hive as a whole. In lieu of changing the naming scheme as chev did with broods, I have decided to add a color modifier depending on which Brood you select your Vaurca character to be apart of.

For example, the base RNG colors of a Unbound Zo'ra are (RGB 51, 0, 0). One particular brood of particularly warrior type Zo'ra can choose to add (RGB 50,0,0) to the base color of (RGB (51,0,0) for a total color of RGB(101,0,0). These modifiers will be optional, and signify recent developments of the increasingly decentralized nature of Zo'ra and K'lax hives, as they are cut off from Sedantis.

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Some minor edits on Frontier Factions https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Minor_Factions#The_Frontier_Alliance

I'm in intense negotiations/brainstorming/tea drinking with Bygonehero regarding some hybrid Vaurca/Human lore development.

Mars ShenanigansTM abound, roll up yer spess cowbois/grills https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=95&p=86825#p86825, lisps optional.

Anti-Atlas group soon fellow stalker

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Minor edits and tweeks to the Sol Alliance Military page on the wiki since people have been using it religiously when it's over two years out of date (you dummies).

Likewise tweeked the the timeline of humanity to semi match up.

The Free Assembly or "Freedom" is now here, so get your workmans boots on and get ready to bash the fash fight ATLAS weenies.

More Mars shenanigans soon, why not break the mold and be a pro-Alliance Martian, maybe even stay loyal to ATLAS and not be little traitors haha.

Plugging the Frontier Factions, good for character concepts. Why not create a Dominia Unathi?

Earth tweeks incoming so watch this space.

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Wooops no updates for a while. I hawwve bween dwwowwing stwwuff thwwooww! OwO

Vac and Elyra shenanigans with more to come! Ya spooked yet?

Made the frontier factions look pretty. Moving away from calling them that since we're now including the lost Eridani Federation alongside Elyra and Dominia (and the Frontier Alliance).

Removed Eridani's system on the lore box because it didn't make sense.

GOOD NEWS EVERY ONE. We started a "new slice of life" news """"channel"""" to make the world seem more alive and not to have constant gloom and doom (shout out to those who fed this back). Hope you enjoy.

Looking into putting in some Biesel "culture" stuff (fashions, music trends, maybe even clarifying some religions o.O). Watch this space.

That's all I can remember at the moment! Feel free to check out the pages, PM with feedback and actually roll up characters from these areas before I crash Luna into Earth to make you do it hahahah.

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Hey guys. New year soon so get hype. I've cut down on my drinking so I won't be getting super silly this year. Send my your prayers through the Tribunal.

The Elyra arc continues. We, the lore team, solemnly swear to keep up to date this coming year and not let arcs drag and to be real good bois. Pinky promise.

Sub races added to Elyra and Dominia with more to come. I hope that flavor is too your liking, I will be going into more detail so don't worry about their sparseness. Understand that you can still be just an immigrant to those areas, this is just for that added spice.

We've finally got Bishop Cybernetics added to the wiki for all you Bishop fan girls.

In the new year I'm going to be pumping out more news articles and hopefully getting some events together in game so watch this space.

As always, if you have any ideas or human/corp lore woes let me know via forum PM or discord.

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Alright, after a giant bout of inactivity, I'm going to actually try to keep to a sane schedule and bide my time accordingly. Thus, to help me organize, I'll now be separating my work into phases (and totally not because it's edgy and cool-sounding). I'll always add my phases to each diary update, as well as which part of the phase is complete, and which phase I am currently in. New things may be added to each phase over time, depending on circumstance.

I'm currently in Phase One. More details on each little bullet point to come over time.

Phase One:

  • Finish the General Synthetics page, which contains all three cyborg subtypes as well as general artificial intelligence.
  • Separate general synthetics from the IPC page, as IPCs will now have their own page akin to all other whitelist species.
  • Finish the Positronic Brain page. Probably do this first. It is extremely relevant and also important.
  • Think of some more notable synthetics. They don't have to be implemented during this stage, but brainstorm some ideas and hopefully come up with something cool and noteworthy.
  • Practice some better whitelist quality control.


Phase Two:

  • Now, you can focus on mechanical changes. New IPC types, balancing, and aesthetics possibly to come during this stage (and even before it).
  • Think of some interesting new concepts! The page on the Technological Singularity seemed to be well-received, with what little attention it got. Brainstorm!
  • Some history! Where are some notable places in time, or physical places, where synthetics have been used?
  • Expand the synthetic colony, EC-2718. I'm thinking somewhere more questionable in the in-universe sense, but we'll see.


Phase Three:

  • The synthetics no one likes to think exist (no, not the sex bots).
  • All organic denominators subsumed. Nah, but think of more things to include in the third phase.


Phase one should be done within a few weeks, at least. I don't want my entire job to be wikineering, so in between all of this, I will also try to host some events and story arcs - some minor and some major. Get hyped, for there's much to come.

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Dear Diary,

-I recently posted a festive article about the upcoming holiday: April 1st. Be safe out there, warblers. https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=5161&p=90222#p90222

-I not so recently got some headway into wiki stuff like Martial Arts and Skrell locations other than Jargon. There are some WIP pages on the wiki, if anyone feels like peeking. I /hope/ stuff like this will help new applicants and players making new characters.

-I've talked to other devs about a lot of stuff over the last few months. I let myself get a little distracted with it and from it. Future articles and plotlines. Then there's always my hodgepodge of notes and ideas. Maybe I should just focus?

- I've seen a few words of interest and encouragement from the brave people of Aurora. If you're the sort to read the loredev diary entries, chances are good that you're one such person. Thank you.

-There are a few older articles with some fun themes I'd like to revisit soon. Of course, there are always new ideas and new people to work with. I may even branch out of the warble zone again.

-I'd like to post an article per month minimum during this new year. Let's see how that goes.

Let's see if I can't usher in a new age. Glory to the Federation. Glory to scientific progress. Glory to organic life.

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  • Removed references to the NKA being on the retreat from their faction summary
  • Added Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai to the ALA faction summary
  • Completed a timeline of 25th century history for Adhomai, still haven't found a home for it outside of my user page on the wiki. Still needs details of events in the first revolution.



Quoted myself so that I could see what my last update was. Here's a quick rundown for the obligatory end of 2017 dev updates:

  • Got around to updating the Adhomai political map to its 2458 form
  • Gave the People's Republic of Adhomai an out of system colony, Hro'zamal. A jungle planet with an orbital naval base that it used for anti-piracy operations. Colony home to mostly xenobiologists. Wiki page for planet still [WIP]
  • Reduced homosexuality to a misdemeanor. In your face non-subtlety lecherous Tajara are still going to be talked to, but the lore ramification has been reduced to not death camps- which by the way now also have to improve their living conditions.
  • Resolved a collaborative arc with Canon about PRA *allegedly* printing too many Sol Alliance Credits
  • The NKA has begun building a new defensive line to consolidate their gains
  • Most citizens of the DPRA now have reliable access to electricity, and are now having their first elections.


What's coming up for that is *new* for the wiki:

  • Culture by geographical region
  • Counter-Cultural Stereotypes by ethnicity
  • Political agencies/parties by faction pages, and their leaders.

Things on the wiki that I still need to complete:

  • Timeline
  • Hro'zamal Page


The best lore development of 2017:

Memes! Really, 2017 saw a strong revival in original content and memes created about Tajara lore. I always save em whenever I see em, love it.

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  • The Unathi are having a little arc where they encounter Diona and have to figure out what these weird aliens even are.
  • I am making slow efforts to get staff talking about what our next antagonist contest is going to be. There are a few proposals on the table, and we'll be discussing them for awhile.
  • In terms of development for Unathi they are more or less in a position I am happy with, so I am going to be shifting dev and wiki focus into other areas to help out wiki maintainers.
  • A lot of management stuff.

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Dear diary,

Since my last update I have:

  • Revamped my timeline to get rid of a lot of things that were concerning me. There was a lot of tense issues, and the format used to make me want to gouge my eyes out. Now it looks much better, everything is in the right tense, and there's a complete list of events from 2400-2432, as well as from 2457-2460. All that remains to complete are those middle years of 2432-2457 detailing the interwar period and the first years of the second revolution. Link: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Timeline_of_Tajara#The_First_Revolution
  • I removed all instance of the word CLAN from the Tajara main page. I think I've only really talked to Loow about this, but it's always been a massive pet peeve of mine when people talk about their Clan and blah blah blah. As if the Tajara were still some tribal race where everyone is all about their clan. I replaced most of the instances of "Clan" with "Dynasty" to better reflect the context of the case. You wouldn't say that your family is your clan because it sounds weird and silly, but if its nobles we're talking about here, people from the same dynasty are natural allies and worth talking about. I doubt normal average Joe Hharar cares about his seventh cousin twice removed because that's hardly family to him, but with nobility that guy is probably also a noble and probably owns some land an dis probably worth caring about to some extent. So, now we have dynasty instead of Clan. The whole middle names feature has been updated too, the name of the Dynasty which you were bound to was often included in a Tajara's name, and the way this translates to modern Tajara is that the name of the dynasty you serve is sometimes your middle name. This would've been far more prevalent before communists took over the whole planet when taking on human names first became common, but to the modern day it adds an implication that people who do this are a part of the New Kingdom of Adhomai and serve a noble there. Or just *really* fanatic in their support for Hadii.

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Based on my lore application that was approved, wasn't added so I did it.


Essentially we had 3 pages of redundant and excessive stuff, so I cut it down and added more relevant info to it based on things that occurred with our lore. Furthermore, it was heavily outdated. So I condensed it into a single page.


Per popular demand, I released it, albeit not entirely finished, most of it was done. I'll be adding the cuisine part soon.

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Three things.

1- Psionics has been added. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Skrell#Psionics

2- Idol section has been rewritten. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Skrell#Idols

3- A section under mechanics has been modified.


The Skrell have been allies with humanity longer than any other race aboard Aurora has, and as such Skrell workers are some of the most reliable and famed workers for Nanotrasen. They are suitable for any role on station, and older, more experienced Skrell scientists commonly hold multiple degrees over the same field, as a way to specialize, rarely deviating, making them experts. (They might hold multiple degrees on different things within their field of education, rarely outside. Example: A Scientist focusing on the field of Biology might have degrees in Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology, Zoology and so on.)


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