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Former Admiral Frost Escapes Jail! A Dozen Conspirators Arrested As Police On High Alert



Police are scrambling across Unity Station and locking down shuttle service across the major Sol sector after an announcement that Michael Frost has escaped from the Unity Station Jailhouse late last night.

The echoes from a dozen distant police sirens could be heard when the jailhouse Warden briefed the press on the steps of the courthouse.


“A cabal of conspirators managed to smuggle Frost out of the jailhouse. Two guards put him in a maintenance technician jumpsuit and walked him through a security checkpoint where another conspirator allowed him through. After escaping via maintenance tunnels to the outside delivery area he was put inside an unmarked van and driven off out of range of our cameras. Security teams soon discovered the breach and Unity Station Police were summoned and all six conspirators were arrested.”


A spokesman of the USPD described the chase for Frost outside of the jail.


“Officers found the van inside an abandoned warehouse but we believe Frost changed vehicles at a rendezvous. All shuttleports leading out of this station have been put on high alert. We have officers at every street corner. Rest assured, we are going to capture this fugitive.”


Hundreds of passenger shuttles leave Unity Station every day alongside almost over five hundred cargo shuttles. Apprehending Frost may prove difficult for the police department which is spread thin. Military police have been summoned to assist in the combing of Unity Station for the fugitive.

The escape has been seized upon by the GAIA elements of SolGov. GAIA remains feverently dedicated to seeing Frost tried for treason and other high crimes. Leading GAIA senator David Gerold, Venus, gave a fiery condemnation.


“This is a clear act of desperation by a coward. If Mr. Frost insisted he was innocent of any wrongdoing then why did he not prove it before a court? This is a nation of laws and due process. Clearly Frost has no faith in the government that he claims to love so much.”


This rhetoric is being countered by ATLAS’s Michael Watkins, who has lambasted GAIA’s eagerness to see Frost “thrown to the wolves”.


“Admiral Frost walked into that cell willingly after rescuing hundreds of people from a terrible fate. He has been thrown to the wolves and turned into a scapegoat. You’ve all been tearing into him like rabid animals! All this huffing and puffing is being used to mask the fear within certain minds that Frost is innocent of the crimes he is being accused of. Frost’s so-called treason has been proven to be direct orders from our beloved Prime Minister. Chater already made the Frost Letter disappear - and if Chater is willing to burn incriminating evidence then how could Frost see a proper trial? Chater would see a hero burnt at the stake to save his own career!”


As the capital roils in the bitterness within the leading ATLAS-GAIA coalition, social media has seen Frosts’ popularity drop sharply. Many people are asking why he escaped from jail, while others are upset with the behavior of the government towards the crisis.

One of the guards in on the conspiracy, Miranda Terry, was quoted as she was pulled out of the jailhouse by arresting officers. As she was escorted to a police van reporters were shouted at her, asking why she did it. She is heard shouting at the crowd,


“Frost saved my dad. He’s not a criminal!”

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Admiral Frost Returns With More Rescued Captives: Repercussions Rewrite Entire Alliance Political Landscape As GAIA Faces Defections To Growing ATLAS


Michael Frost has returned to the Sol System a hero despite being thrown into prison yet again, and plunging the Alliance into crisis.

After having escaped from the Unity Station jailhouse, Frost managed to flee the Sol System with the help of unknown conspirators. According to the rescued captives that he returned to Sol with, Frost had managed to return to the remnants of his former fleet and, coordinating with the the Artemis Initiative, organized a new rescue operation. They attacked a raider enclave in the New Zunibal system and were able to rescue the hundreds of people being held captive for auction.

After the successful mission ATLAS Senators, the Artemis Initiative allegedly contacted Michael Watkins, leader of ATLAS, about the successful mission. Watkins and aides quietly contacted the families of the liberated Solarians and arranged to have them all meet at the Anthony-Terrace Shuttleport in orbit of Saturn, telling the families that they would receive news about the fate of their lost relatives.

Border patrols did not know the inbound shuttle coming through the system’s bluespace gate was anything more than a cargo shipment, so shuttleport authorities were shocked when, after docking, Michael Frost himself emerged from the shuttle onto the tarmac. Following him from the shuttle airlocks were the hundreds of rescued captives flooding into the terminal.The waiting families expressed shock and exuberance and swarmed past the checkpoint to the arrivals area. Journalists there by invitation from ATLAS were also surprised but reported tearful reunions. Many of these families have not heard from their lost relatives for years.

In the crowd Frost was being praised by the liberated Solarians and their families. At this point the authorities had been notified and law enforcement began to bee-line to the location. Armed security emerged from the terminal and began to force their way through the crowd. Tensions were exacerbated as police used pepperspray and handheld flashes to subdue people as they moved to arrest Frost.

Frost ended up willingly surrendering to police, and he was pulled away by a dozen officers as the crowd around them began to shout at police and in some cases chucking litter at the officers. He has been moved to a maximum security prison beneath the surface of Venus. The hellish landscape that scours the surface means only one shuttle can arrive and depart from the facility every seven days.

But as commentators note, even though Frost is almost literally buried in a hellish vault, his impact on the greater Alliance is nothing short of spectacular.

Opinion polls on Frost have reversed course sharply. After Frost’s initial escape polls stabilized with 38% of Solarians saying they believed Frost is not a traitor. The polls have now spiked with 50% of resident Solarians believing that Frost is not a traitor.

The primary fallout from Frost’s return are the accusations from lawmakers that ATLAS aided and abetted a fugitive of the law for political gain. Prime Minister Chater told the press such in a dramatic news conference on Unity Station.


“Michael Watkins is an accessory to an act of treason. He used a paramilitary force as a political tool. As Prime Minister and the leader of GAIA I cannot, in good conscience, support acts that violate the law of the Alliance. It is with this reason that I am ending GAIA’s relationship with ATLAS and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies on seeking appropriate charges for Watkins.”


This is a sharp turn of course from Miles Theodore-Chater. Since his election following the Unathi Crisis of 2457 has been embittered trying to keep the leading ATLAS-GAIA coalition together. But this action has backfired spectacularly, as many formerly GAIA politicians have declared they would be ignoring Chater’s announcement, or defecting to ATLAS entirely.

Only an hour after Chater’s announcement yesterday, Reynold Mathews, GAIA representative for the United Americas, held a press conference.


“We find it irresponsible to effectively dissolve the government over our disagreement on the Frost Question. GAIA and ATLAS have much in common and it would be a waste to throw out all of our accomplishments. I’ve been in constant contact with my friends on both sides of the aisle and many of us have to disagree with the Prime Minister’s decision. For this reason we are working with registrars to adjust our party membership to ensure the technicalities of parliamentary majorities allow us to continue functioning effectively without requiring a coalition to lead the government.”


Already we are seeing a rout from the GAIA party into ATLAS, whose ranks are being swelled within parliament. Over a dozen members of the Senate and Parliament have already defected, citing the wishes of their constituents and a desire to keep the government functioning.

The survivors within GAIA have reacted quickly to stem the bleeding. Senator Duncan Thorne, the leader of the Martian “Red Front” bloc within GAIA, held a grueling 4 hour meeting in the Pohl Arcology on Mars with leading senators and members of parliament from the far left Utopian Front and Worker’s Party. After the nonstop, closed door meeting, all three parties announced that they would be merging into a reformed GAIA party. Senator Thorne announced a new era for the party in a controversial speech that included some personal attacks on defecting GAIA politicians.

“We don’t think it’s right that a jackass like Mathews gets to talk all tough about what GAIA stands for. I didn’t make peace with GAIA to see it fall into the hands of totalitarians. So I’ve got a message to our former friends leaving to hold hands with ATLAS: We ain’t gunna associate with you, we ain’t gunna tolerate you, and we ain’t gunna see you around for much longer.”


Senator Thorne has seen fame and infamy in the past for orchestrating the reassertion of Mars in Alliance politics and seeing an end to the Treaty of Olympia.

After the defections to ATLAS and the unification of three parties on the side of GAIA, the proportional seats in both houses have changed drastically.

ATLAS now makes up 40% of the seats in the Senate from 32%. They also now make up 49% of seats on Parliament, up from 29%.

The new GAIA front has retained a majority in both houses only thanks to their unification with other parties. GAIA now has 42% of seats in the Senate from 33%. They also have 51% of seats in Parliament, up from 44%.

Due to Alliance law, the Prime Minister will remain in his post unless a vote of no confidence is triggered.

Politicians from the Worker’s Party and Utopian Front who refused to join the coalition have defected and retain their remaining seats in both houses.

Within just a few days, the political reality of the Alliance has been completely rewritten. Already analysts are pointing out that this sort of momentous event has only happened a handful of times in the history of the entire Alliance, and has always preceded monumental societal change.

At large, the public is responding with growing radicalization. In the more urban inner colonies and core worlds there are protests and counter-protestors taking to the streets. Martian arcologies and urban areas all over Earth are seeing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators blasting ATLAS. But at the same time the more rural outer colonies and frontier worlds are turning increasingly to ATLAS.

With both parties now diametrically opposed to one another the functions of government are slowly starting to shut down from the sudden rise in political partisanship, turning even more people against either party.

As the chorus of shouting echoes through the streets of every major city in the Alliance, Michael Frost remains in his cell in Venus, completely isolated from the galaxy at large.

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Mass Demonstrations and Civil Unrest For Frost As GAIA Politicians “Fear For Our Lives”


Popular support for Michael Frost has peaked all across the Alliance, and a growing discontent for Chater’s government has resulted in escalating violence across the Inner Colonies. What started as peaceful protests have exploded into riots and mass civil unrest. This wave of partisan violence is spreading out from the Sol system like a wildfire and politicians in other star systems across the Alliance are reporting civil insurrection.

On Earth itself several major cities are being described as “ungovernable” by local authorities. The governors of the United Americas, China, Sydney, the Soviet Union, Gran Colombia, and a dozen others have declared a state of emergency in response to the rising violence.

The riots have erupted in response to SolGov’s continued refusal to release Michael Frost from the Supermax prison on Venus. Frost’s support has peaked with Alliance citizens. Formerly a disgraced enemy of the state, Frost managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of the Alliance by performing feats to rescue thousands of slaves against seemingly impossible odds. In addition the entire reason for his fall from grace, the invasion of Tau Ceti which was deemed illegal and resulted in him being branded a rogue warlord, was allegedly secretly authorized by Prime Minister Chater. Chater denies these claims, but the conspiracy theory has struck the embattered Prime Minister in his political achilles heel.

Even Unity Station has been paralyzed by violent demonstrations, with sections of the station being effectively under mob rule.

The violence has caused over two dozen GAIA senators and politicians to resign. Many of them described threats against their lives or a fear that the authorities would be unable to protect them from the growing violence.

In one incident the GAIA supporting Governor of Mesoamerica, Santiago Luis, was rushed on stage in Havana by three assailants while giving a speech condemning Frost. The three assailants were subdued before reaching him and he was escorted out by his security detail.

Another GAIA senator was fired upon by four gunmen from a warehouse window while being driven to the shuttleport to attend an upcoming vote on Unity Station. The senator was unharmed but remains in hiding.

Several shuttleports that charter flights to Unity Station have been shut down by mobs swarming the facilities and holding sit-ins to prevent GAIA senators from boarding their flights whilst others remain open thanks to Eridanian private security units.

The net result of the intimidation and attacks upon GAIA politicians has resulted in over a third of GAIA senators missing from the capital during voting due to being physically stopped or choosing to remain home in fear for their lives. This has left the close tie on the Senate and Parliament floors to be rendered negligible, with ATLAS now given a de facto majority in both houses. Only two ATLAS politicians were unable to attend the last two sessions of parliament.

Prime Minister Chater has not made a public appearance since the start of the violence, but spokesmen for the Prime Minister has urged for calm and rationality to return to the public discourse.

ATLAS spokesmen have torn into Chater for his failure to respond to the violence as well as failing to deliver justice by freeing Michael Frost.

“Our society is beginning to break down,” Michael Watkins told reporters while on Unity Station, “New Delhi is burning. Entire cities are being turned into cinders and ash. The Sol Alliance is going to cease to exist if we continue to allow the ship of state to be piloted by that foolish liar Chater. I don’t think we can tolerate this incompetence for much longer.”

Despite sharp and intense criticism by other parties, ATLAS has begun taking advantage of their de facto majority to implement sweeping reforms that have the potential for far-reaching consequences. Currently the bills being forced through committee to reach the floor for votes are as far ranging as redistricting the regions of Earth, and a controversial “Motion To Compel” which allows Parliament to, with a simple two-thirds majority vote, allow Parliament to “perform [an action] deemed entirely necessary for the security of the Alliance.” These motions carry supreme executive authority and cannot be vetoed. Motions to Compel have been rare occurrences and reserved for the most dire situations in the history of the Alliance.

The Motion to Compel, forwarded by Michael Watkins, would grand a full pardon to Michael Frost.

Currently only three more GAIA senators would need to flip to ATLAS or be absent during quorum in order for the threshold of two-thirds to be met.

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Prime Minister Forced To Grant Pardon To Frost Following Unprecedented Use Of Powerful Senate Motion


As of 12:83 pm GST, Admiral Frost is a free man and private citizen once again. On Unity Station, the Senate voted 55-28 to trigger a “Motion to Compel” to pardon Frost. The motion is a legal mechanism that the Senate exclusively holds that does not need to come from the lower Parliament and cannot be vetoed by the Prime Minister. With a simple two-thirds majority, the Senate can “compel any action deemed absolutely necessary for the security of the Alliance.”

The vote was forced and passed despite the absence of 41 senators from GAIA, the Utopian Front, and the Worker’s Party. Many of these senators were targeted by extremist groups or demonstrators and expressed a fear or unwillingness to attend the vote. Prime Minister Chater was notably present during the session to vote against the measure and looked disgusted when the move passed.

This would be the third time that a Motion to Compel has passed within the Alliances’ history, with the last one being in 2278 with the Senate breaking a political deadlock to authorize military force against the breakaway Coalition of Colonies, with the first in similar circumstances.

In a ceremonial move the Senate Sergeant at Arms, with the Motion to Compel signed by all 55 supporting ATLAS senators, traveled with it to the Supermax prison on Venus and presented it to the Warden. Admiral Frost was then released from his cell and escorted back to a shuttle to bring him to Earth.

Admiral Frost disembarked from his shuttle in Villebleue, Europe, where he was greeted by thousands of cheering supporters. Within an hour Frost entered the New Kabul Symphony Hall where he gave a live speech on galactic television. Outside the symphony hall were thousands of additional counter-demonstrators behind held back by Villebleue police.

“My fellow Solarians. This nation faces a crisis like no other in its history. The lights across our great civilization continue to dim in the darkness of an uncertain future that is descending down on us. Our people live with the specter of raiders and slavers abducting them from even our capital. Our nation is throttled by corrupt politicians and selfish corporate interests. Our people are openly attacked in the streets of foreign cities for their belief in the greatness of the Alliance. Our ability to hold respect with our neighbors has been tarnished by the weak leadership of an incompetent government which invites humiliation after humiliation.

Together we will warm our children in the dawn of a new day. We will not let 400 years of this Republic dissolve into anarchy and despair. Let us not forget the words that lead humanity through another great challenge. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’. We will endure. We will stop the descent of darkness. We will emerge from this crisis more powerful than ever before. ”

Later in his speech Frost announced he would be running for Senator of Earth in 2460. Once the speech ended Frost had already begun to travel to the United America’s to declare his intent to run.

The shock of these developments has caused both pro- and anti- Frosts demonstrators to fill the streets of nearly every major city within Sol and across the Alliance. ATLAS continues to hold a de-facto chokehold on the legislative branch of government, and Prime Minister Chater remains under siege by scathing critics as he struggles to hold GAIA together.

When trying to give a speech in comment to the Frost developments in Unity Station, Chater’s speech was interrupted before it even began by a crowd of protestors suddenly rising from the crowd and chanting “You are a liar!” The chamber erupted into chaos, with Chater cancelling the rest of his speech.

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ATLAS Leader Watkins Dies: Power Struggle Sees Admiral Frost Endorsed As Next Leader

An ATLAS spokeswoman has confirmed that Michael Watkins, the leader of the ATLAS party, was pronounced dead in the Unity Station medical center at 5:55pm Local Time. Rumors swirled on social media after witnesses on Unity Station saw Emergency Medical Technicians enter his residence and emerge with Watkins on a stretcher.

The spokeswoman in the news conference that Watkins died of ‘liver failure’. Police have ruled out foul play, saying Watkins died of natural causes.


Following the announcement of Watkin’s dead the ATLAS website briefly went offline as it was flooded with commentators paying respects and criticising the senator’s legacy.

ATLAS senators and members of parliament have all given statements paying their respects to Watkins, who ran the party for 22 years.


Watkins leaves a troubled legacy. While the party he ran is credited with lifting tens of thousands of Alliance citizens out of poverty, in recent years the party has been embattered with criticisms ranging from the Artemis Initiative to accusations of voter suppression and intimidation of rival political parties.

Despite how soon Watkins has passed, ATLAS appeared to descend into what commentators have called a fierce internal power struggle. Three leading senators of the party held speeches paying respects while at the same time encouraging the party to find strong leadership - with themselves. Handfuls of ATLAS politicians began endorsing select candidates.


But only hours ago Michael Frost held a speech that appears to have blown the other rivals out of the water.



“Watkins was a strong, honest man. It is deeply unfortunate that he was taken from us. The memory of what Watkins has done for us will remain fresh in our minds for centuries to come, if not for the remainder of humanity’s existence within this galaxy.


And we cannot allow the legacy he is handing down to us to go to waste. Watkins and I spoke together on many issues, and he was instrumental in ensuring justice was upheld when the lies of the Prime Minister were revealed and I was given my pardon.

I believe - no, I know for certain that I am the man to defend this legacy. My fellow Solarians, I am ready, willing, and able to do the duty that Watkins has left us. I am hereby announcing my candidacy to be the head of the ATLAS party of the Sol Alliance. We’re going to break down this broken system before it drowns us all with its pathetic floundering. We have 400 years of accumulating laws that fit in 412 editions at 384,000 pages. that contradict itself. We have a civilian leadership that fails to understand the necessities of the military. We have rampant corruption and an entrenched elite that exploits working class families. We have politicians that lie, cheat, and steal.


It’s time we fix the Alliance. We will do what Watkins tried to do. If my words ring true, and I know they do, and I am nominated to lead this party of heros, then I will know that the faith I have in humanity is not in vain. If I am nominated to lead ATLAS, I will additionally announce my candidacy for Prime Minister for the next election.”



Almost all ATLAS candidates have endorsed Frost or changed their endorsements to him, cementing his unofficial status as the next leader of the party. The response from GAIA and other factions has been anger and in some cases confusion and surprise.


Prime Minister Miles Theodore Chater gave a post on social media saying he “respected the tenacity of Watkins in his political career” and mentioned that he would hold a speech within a few days. After the announcement from Frost that he was seeking both the leadership of ATLAS as well as the Prime Minister slot, Chater deleted the post and wrote a new one condemning Frost and expressing his disgust in “actors that would seize a tragedy on the same day that it occured for political ends.”

However the public response has been nearly overwhelmingly supportive for Frost. An ANN political analyst described it on a show with Daniel Gruber’s late night show that “an entire generation of Solarians are seeing Frost as their leader. He’s doing things that the existing political structure called impossible. He’s giving them hope.”

The strongest reaction has come from Mars. Red Coalition senator Duncan Thorne is the target of his own controversy. The Martian was in a saloon in Rama when he was told of the news. He was reported to have allegedly shouted “Damn time!” at the news report on Watkin’s death.


Thorne later held a conference outside his ranch near Rama. Leaning on a shovel in the pressurized biodome with dirt on his boots, Thorne was prompted into a long and angry tirade in regards to Frost.



“I’m not going to sit around and watch that dumbass ruin this country. I can’t name a single positive thing ATLAS has done that wasn’t also serving their own interests. You think they give a damn about the working class? Frost doesn’t give a single damn! He’s just another wannabe populist promising everything we want to hear, luring us in like that there damn pied piper. I’m not gunna have it - ATLAS is not ever again going to stain God’s red’s soil with their nonsense. He should stay over yonder there in Unity Station and keep his mouth shut. ”




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ATLAS Assumes Direct Control of Earth: Mars Vows To Defend Ally



Shock waves continue to travel from the sol sector as the Senate has pushed through a political deadlock with a 56-27 vote for a “Motion to Compel”  overnight that has massive ramifications for the sol sector and Alliance as a whole. The Motion effectively redraws the map of Earth and strips the states of their autonomy and power.


Previously Earth was divided among several provinces led by governors who retained their old Earth titles as a formality. Now the ATLAS dominated Senate has placed the entire planet under direct rule from SolGov, stripping all of the governors of the provinces of their authority. The planet’s administrative districts have been redrawn into three sectors, lead by a council of three politicians elected by the Senate and who answer only to the Senate. The vote for these Councilmen is scheduled for tomorrow.

A Motion to Compel is the nuclear option available to the Senate. It cannot be vetoed by the Prime Minister and it does not require to be brought up first from the lower Parliament. Motions to Compel are meant to be used for the most dire emergencies where there is a serious threat to the Alliance. This would be the second time in just two years that the Senate has used the option, where previously it was not used since the First Interstellar War. This comes only months after a previous motion pardoned Admiral Frost.

The motion was able to pass due to alleged intimidation and fears of violence against GAIA senators. Prime Minister Chater was present during the vote and appeared to be unaware that the motion was coming until it was brought to the floor by ATLAS Senator Xi Brandy. Chater looked bewildered and frustrated as the motion was brought to a vote. He was seen on the UNI-SPAN footage looking desperately at the section of the Senate floor where GAIA senators would be, but where there were only over two dozen empty seats.

The timing of the Motion coming only days after Michael Frost was nominated to lead the ATLAS party has many believing that Frost is the sponsor of the bill. This has been denied by ATLAS spokesmen, with a statement being delivered on why they made this move.


“We were actually planning this for a long time. Due to the political gridlock on Earth, the planet is effectively in chaos. The local leaders have been uncategorically unable to see to the needs of Solarian citizens. The old provinces of earth are merely an obstacle to an efficient administration for the benefit of all solariansThere are serious threats to the rule of law and democracy on Earth. The Senate has seen fit to consider the current state of affairs on Earth as a national security threat that compels this drastic action. Our critics have claimed this move is undemocratic, but we need to remind everyone that this legislation was fairly passed through a democratic senate with a legally binding vote of representatives. On top of that, the new leaders of Earth are elected. The new map also takes into account a unique take on the cultural and geographic realities of Earth by providing a new perspective for residents and visitors.

ATLAS will continue to dedicate itself to enacting reforms to break down the rotten foundations of the Alliance and rebuild them from plasteel.”





Many political analysts have rejected this explanation. SANN analyst Bob Baker told our reporters that the motion is meant to be payback for Earth “betraying” SolGov in 2460. At the time Earth leaders sided with Mars during that planet’s dispute with SolGov. The leverage of the homeworld of humanity allying itself with the Martian cause was a huge factor to the re-integration of the red planet into the Alliance and the return of the planet as a major geopolitical rival to the ATLAS party.

Now Martian politicians are up in arms as all of their allies on Earth have been unceremoniously fired. Martian Senator Duncan Thorne was present during the vote and walked out immediately after it passed. He gave his own statement from Olympia, condemning the motion and vowing retaliation. He was flanked by over a dozen politicians from the reformed GAIA party and local Red Front politicians and Martian rangers.





“I’m gettin’ pretty sick and tired of sittin’ around and not seeing anything done about the death of democracy in the Alliance. We’re gettin’ played for fools. I’ve been standing around here talking until I was blue in the face about this issue but people are still acting the fool. Well, we’re going to put our foot down. We stand in solidarity with Earth and the people who are unfairly being thrown into the claws of SolGov. You can’t just arbitrarily draw lines on a map and disregard all those people that actually live and breath in that there map. A whole planet, and only three states? And the official map is upside down? Are you serious?

Mark my words - Mars is not gunna let its allies be strangled by totalitarians. Just you wait and see what we have in store.”

The former governors of Earth have also cried foul. Governor of the Soviet Union Premier Mikha Bosnjakovic, elected just this January, hinted that she may not follow the Motion.



“This is my Province. I was elected by the people of the Union. That isn’t going to change. This stupid upside down map of yours will not change the will of the people of Earth.”


The Prime Minister himself is unusually silent on this matter and has refused to comment. After his last attempt to fight ATLAS saw GAIA fracture with several defecting to ATLAS and others joining the united front behind Duncan Thorne, the coalition between ATLAS and GAIA now seems to exist in name only, and the Prime Minister may believe that ATLAS’ power is now stronger than his own.

Despite the political gridlock and unwillingness of the current establishment to respond to this unprecedented move hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Earth. There is violence and looting taking place in major cities across the planet and security forces are struggling to contain the unrest.



Edited by Senpai Jackboot

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General Strike Called By Thorne - Earth and Sol Begin To Shut Down

Senator Thorne has announced that following negotiations with members of the GAIA party and union leaders across Sol, a general work stoppage has been called. Thorne says the strike will last until January 31st. More than 575,000 workers have walked out of the job already. The jobs affected include sanitation workers, factory workers, office clerks, waiters, waitresses, and every other field of private business. Major cities across each of the planets are filled with tens of thousands of demonstrators.


Representatives of the Sol Federation of Labor, the leading union of the Sol sector, says that it accepted Thorne’s call for a walk out due to the “serious and alarming developments within the government from radical authoritarians that threaten working class families across the system.” The representatives also confirmed that they were exempting “critical” workers from the strike, such as fire fighters and hospital staff.

Thorne then declared that the strike had two demands: the rejection of Michael Frost as head of the ATLAS party, and the dissolution of the radical redistricting of Earth put forward by ATLAS only a few days ago.



“The closing down of just Martian industries, in a mere shut down, won’t affect ATLAS or their corporate sponsors at all. They’d be happy to see our whole planet go to pieces here. But the closin’ down of all the industries of Sol? That’ll put the fear of God into them.”


A cooperative body of workers from the strikes has been formed, called the Sol Strike Committee. It’s acting as a non-profit NGO that is providing essential services for members of the strike and their families during the work stoppage. Thorne and other Martian senators in GAIA have been campaigning across Mars and Earth campaigning for donations to put into the strike fund to help ensure strikers can continue paying their bills.

In some cities that are nearly completely shut down, such as Rama or New Delhi, workers are setting up ad hoc food distribution, with strikers paying five credits per meal.


The strike so far is peaceful with few reports of violence, but this may not last as the economy of Sol has taken a hit on this first day of work stoppage.

Getmore Products, a subsidiary of NanoTrasen, said that over three dozen of their supermarkets and production facilities had no one show up to work, and a further four dozen had only “a quarter or less” of staff appear for work.

Hephaestus Industries and Einstein Engines have said that they have a dozen work sites each shut down. Hours after the announcement of the work stoppage, business leaders from these megacorporations met with ATLAS officials in Unity Station. It’s not clear if Frost attended, as his whereabouts have not been confirmed either way. After an hour behind closed doors a representative from the meeting held a press conference and described the response from the corporations and ATLAS party.



“Unfortunately we are experiencing an attempt against democracy. The open intent of this movement is to enforce its will upon a sovereign nation. It is a violent attack upon our institutions. A general strike as we are seeing on Earth and Mars will paralyze workflow. It will choke out the life of our community. The whole government may be put out of operation if this action continues - and that is, by definition, a revolt.

The affected businesses are continuing to hold talks to discuss how to resolve this crisis. All options are being considered.”

It’s not clear what retaliation there will be against the general strike or its members. If history if any indicator, there may be ‘strike busting’ action taken, or the companies may fire all of the strikers and bring in new workers.

Galactic trade has already taken a preliminary blow. Observers have noted that many foodstuffs and supplies that are produced in Sol have been disrupted. Getmore popular brands such as Vrisk Serket Iced Tea, RD Root Beer, 4no Raisins, and Scaredy's Private Reserve Beef Jerky may face price hikes. Exports of beef for Razi Snack-corned Beef will also be affected.Other sectors may face price hikes in Sol and foreign systems as the strike wears on, especially if the strike grows in size.

Edited by Senpai Jackboot

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    SolGov Senate Strike Ban Cause Clashes In Sol And Calls For United Front

A highly divided vote has been pushed through Congress that has effectively revoked the right to industrial action within the Alliance. The vote of 50-33, with 41 absent GAIA senators, has been immediately challenged by critics and is being called a violation of the civil rights of Alliance citizens. After the motion was passed police and corporate security have clashed with striking workers as they attempt to break up strikes or escort non-union workers past picket lines to continue working.

ATLAS senator Gerald Green explained the reasoning for the “Job Security Act” as the bill is named.



“There should be no disruption in the sense of job security in our citizens. We cannot tolerate the political hijacking of collective bargaining as a tool for political pressure. These strikes are causing disruption to defense, security, justice, and health sectors. We’ve made this move in the public interest to protect our citizens.”


Extranet feeds show clashes in major cities across Earth. Civil protection units clad in riot gear can be seen shooting tear gas into the crowds, who respond by throwing rocks or molotov cocktails. In New York, Americana, a state of emergency was declared after a Hephaestus factory was burnt down during clashes with corporate security who stormed the building to disperse occupying strikers. Thousands of people have been arrested and even more have been injured.

On Mars the clashes have become even more violent in several biodomes. In Nanjing federal troops attempted to break up demonstrators who were occupying Getmore warehouses. A firefight broke out as several occupiers were armed.


Federal forces have also had stand-offs with local militia forces in other areas of the planet, and some Federal agents also alleged that local police departments refused to cooperate in breaking up strikes or demonstrations. Across Mars the federal and corporate response has been met with mixed results, with some areas successfully expelling private or federal law enforcement and continuing the occupation of warehouses and factories.


Senator Duncan Thorne gave a harsh criticism of the move in a profanity-laced response.




“Instead of sittin’ around with your finger up your [expletive] you should look around. There’s a union out there bustin’ their balls for you and doin’ a lot of [expletive] for ya. We’re hard working, tax paying people. Even the plebs of Rome were allowed t'pack up and leave the city of until those there patricians came to [expletive] negotiate with 'em. This is our Secessio [expletive] plebis but the patricians sent the Legions after us.

I hope ya'll see now how ATLAS is laying in bed with the mega-corporations. This is just like I have always said. They don’t care about hard workin' families.”



In a later announcement, a representative of Duncan Thorne said that his campaign headquarters was sending out invitations across the galaxy to attend an “Interplanétaire” where a wider discussion could be had on how to better defend against political and mega-corporation suppression of workers. Thorne gave one final statement foreshadowing the intention of the move.


“We’re going to get our [expletive] together and sort this out. This patch-work stuff just ain’t working right. We'll get a United Front going.”



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Frost Declares ATLAS Will Partially Reverse Tajara Ban

Former Admiral Frost appears to have officially cemented his role as the leader of the ATLAS party by being the one to announce a major shift in government policy. Despite not yet being voted in as the leader of the Party, Frost held several meetings with highly influential ATLAS senators. He has now announced that the party will be holding a vote to reverse the controversial “Tajara Ban” and replace it with a “Humanity first but not alone” approach.

The ban took place in March of last year that placed a complete freeze on Tajara Visas and immigration, while existing Visas were not renewed. It was believed to have been passed due to Prime Minister Chater attempting to curry favor with their former coalition partners in ATLAS. The move backfired and lead almost directly to a sharp rise in Martian antagonism as the planet refused to abide by the measure.

The growing conflict between Mars and SolGov has also lead to the recent general strike in the Sol system. Despite being declared illegal, security forces and private security companies continue to clash with picket lines and worker strikes.

Frost announced the new government policy in a speech in Sovustrasia.



“It is the right of all people to seek a life here in this Alliance. Our nation is blessed by our Creator with immense untapped resources. I believe it is unfair that Tajara are being excluded from the wealth of our star nation. Humanity first does not mean Tajara last.

What this means is that we will treat citizenship as a privilege nonhumans must earn, and not a right that they deserve.


Tajara immigrants that seek to enter the Alliance will, if their application is accepted, be given a special Resident status. Residents will be required to maintain employment with any corporation that will be registered with SolGov. This period of employment must meet or exceed eight years. After this duration they will be eligible to apply to the Alliance Office of Immigration and Citizenship for citizenship.”



Frost was immediately questioned by the assembled press. One reporter asked about the resident Tajara already within Alliance space who were not yet affected by an expired Visa.


“However many years they have worked in the Alliance will act as credit for their time if it is with a registered corporation. This work can take any form - retail, manufacturing - anything really. The only exceptions are federal government jobs, such as soldiers, tax agents, city councils, and the like. This applies to the entire Alliance, irregardless of the personal feelings of an individual planets leadership.”

Another reporter asked about possible differences with the resulting citizenship, and if there were any differences. Frost appeared annoyed at the question and waved his hand before the reporter finished.



“No. There is residency and citizenship. We don’t have a caste system here. As a resident they cannot vote, purchase deeds to land, or gain most welfare. They gain these privileges if they become a citizen. That’s all there is to it.”


The same reporter had a follow up question, asking if there will there be any restrictions to this policy based on their allegiances in the Tajaran civil war.



“Origins of Visa applications will be treated on an ad hoc basis. They will have eight years to prove their allegiance to Sol.”


Another reporter asked about the possibility of a quota.


“Not currently. That is definitely possible.”


The final question Frost took was from the Biesellian based Mendell City Bugle. The reporter, Daniel Goodman asked an incendiary question.



“The primitive american colony of Virginia had certain immigrants sign contracts that said they would work for a set number of years. They’d be given shelter, food, and transportation to their work site. They were under a lot of control of their masters and were at their mercy. We called them indentured servants - what makes this policy any different from indentured servitude, given the high level of control the government and employers will have over Tajara?”

Frost smiled at the question.



"Thank you for your blunt and honest question. It’s important that we always try to question the intent of those in power. To answer it, these Tajaran workers are free to change who they work for, they aren't signed to an individual employer. We are only asking that they have some form of gainful employment with a recognized corporation. We aren't paying them in company dollars, for use at the company store, to buy company goods."

The motion has been welcomed by many ATLAS politicians and their supporters in the public. Even a majority of existing GAIA senators and representative applauded the move.

However there were immediate and sharp criticisms that came at ATLAS from Martian Senator Duncan Thorne and his rising bloc within the GAIA party.




“We don’t ask Frontiersmen to work for eight full years before becomin’ a citizen, and most ATLAS senators have more in common with Tajara than good frontiersmen and women. This is just a move by Frost to claim he ain’t xenophobic. They hurled the goalpost into the extreme fringe a mile away with the total ban and now they’re moving it about three feet back and calling it a compromise.


This move has got to be the announcement of an alliance between Frost and these big mega-corporations. Imagine how much power these people are going to have over the Tajara immigrants. Lost your job? Instantly deported. It don’t matter if you worked for seven years and eleven months - you’re out and gotta start over.

Frost is playin’ like this is some friendly gesture but I ain’t gunna be an idiot and take his hand. We’re not going to stop fighting. We’re going to take this to the next level, just you wait.”



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Interplanétaire Commences As General Strike Continues


Hundreds of politicians, artists, philosophers, and labor leaders are converging upon Olympia’s hotels for an unusual assembly organized by Martian senator Duncan Thorne. Thousands of more people are coming to crowd into the public stands or the surrounding streets to try to catch a glimpse of the visiting delegates. The meetings are scheduled to take place in the Olympia senate house after the Martian Senate voted to rent the building to the assembly.


The stated purpose of the Interplanétaire is to try to create a united front against the rising power of ATLAS, mega-corporations, and totalitarianism across the galaxy that threaten working families and unions. There is a diverse group of attendees and thousands more people are coming to observe the proceedings.


Despite the on-going travel ban several Tajara representatives were seen coming out of the Olympia shuttleport. Mars is the only planet in the Sol Alliance where Tajara may legally reside. Famous Adhomaian artist Rikdar Al'Manq also appeared, waving at the reception of a small crowd of Tajara. All smiles, he stopped to talk to the journalists and mixed crowd of humans and Tajara with his arm around an eager female fan.



“He’s glad to be here. The invitation said this one was a respected artist who never sold out to mega-corporations. He knows this is true; his art is not meant to be a commodity to be bought and sold. He doesn’t know much about politics but he will see what he can do!”


The other major Tajara attendee is Crevus City is Mazula Azaula, a 58 year old m’sai woman. She walked out of the shuttle with the aid of a cane and quietly smiled at reporters but otherwise ignored them.


Duncan Thorne also arrived with his campaign delegates. He moved down the avenue outside his hotel on top of a terrestrial horse. Wearing cowboy boots with spurs and a cowboy hat he hopped off the horse and addressed the waiting crowd.



“We’re just collectin’ here a bunch of like minded folks. We’ve been watching ATLAS grow in power for years now n’ I think it’s time we matched them. Clearly sitting behind a podium and whinin’ about them didn’t do much, so we’re going to explore new options.”


Hundreds of more humans arrived at the various hotels including big Solarians: former Premier of the Soviet Union Mikha Bosnjakovic, famous sci-fi writer Daniel Mendoza, and other philosophers and politicians.

Two dozen delegates have also arrived from the Frontier factions of human space. Many of them are from the Frontier Alliance, primarily the Free Assembly faction within that. Thomi Malurth, representing the Labor Party, and Charles Jansen, representing the Frontier Worker’s party arrived and quickly moved to their hotel rooms, ignoring reporters.


The Vaurca Zo’ra Za'Akaix'Cimm also appeared. There was incredible confusion as ‘Cimm said he was an unbound speaking for the actual Cimm who was residing in VR and connected to the delegate via Hivenet. It’s unclear why Vaurcae were invited, but Thorne insists they “gotta be at the table too ya know.”


A small group of three Skrell also appeared but Interplanétaire officials said they were just here to observe. The two, Qui’zin and Jui’quiqui, were seen outside the hotel quietly scribbling in notepads near several speakers who were giving statements to the press.

A member of Thorne’s campaign committee held a press conference where she outlined the current major points of discussion for the nterplanétaire delegates.



“We need to first address the attacks on union power. Our general strike was a real threat to the ATLAS party and mega-corporations, but they have been dividing and conquering us. We will be discussing the possibility of merging all existing unions.

We will also discuss how to spread our goals into other star nations. Of particular concern is Tau Ceti, where NanoTrasen is entrenched heavily into its society and government. We're going to do our best to impact Biesel.


We will also be discussing better cooperation between Mars and the Frontier colonies in order to further entrench the liberty and independence of all relevant star nations.”


The delegates will continue to arrive over the next few days, after which the convention will officially begin.

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Interplanétaire Delegates Agree To Merge All Alliance Unions: Galactic Federation of Labor


Delegates from the Interplanétaire have agreed to an initiative that will see over a hundred distinct labor unions merged together into a single organization. The new Federation of Labor will represent 1.2 million workers across the entire Alliance in over 200 businesses. There are still smaller unions that have rejected the mandate, but it’s unclear how these hold-outs will persist in the face of the crackdown being done by SolGov and mega-corporations on collective bargaining.

Martian Senator Duncan Thorne announced the move in a press conference right outside the assembly hall.


“It’s a fat lot of good we’ve done with a hundred of these little unions here. Don’t git’me wrong they did great work but we cant be goin’ making demands for the good of our working families if we are divided and conquered. This is what them strategizers call a united front.”


The main alarm bells being run by the GFL is the widening gap between rich and poor; the critical role of working class people having leverage against the mega-corporations; the mixed blessing of synthetic proliferation; the corrupt influence of Megacorp influence on star nations; and the destructive impact Mega-corporations have had on the galaxy.


The creation of the GFL has not come off with an easy start. The hundreds of delegates initially agreed that more organization was needed to combat mega-corporate and government power, but deep divisions have resulted in two distinct factions forming with radically different goals for the GFL.

The mainstream faction within the GFL are the Martian Reds. They are also nicknamed “Martian Plebs” after Senator Thorne’s comparisons to the General Strike as the Alliances’ Secessio plebis. Martian Reds want to see workers band together within their different fields and defend their own interests, but they say they do not want to radically subvert the galactic order.


Senator Thorne described the new faction rallying behind him.


“I know that a lot of these corporations, when they run outta heads to send, have an actin’ one. Sometimes they’re just up and picked by the captain and sometimes that captain picks who the department nominate with a little vote. We say that’s what they need to do all the time: let the department vote. I ain’t denyin’ that we need managers, but why not make ‘em a democratic job?

We also want t’see salaries for command paygrades given a cap. That money should go back into t’workplace or the wallets of the people who do the hard day-to-day work.”


The second dominant faction trying to jockey for power is the attending Adhomaian Crevus City Mayor Mazula Azaula. She was seen during the lively debates talking to a wide variety of labor organizers and other delegates.




“She is fine with the ‘Reds’ as they say they are. But she is a Crevan, and Crevans know that democracy is the most important institution under the creators. We cannot embrace democracy in our government while refusing democracy in our society and workplaces. We must bring our democratic ideals to fruition at every level we possibly can, and make sure this democracy includes everyone, not just the oligarchs that exploit the bountiful natural resources of our worlds.”



The Mayor has faced criticisms from other Tajara attendees who were both delegates and observers. Our reporters spoke to one Tajara in the stands to get their perspective.



“He thinks it is not smart for Crevus to provoke the other governments or corporations. She put a big target on us all. If this experiment fails then Ma’ta’ke himself would have to intervene to protect us from the retaliation.”


As the Federation of Labor struggles with ideological disputes on the day of its birth, it’s not clear where the GFL will be able to proliferate. The Interplanétaire is continuing its assembly and they will be making decisions on what arms of the GFL to focus funding on. There are currently plans to expand operations in to the Republic of Elyra, the Sol Alliance, and Frontier Alliance. There is a hot debate on whether or not to heavily fund investment in the Republic of Biesel.

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Vaurca Interplanétaire Delegates Stranded on Mars!

Delegates from the Zo'ra Vaurca hive that has attended the first GFL summit met a revoked transit passage through the Nanotrasen owned and operated Sol-Tau Ceti gateway. Their shuttle, returning to dock within Olympia was locked into harbor pending word from Tau Ceti.

Two hours later, It appears Nanotrasen has filed suit against the Zo’ra hive for breaching the contractual obligations of the hive and the civil regulations imposed by both the government and Nanotrasen five and a half years prior. As part of the alleged contractual breach, Tau Ceti invoked emergency authority to bar all Zo’ra transit to and out of Tau Ceti system for security concerns. 

After receiving news of these developments, Martian Interstellar Space Command- MISC has waylaid the Zo’ran shuttle, evicting the Zo’ra from the spaceport into government care.

 Lawyers from both Nanotrasen and Zo’ra hive have declined to comment on the matter. Sources within the Tau Ceti government claim that the alleged regulation broken concerned the wellbeing and welfare of citizens of the Orion Spur. Legal experts reviewing the document believe that security passage Y21K in the document is breach Nanotrasen is attempting to bring to court, the passage as written reads... 

“The communications sent and relayed by the Hive Relay must not originate from or be destined for any system or location not officially sanctioned by NanoTrasen and the Department of Vaurca Integration, currently only including Tau Ceti and Glorashi.”

With further investigation, it appears that 160 Vaurca of the Zo’ra hive were invited but their transit records indicate that only 16 Vaurca were scheduled to visit the convention. Further, only 15 Vaurca were seen. Specialist in all things  Vaurca, Dr. Elene Rodgers provides us with an answer.

“It's simple. The invitations were for the Virtual beings as well as the physical ones, though if that many are here then its even more likely that they brought a Cephalon with them.”

After staring somewhat blankly, Dr. Rodgers continues,” A cephalon Is kind of like a transmitter relay itself, though it's not meant to broadcast signals, not specifically like the relays within Tau Ceti. From how I understand them, they are quasi-mechanical organic supercomputers, housing many of the ‘dead’ Vaurca according to their belief system. We saw such a projection during the convention. I will bet that Nanotrasen was monitoring transmissions, and this cephalon is what tipped them off.”

Finally, after some word with our branches within Tau Ceti itself, another delegation of Vaurca are known to be abroad within Dominia. It is unclear at this time how that group is fairing but for those stranded within Olympia, Senator Thorne has called Nanotrasen out publicly, claiming reprisal attacks for the formation of the GFL. He was quoted, 

“Megacorps of all flavors will go out of their way to stop peaceful resistance, organized or not. The Zo'ra are the first targets, but not the last, most likely.”

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Political Deadlock, Nanotrasen Triumphant?

The deadlock between Nanotrasen and the Zo'ra hive continues in Tau Ceti courts, the first and second circuit judges verdicts initially seem to be in Nanotrasens favor, with the Mega-corporation having already internally fined the hive. More worryingly, the blockade of Vaurca traffic continues, with the aliens remaining on Mars for the last few weeks finally running out of provisions that they have brought. Furthermore, it would seem a similar situation is playing out within the Empire of Dominia, with a contingent of Zo'ra trapped within their borders. Senator Thorne gave this briefing on the situation of the stranded Vaurca a recent public address. 

"My office has made every resource available to our visitors from Tau Ceti. We are in constant contact with officials of  Zo'ra and Tau Ceti and are working to resolve the military and legal difficulties present in that system. In the meantime, it would seem that Nanotrasen has shown their hand again, blocking resupplies of the Vaurcan food, 'Kois' to our system, citing 'logistical' concerns for their reasoning. With no one else to turn to, my office has reached out to the people of the Jargon federation to supply us until the deadlock is resolved. For this reason, I want to introduce Jorgu Oori-Que, a representative of the Jargon Federation who has come here to help facilitate our needs. "

Oori steps up at the introduction and replaces Thorne in front center.

"The Jargon Federation, as of now, has reviewed the Martian’s [Senator Thorne’s], requests for dangerous xenobotanical supplies. Before proceeding, do understand that the Federation does view the dangerous subject of Kois just as seriously as those in Tau Ceti, and we will take every step required to ensure its safe delivery, storage, and rationed consumption. The urgency in this situation is that no one except the Federation can handle an outbreak of Kois, so I’ve sent the requests personally for arbitration within the Federation’s council, and will hear back soon."

Insiders amongst Thornes staff clarified on a few issues that Oori touched on. They explain that smugglers may try to get kois into the system without the necessary precautions the Federation would take, possibly causing a quarantine that would not just freeze up Martian spacelanes with traffic, but a crucial trade route from Sol to Jargon as well.  

They conclude that the Vaurca upon Mars may have two or three weeks of supplies left before running out. Whether or not they can hold out is anyone’s guess, but the case between Zo’ra and Nanotrasen is expected to be appealed to the supreme court of Tau Ceti. 


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General Strike Ends: ATLAS Strikes "Deal With Devil" With Galactic Federation of Labor

The Galactic Federation of Labor has agreed to call an end to the General Strike that has caused delays and gridlock in the Sol System. The call comes after almost a month of sustained strikes and negotiations between SolGov, Sol-based megacorporations, and the GFL. Now the unions are returning to work, despite criticisms from the Martian Reds who are unhappy with the compromises reached.


The most major victory is an acknowledgement from the Sol Senate on the validity of the GFL. The Senate voted along bipartisan lines to reverse legislation that had outlawed striking and gave protections to “scabs” - people who cut through a picket line to continue working in a factory despite an ongoing strike.


Martian Senator Duncan Thorne had an unusual way of claiming victory.



“Well it was either let people go on strike or start seein’ some bricks go through windows.”


The deal has also increased protections for workers within the Sol System. Mega-corporations operating in the home system of humanity will be required to ensure a Union Representative from the GFL is present in the workplace to work alongside HR departments. This move was also unusually bipartisan; the GFL is believed to have leveraged ATLAS’ distrust of megacorporations.


The final pledge from SolGov will see the three governor posts that will administer the newly redistricted Earth will be popularly elected rather than appointed by the Senate. The reversal of direct rule of Earth is seen as a major political victory for Mars, which lobbied aggressively to assist its wayward ally.


In the beginning of the strike ATLAS was incredibly hostile, but as the General Strike wore on analysts have witnessed what they describe as a cooling of tempers. ANN analyst Phyllis Gwim said of the matter,



“ATLAS is by no means reaching across the aisle for the bipartisianship of it all. They are deeply critical of corporate power in the Alliance. Someone in the party - probably Frost - has been spending their time to convince ATLAS senators to make this deal. The fact many ATLAS senators privately call this a deal with the devil is pretty supportive of this finding.”


Corporate representatives from different mega-corporations in the Sol sector have expressed their displeasure with the result of the negotiations, but also remark  that the end of the general strike will see prices of many goods return to normal.


“We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our non-complex administration. The addition of an outsider and anti-business contractor within our company is not condusive to good business. This additional government regulation will require us to adapt to ensure continued operations without interruptions. A company that can evolve courageously will, at some point in the future, be able to architect defiantly. We will inflate our capability to innovate without lessening our ability to monetize.”



The public opinion has been mixed. Social media is awash with arguments between detractors on both sides. Many in the media also feel like this may be a brief reprieve in an otherwise bitterly tumultuous era for the Alliance. The representative for the GFL summarized the impending showdowns to take place in the future, saying:



“We’re not going to stop. We’re going to keep expanding to protect the workers all across the galaxy.”


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Prime Minister Chater Sacks Secretary of Navy

Today, Prime Minister Chater’s government announced that the Secretary of the Navy Maribella Sattegeto had tendered her resignation at the Prime Minister’s request. While media across the Alliance has speculated that a change in the Navy’s administration would happen for months, many claim that the continued fallout from last year’s bungled Lii’dra False Flag attack on Earth has come to a head, with Chater frustrated with Sattegeto’s rumored resistance to his efforts to reform the defense sector. The resistance is said by analysts to have spurred the beleaguered Prime Minister to act to curb the ascendant naval factions in his government. While it’s unclear who Chater intends to appoint to the now vacant position, it’s likely he will face heavy resistance from ATLAS in the Sol parliament in appointing anyone outside the ATLAS party.

The forced resignation of the head of the navy has caused disarray and confusion within the admiralty.

At the press conference where the decision was announced, the Press Secretary stated that


“[Prime Minister] Chater has heard from advisors on both sides of the political aisle, and especially from the Navy, of a need for reform, and thinks that the first step to this is a new Secretary of the Navy. While we are not ready to disclose the list of candidates, it is likely one will be put forward to the Senate’s consideration soon.”

Retired former New Teritoga Fleet Admiral Pierce, when asked for comment, said “I think it’s a shame to see Sattegeto go. I and my staff worked with her a lot, and never found her to be anything but a competent woman given the task she had. The motives of the current government in replacing her, especially at this time, seem suspect.”


The Fleet Admiral, a tacit supporter of ATLAS, has previously publicly called for reform of the Admiralty, but it is unclear what his comment on the Prime Minister’s motives meant.

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Tajara Terrorists Attack Sol Navy in Neutral Space

Last night, a group of unidentified Tajara individuals in the Republic of Biesel boarded and attacked the crew of the ship SMV Halberd, hijacking its weapons systems in an attempt to fire on innocent civilians while it was docked near the Nanotrasen station NSS Aurora. Two brave marines were killed fending off the attackers, in addition to those killed and injured in the battle provoked by the People’s Republic of Adhomai earlier this week against that vessel. A statement has been released today from the Prime Minister’s office:

“My administration, with full confidence in our military and intelligence services, believe the People’s Republic of Adhomai is responsible for this terrorist act. This government, with unanimous consent from the senate at an emergency meeting this morning, has passed the following: Firstly, an embargo of the People’s Republic of Adhomai. All ships, property of its citizens or that government, that are found in Sol space are to be interned and their crews detained until further notice. Secondly, all Tajara will be banned from entering or exiting the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations. All aid, be it civilian or military, to the People’s Republic of Adhomai will be stopped. Our prayers and condolences are with the families of those killed and injured in these unprovoked, heinous attacks on our sovereignty. Further information will be released by this office when available, and we are considering every possible option in response to this incident.”

An addendum was added to the bill at the request of several senators officially thanking Chief Engineer Farah Alfarsi and Research Director Nigel Silva of the NSS Aurora for their efforts in repairing the sabotaged engine of the ship and allowing it to return to SolGov space without further harm.



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Stricken Unathi stealth vessel rescued off the coast of Sol, Eridanian involvement evident, Hegemony authorities on the warpath.

Last week it was confirmed that the ghost ship sightings on the frontier belonged to an Unathi cyberneticist religious organization when they contacted both the Frontier Alliance and the Republic of Elyra, and the latter expressed concerns as to how this organization escaped Moghes and slipped past all defenses. Today we may have an answer, as one of their vessels emerged from bluespace in the path of a rogue asteroid and was badly damaged as a result. 

The solarian captain who oversaw the rescue operation had this to say,


"The vessel was detected at 0400 early Wednesday morning. The front half of the vessel was almost completely sheared off, and it was expected that there would be no survivors as we received no reply to our hails. Once we docked, rescue and salvage crews found the interior very difficult to navigate, due both to a general lack of signage and a strange and counterintuitive layout. It took about an hour to find the crew, half of which were still alive. Some of them seemed to have died instantly, while others retreated into the engineering compartment, which was the last airtight chamber. All survivors were rescued and taken into protective custody, and the vessel itself was taken as salvage."

By far the most puzzling feature of this affair is the question of just how a post-apocalyptic society would be able to slip past the defenses of some of the most powerful entities in space. An answer came later that afternoon in a press release from solarian authorities, stating that the Aut'akh Unathi purchased a set of blueprints for highly advanced stealth technology from the Eridani Federation..

An Aut'akh representative was asked to comment and provided this statement,


"I was actually involved in that project!! You see, while we have no money and very few natural resources, our technical knowledge can be very useful!! So, we traded some of our valuable data on bionics technology for the blueprints for stealth technology. With this, combined with our captains' magic, we can slip past the blockade and join the galaxy!"

Admiral Oyuti of the Hegemony had this to say in response,


"It is a terrible betrayal of our trust that our 'friends' in humanity would trade such valuable technology with a cabal of barbarous heathens rather than the true lords of Moghes. We condemn this treachery, and demand a copy of the stealth design blueprints so that we can prevent the escape of the husks and their eventual pollution of the galaxy."

One Eridanian executive noted that the Hegemony was more than welcome to buy the stealth technology. On this, the Unathi would not comment.

This situation has only heightened the tensions on Moghes. Twice as many ships have been assigned to hunt escaping stealth craft, and there are rumblings of an attempted third crusade. The regent of the Hegemony attempted to reassure the galaxy at large, stating that "[the Hegemony] are in control," and to "not concern [ourselves] with such petty squabbles", and in addition, "with no doubt, [the Unathi] will soon be expanding into the great ocean of the galaxy, and our affairs are our own."

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Solarian Navy Captain found deceased on-board crashed shuttle outside Nanotrasen facility


The body recently of a Captain Feitzgerld Archibald aswell as a the famed oligarch who had been missing for two centuries,  Feodor Mally has finally been found on a mining dig site in the territory of the NSS Aurora. Miner Dimitri Petrovitch stumbled upon the crashed shuttle carrying Archibald, a long missing war hero who served in the navy almost two centuries ago and was reported to of deserted the navy with a small crew at the time. Alongside Archibald was at the time mining oligarch Feodor Mally, a wealthy businessman who was said to of struck gold in finding these sites, his last words with his family was he was onto something with a plan for a rock query in the territory.

The bodys were found alongside a drone that sent a distress signal after the crashed shuttle was disrupted by phoron mining, after being identified they were cremated and the ashs have been confirmed to been delivered to the Solarian Embassy who offered there many thanks, The Solarian Navy's military council today voting unanimously to remove the desertion charge from Captain Archibalds records and spread his ashs with full honors on his families estate this coming week, the family thanking Captain Alessandra de Cortez for returning the ash's home, aswell as Doctor and Adhomai war veteran Rocco DeFranco and Dimitri Petrovitch for there efforts in recovering the body.

A Sargent Tim Patterson remains and dog tags were found, however due to a missing sample of there skull for dental records, they cannot be confirmed as his corpse.

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