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Jargon Federation Confirms Rogue Tupkala

BREAKING - Talks between the Jargon Federation and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (as well as the Republic of Biesel) have unearthed that the Tupkala Commandos on a NanoTrasen corporate asset within the Romanovich Cloud had no ties with the skrellian superpower. The current hypothesis outlined during the discussions seems to allude to these intruders as being rogue agents acting independently. 

Earlier this week NanoTrasen’s Phoron Research Station, the NSS Aurora, was boarded by both fleeing refugees and unmarked intruders allegedly sporting the familiar look of the Tupkala Commandos. They terrorized the NSS Aurora for roughly two hours before drones dispatched by the NDV Icarus made quick work of the hostiles and their spacecraft. 

"She was speaking to one of the refugees when she had this odd feeling right before she felt her head was overwhelmed and she could barely move from the pain." says Kathira El-Hashem, "Then suddenly they were just there, one of them took the refugee and was gone again in the blink of an eye, almost faster than she could manage to notice." 

The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and the Jargon Federation (with authorisation from the Republic of Biesel) are supposedly beginning a full-blown investigation into these hostile agents. They have supposedly leased roughly a dozen “Ruupkala” (intelligence officers) to assist in the investigation with the support of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. 

The Jargon Federation has also issued a statement of condemnation regarding the acts committed by these individuals, further citing this as evidence into the disbarment and re-evaluation of the Tupkala, and possibly the Kala.

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