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October 20th, 2460

ATLAS To Relocate Back To Mendell


The human supremacist ATLAS party of Biesel seeks to relocate their HQ from their Commercial Liner PMV Diomedes in orbit down to District 1 aka the Zhèngfǔ District of Mendell City says a leaked statement.

In light of recent growth within the Sol Alliance the human supremacist ATLAS party has issued a private statement to its members that there have been plans in the works to move its local HQ from its current location in orbit around Biesel on the Liner PMV Diomedes down to Mendell city within the Zhèngfǔ District. The move has prompted a massive online backlash across the ExtraNet with citizens across the city calling for Mendell Council to block the relocation. "The movement order is already underway" the leaked ATLAS statement reads "we are just waiting for the final exchange of contracts and then we once again will have a visible presence within the city. I welcome you all to attend our opening ceremony, invites for which will be sent out in due course."

The anti-ATLAS petition calling for the party to be listed as a xenophobic hate group by the Biesel Government has exploded with activity reaching over 10 million signatures. Protestors are already mobilising across the city with groups pouring in from as far as Metropolis. The Free Assembly group has offered its support to the protestors adding ominously that "[there] will certainly be a reckoning".

In a statement to the press a spokesman from the federal government said that "[they] are aware of the leaked statement and the petition, which will be debated as a matter of urgency in congress. We ask that citizens please refrain from any drastic extra-judicial practices." ATLAS representatives did not offer any statement but did confirm that the leaked document was genuine.

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November 8th, 2460

Riot Outside ATLAS HQ, 1 Dead And 87 Injured




Violence erupted at ATLAS HQ grand opening. 1 dead and 87 wounded in riot.

Violence broke out at the new head quarters of the xenophobic ATLAS group of Biesel. Originally an invitation only event the venue as well as the time and date of the event were leaked across the extranet last week leading to a flurry of activity from counter protestors seeking to disrupt the event.

What started as a peaceful counter protest erupted into violence as more ATLAS members arrived to the scene uninvited sources say. A police cordon that was established around the perimeter of the venue by Biesel police units was overrun leading to direct physical altercations between ATLAS protestors and anti-ATLAS counter protestors. It's been reported that shots were fired amongst ATLAS members after Artemis Private Security personal began to open fire upon the crowd, leading to one Artemis member being shot in the back.

During the riot that ensued, the ATLAS building accidentally caught fire, leading to a mass evacuation of the personnel within led by Milos Barany. Mr Barany told press that "[we] were going to have a party meeting, well within our rights." Mr Barany went on to say that the protestors were well within their rights to be there as well but that "when people in tactical gear" begin shooting "that's not within anyone's rights."

The riot ended with the arrival of Eridanian Private Security forces who happened to be carrying out training exercises in the area. Hovering over the crowd in armed vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicles the security units gave the crowd five seconds to disperse before firing what sources call "an excessive amount of tear gas" and began to fire upon the crowd with stun weaponry. "We did as we were instructed by the local police" an Eridanian spokesman told press "the protestors violated the NAP."

Fire and medical services quickly rushed to the scene to put out the blaze and treat the wounded which total 87 alongside 1 confirmed dead by gunshot. Amongst the wounded was the Integrated Positronic Chassis M.A.K.E (Multi-Purpose Assistant of Kalentine Electronics) who told reporters that the unit is "saddened" by the actions of the protestors and that "we should peacefully try to find a solution, and when we result to violence, it draws away from what we are really fighting for. A large majority of these people supported the invasion of our home, they supported selling and destroying of free and owned synthetics alike, a good proportion people support systemic specism, and don't see everyone as equals. This unit had thought Tau was a place of support for all the rag-tag groups of people we have, a giant melting pot."

Edward Sholl, another survivor of the riot attending told the Bugle "[he] got here a little while before the fights and shooting started. I wasn't fighting, myself, but I was close to it. Helped out some of our injured, and I got to our HQ a little while after. " Alongside Mr Sholl was a Mr Molotovin who told reporters " A riot has seemed to occur and the great Eridani police handled it formally, yes. No I didn't see anything" before leaving hurriedly.

As of this report the scene has been made safe and the blaze ex#!-tinguished. A government spokesperson has advised that it will be holding a session in the aftermath of this civil disorder to discuss a possible ban on the ATLAS group in Biesel due to the "hatred and deviation" caused by their presence. More on this story as it develops.

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The Republic of Tau Ceti announces the Immigration Museum


President Dorn, alongside NanoTrasen representatives, has announced the opening of the Immigration Museum in Mendell city. A joint effort between the government and NanoTrasen, the Immigration Museum of Tau Ceti will collect histories, testimonies and objects about the migrants that decided to make this system their home. The museum will be located at the Zhèngfǔ District, close to the NanoTrasen quarters, and it will contain several expositions focused on the history of the human and alien populations of the system . The inauguration event is planned to january of the next year.

The first donation to the museum was made by the People’s Republic of Adhomai; a tajara made armored vehicle, the Ha'rron MK.IV light tank. The restoration of the piece was realized aboard one of NanoTrasen’s space station, the NSS Aurora, by a team of skilled engineers and roboticists. The visit was marred by two minor accidents that saw the event delayed, but in the end the repairs were successful. The crew was also able to interact with the tajaran diplomatic representatives to learn more about their history.

Shahar Zaydan, a member of the restoration team led by the research director Angela Ulery and chief engineer Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl, has told the Bugle’s reporters, “That the [tajaran] lieutenant was quite knowledgeable, and that the drivers, while seeming young, were trying hard.”.

NanoTrasen has announced the possibility of conducting interviews and others events aboard their facilities to contribute to the museum’s archive, due to its long record of employing and housing countless migrants to Tau Ceti.

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Revealed Shuttle Accident At NSS Aurora Claimed Merchant Life


A source within NanoTrasen has recently exposed a fatal shuttle crash near the NSS Aurora. On the 27th of October a shuttle accident claimed the life of an independent merchant as they were in transit from the Aurora back to their outpost.

According to an internal investigation performed by the chief engineer at the time the shuttle accident was caused by a gas leak within the merchant’s shuttle and the poor maintenence of the craft.

We were able to acquire the original investigation report.


NanoTrasen Inc.

Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0108

Situation ReportFacility: NSS Aurora

Date: 2460-10-26


To: NTCC Odin

Subject: Assessment of Shuttle Accident

The merchant shuttle that docked with the Aurora on the shift commencing 01:05 Tau Ceti Standard Time, 26/10/2460 came to an unfortunate end. It has been concluded that there was a gas leak on the shuttle caused by two major issues: Firstly. The ship was outdated. Equipment aboard the shuttle was no longer supported by what the Aurora could provide. Secondly, the shuttle was poorly maintained. I had conducted trade with the merchant myself ([area blacked out]) and during my time there the shuttle was suffering. Missing floor tiles and exposed plating - dilapidated interior hull - refuse was also strewn about the shuttle. A combination of poor (or possibly non-existant) maintenance and outdated systems are concluded to be the cause of the shuttle's gas leak.Employee: [area blacked out]

Signature: [area blacked out]


NanoTrasen has been accused of conspiring to cover up the accident, but the company has hit back to these accusations. A company spokesperson gave a short press release in the hours following the public outcry to the accident.

“NanoTrasen is not responsible for the maintenance or safety standards of non-NanoTrasen vessels. The accident did not take place on our station. If we had been informed of any sort of mechanical difficulties taking place on the merchant’s vessel we have no doubt that the Aurora engineering department would be able and willing to provide assistance. At no point were we notified of the dangers the merchant faced.

This accident is not an example of any sort of conspiracy but of the importance of proper shuttle maintenance and care”

NanoTrasen pointed out that it notified local authorities as soon as it became aware of the accident and that a resulting investigation revealed no foul play.

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Exotic Merchant Conglomerate Migrating!


As of Sunday, the merchant conglomerate Virgo Transportation has announced that its traveling home fleet will begin to pass through Tau Ceti in one week. Estimates from Virgo say their stay will last approximately three weeks and they will try to visit areas across the system. They will be selling exotic wares and providing several unique attractions such as tours on board their experimental vessels, public orbital amusement establishments, and countless museum pieces from the edges of the Alliance and beyond. Particularly famed attractions include bumper-pods, zero-G roller coasters, and the specialty nomad shops of the Sol Merchant Society. Their visit will be chronicled by the Mendell City Bugle here from start to finish as the fleet makes preparations to move again.

"We're no stranger to having merchants dock with our stations in the system, and we're wholly open to new business avenues like working alongside Virgo," a NanoTrasen public affairs official noted. "We look forward to their arrival with open docks."

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President Dorn Attacked At Thanksgiving Speech! Saved By Jargon Delegate!

In a bizarre yearly tradition Biesellite presidents every Thanksgiving pardon a turkey. The origin of this strange tradition have long been lost to time and there are no clear records as to when it began. The events are usually a time of reprieve for the President as they and other visiting dignitaries from local and foreign governments enjoy the silliness of the moment.

This year the festival was thrown into disarray and ruined in a dramatic chain of events that has left President Dorn recovering from a minor injury.

President Dorn was on stage outside the Phoenixport Symphony Hall on stage with a caged turkey nearby. The cage was decorated to look like a miniature prison cell. The event began well, with Dorn taking the stage with visiting Jargon diplomat Pioq Nala'Que. Dorn discussed the growing relationship between Biesel and the Jargon Federation, and in his speech gave thanks to the Skrell who made Tau Ceti their home. He began to speak about giving thanks in general. People within the crowd, which itself numbered several hundred, noticed Ms. Nala'Que seemed to grow increasingly agitated as she sat near the turkey, named Mr. Butterball.

As Dorn was making a pun regarding turkey basting, Nala'Que stepped up from her chair on stage and took three rapid steps towards the President. She spoke in low tones but the exchange between her and the President still managed to be picked up.



“Mr. President. You are in danger.”

“What? Why?”

“I cannot read the mind of the turkey.”


“The turkey. I cannot communicate with it telepathically.”


At that moment people present described a loud pop and two bright flashes coming from the turkey cage. Mr. Butterball erupted from the cage and attacked Dorn. Two postage-stamp sized plastic explosives had broke off the hinges. A robotic voice began screeching out of the turkey as it harrassed the President, shouting about rampant and unaddressed animal abuse by private interests.

Nala'Que tapped something on her wrist and all electronic equipment on and around the stage shorted out. At the same time Mr. Butterball dropped dead on the stage as security rushed to escort President Dorn away. Nala'Que had detonated an EMP implant embedded in her wrist, frying all electronics.


The turkey was revealed after investigation to be a synthetic shell that replaced the original Mr. Butterball by a militant animal rights organization. It is believed that they broke into the university raising Mr. Butterball and absconded with the turkey.

President Dorn is recovering in a regional hospital with several scratches to his right hand and left forearm. Nala'Que has returned to the embassy after visiting President Dorn in the hospital to receive his thanks.

Four members of the militant animal rights group have been arrested. Mr. Butterball remains at large.

Edited by Senpai Jackboot

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Merchant Collectives Set Up Shop in Tau Ceti!


On Sunday of this week, several cooperating merchant collectives under the name of Virgo Transportation having temporarily moved operations to Tau Ceti as part of their mission to open new markets. The system is the second-to-final stop just before the nomadic fleet departs back into Alliance space. This is the seventeenth stop the fleet has made within the last year.

Estimates of their stay are around three weeks as they visit each part of the system. Presently, the businesses are poised to visit several populous and influential locations starting at Mendell City and bring exotic wares and excitement from far and wide. These collectives include several independent businesses and prominent groups such as the Sol Merchant Society, and a newcomer known as the Golden Deep — a mysterious Frontier collective that claims to have ties with NanoTrasen in the system.

One of the long-standing members of the assembly commented on the group claiming, "They have a unique view on the gold they often trade for, compared to what you might expect- see, they don't want to save it, or trade it later. They melt it down and use the stuff as paint."

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Merchant Collectives Settling!

Some hours ago, it was announced by Virgo Transportation that several independent business partners within the collective were breaking off to set up permanent shop in the system. Of these were multiple NT-related associates and representatives of the Sol Merchant Society, who have vouched that basing operations in an area as central as Tau Ceti might prove beneficial. In taking this chance, they have made clear a need to have a more stable trading center than the Frontier for the coming years. The first few days of Virgo’s visit have gone excellently, with the streets of District 10 dotted with markets and trade posts causing traffic to be rerouted across Republic’s Landing for the duration of their stay.


In other news, the Golden Deep has become known as a large-scale autonomous synthetic society, independent of any higher supervision in the Frontier. NanoTrasen officials have expressed a great desire to establish trade with these merchants, though their access to the Frontier seems to be limited by the vast Alliance territory between them. Despite their gaudy and glamorous appearance, the Golden Deep seem to just be another group apart of Virgo’s conglomerate for protection and marketing. Information on the Golden Deep has been willingly indulged to the Bugle as things have developed, as well as names and details of other solitary synthetic factions outside of charted space. Among these are the “Sunderers,” an apparently hostile raider group consisting of synthetics confined to cannibalizing others for survival. More details on both are being heavily investigated by on-site researchers so long as business is not disrupted.

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Fahjil Becomes Vice President! "He Will Hold Up The Beacon of Liberty"

After being appointed to run by President Dorn, Fahjil Hurk'jurl has won the popular vote and will soon be sworn in as Biesel’s first Vice President. The development is stunning in most part due to the historic nature of the Tajara being the first ever non-human government official in a human star nation. He won 57.97% to 42.03%. Fajhil gave an acceptance speech outside the Phoenixport Symphony Hall and Tractor Supply Center where he reiterated his goals and thanked the people of Tau Ceti.


“As the highest diplomat of our nation this one will hold up the torch of liberty so that all across the galaxy will look towards us as a beacon of liberty in a sea of troubles and torment. This light of liberty will shine inwards and cast away the shadows cast over our Republic. This light of liberty will make transparent all that was once dark or hidden.

My confirmation by the voters shows the strong desire for better transparency from the megacorporations, more regulations on safety, the assurance that none will starve within the halls of this star nation, and that our doors will forever be held open to any that seeks shelter and a place to call home.

He thanks you Biesel. We are going to do great things together.”

Following the speech Fahjil revealed that there would be a celebratory outdoor BBQ in the Phoenixport Forest Reserve. Thousands are expected to attend the event which will see the vice president and several outdoor food stands offering their culinary expertise to hungry attendees at the picnic area.

President Dorn also gave public remarks on the matter.

“Tau Ceti is not a human star nation; it is a star nation for us all. I am proud to live in this nation that looks to merit and worth outside of considerations for species.”

Fahjil’s ascension to the second highest executive post in the government has brought with it a bold manifesto that may put Biesel’s first vice-president at odds with his superior. Fahjil has repeatedly expressed a desire to push greater regulations on NanoTrasen. One such bill is the “Security Transparency Act”.

One of Fahjil’s long standing criticism was the cloak and dagger nature of NanoTrasen’s internal security departments. He has bemoaned their cryptic methods and lack of public oversight several times in the past. The Act, which Fahjil is already presenting to Congress, would crack open NanoTrasen’s ISD and require them to communicate their activities and methods to the crew of their respective stations, while NanoTrasen as a whole would be legally obligated to provide periodic reports on security operations.


Fahjil and his platform remain popular but divisive within Tau Ceti and NanoTrasen. Some commentators on social media have remarked on his frequent flips between first and third person when speaking as evidence that he has not integrated enough to run for the post. Others applaud his initiatives and stances against NanoTrasen.

The People’s Republic of Adhomai released a brief press statement congratulating Fahjil on his win and encouraging him to work for the interests of Tau Ceti’s working class.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai released a longer document applauding Fahjil for achieving a place of power above humanity while saying he must at the same time act as an icon for all Tajara to aspire to, and at every step work to destroy communism by any means necessary.

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Virgo Transportation departing!

Early today, Virgo Transportation announced the end of their stay in Tau Ceti as their conglomerate has begun packing up and departing the system. The smaller businesses are expected to fully exit the Republic’s borders on a direct course for Sol within the next two days, while the larger collectives like the Sol Merchant Society and the Golden Deep have changed direction to the Frontier. Officials from Virgo shared word of resounding success in their stop, and they intend to mark Tau Ceti as an important location in their next annual migration. It was discovered amidst this time that the Golden Deep is a wholly synthetic faction directly from the Frontier itself, and further study into it has made public almost ten years of history between them and competing entities in the deep Frontier. Some three hundred representatives from Virgo have decided to stay and base operations in Tau Ceti, mostly Golden Deep merchants.

“More visits from them and the Sol Merchant Society are expected before their next annual migration,” officials say, “and the positive impact events like this will be something to look forward to in the future.”

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NT-Tau Downsizing: NSS Upsilon Shutters Competition and Puts Aurora In Its Sights

NanoTrasen employees within Tau Ceti were deeply concerned this afternoon when Chief Engineering Director Nigel Brent announced the shuttering of two major stations within Tau Ceti to “consolidate their efforst into the new NSS Upsilon”.



“After reviewing the annual Corporate net income for NT-Tau, we found that both stations were no longer financially optimal if allowed to continue operations alongside the new Upsilon station. The NSS Redemption and Antila, known for biochemistry and xenobiology respectively, will henceforth be retired and suitable crew reassigned to the Upsilon or the Aurora.”

The crew for both shuttered stations have already been given their reassignment notifications. Many of them expressed alarm of confusion, alleging that they were not given any notice about any of these developments until the press release. Many of them sent letters of concern to NT-CCIA, who forwarded their concerns to Chief Personnel Director Quix Repi'Weish. Repi’Weish then provided a statement.



“This plan has been in the works for many years. We are pleased to finally announce the opening of the NSS Upsilon. It will be a result-focused high-grade Research Station, headed by the esteemed Captain Oaklyn Camille. There are many changes that we have manifested within the Upsilon both structurally, functionally, and in regards to its crew. It will have only one Captain, who will execute a uniform and consistent vision. It will be an amalgamation of all types of research that NanoTrasen is dedicated to. And it will only accept the best of the best - we genuinely hope to see what Upsilon brings to the table."


The NSS Upsilon is within the relative-East Romanovich Cloud. The sole remaining research station beside it, the NSS Aurora, is in the relative-West of the same asteroid cloud.


The Chief Naval Director announced shortly after major changes in regards to NanoTrasen’s defense contracts within Tau Ceti.



"Following the Commission of the Upsilon, we are pleased to announce that the Emergency Response Team will be going through a series of reforms to make them a tighter, more cohesive force. We are consolidating our emergency response teams into the relative-east of the cloud in response to potential growing threats in the area. We are dedicated to providing lightning fast defense to our new station and its crew of over one hundred dedicated employees.”



Miranda Trasen, CEO of the company, provided her own brief statement.


“Upsilon is not replacing the Aurora as the flagship of our corporation. We deeply value every one of our stations and the contributions they provide to our shareholders.”


Some commentators have noted with concern that existing ERT resources within the Aurora’s sector of space are being gutted or redeployed to the Upsilon. However NanoTrasen has provided assurances that they are “aware” of the concerns.


The Captain of the NSS Upsilon, Oaklyn Camille, discussed this and other issues in her first interview with the Bugle’s James Marshall.




JM: What are your hopes for the Upsilon?


OC: "The NSS Upsilon will have a brilliant team of Researchers that will bring back the cutting edge of NanoTrasen, I'm not only hopeful, I am sure of that. It’s unfortunate to say but our contemporaries in Tau Ceti have not been meeting expectations."


JM: How can you see this impacting the Aurora and Canis Minor?


OC: "Many resources will have to be reallocated to the Upsilon, including a sustained presence of the Emergency Response Team, but the long-term gains in Research will be beneficial to all NanoTrasen Stations."


JM: “You’re confident about that?”


OC: “There is a reason NanoTrasen has put so much funding and faith in me and my station. I think within a short amount of time the Upsilon will be the new flagship for the Aurora. No offense to the Aurora - we can’t all be winners.”



Edited by Senpai Jackboot

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