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Bombs Explodes Across New Hai Phong: Terrorist Organization Claims Responsibility!

A series of bombs exploded simultaneously across New Hai Phong yesterday, striking several cities such as Nhom Hy Vong, authorities said. A total of eight explosives were detonated within major Hephaestus Industries centers. A shipyard in orbit was also targeted during the attacks. Officials have confirmed at least 500 fatalities and 6000 wounded. According to forensic experts, military-grade charges were utilized. The placement of the devices suggests that the perpetrators had extensive knowledge in the use of explosives. Life in New Hai Phong has come to a halt as the planet is currently under lockdown by Solarian and Hephaestus security forces. Police and emergency services in the middle colonies are now at full alert in case of further incidents. 

The Tajara Revolutionary Army, an organization deemed as terrorist by the government, has claimed responsibility for the attacks. They have sent an announcement to major news outlets, including the Sol Alliance Network:


People of Sol, we are the Tajara Revolutionary Army. Today you are all witness to a fraction of our pain. We are deprived of rights and the recognition we deserve. The two bans have caused untold suffering to our people. We have left Adhomai to work and live in peace, but we found nothing but slavery here. Even our homeworld was subject to Solarian aggression. We have no representation, we can not make our voice be heard through legal means. Violence is the only language that the tyrants of Sol understand. We will continue to fight until we are heard. This galaxy belongs to us all. Give us what we deserve, let us be equals.

The news of the bombings was met with protests by the population in the inner and outer colonies. Many blame the government for the attack, claiming that the Alliance is unable to provide adequate security for their worlds. Human Unity representatives are calling for a third Tajara ban in the wake of the tragedy, this motion resulted in outrage over the extranet and objection from Xeno rights groups. Tajaran embassies denied involvement in the situation.

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Eleven Dead in Venus Shootout; Three Admirals Among the Victims

Venus' aerostats are on high alert after Ishtar's Temple was the site of a deadly shooting yesterday. The criminals, disguised as patrons, infiltrated one of the planet's high-class clubs and opened fire upon the clients. Armed with submachine guns and pistols, they killed eleven and injured ten more. A shootout between the terrorists and the security team followed after the attack. Despite the quick response of the officers, most of the group managed to escape. Two culprits were terminated during the fight, both were later identified as Adhomian nationals residing in the Sol Alliance through work visas. Falsified Republican credentials and documents were found in their possession. Ishtar's Temple administration confirmed that the suspects were all Tajara pretending to be People's Republic officials.

Admiral Ikaia Iokua, Huan Li, and Amanda Hayden are among the confirmed fatalities. The deceased held prestigious positions within the fleets tasked with protecting the Sol system. The Admiralty has not released any announcement in regards to the incident. Intelligence agencies currently suspect the involvement of the Tajara Revolutionary Army in the crime. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. 

Venus' police department was alerted as soon the shooting started, but only arrived at the site one hour later. Law enforcement officials claim that conflicting reports caused the delay. Additional forces have been deployed to scour the surface and other aerostats in search of the remaining suspects. The late response was heavily criticized by Ishtar’s Temple administration and the population of the planet. Many fear that the lack of security might hurt tourism on the planet.

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In the wake of the terrible tragedy and widespread violence caused by tajara terrorists in the Sol System, there has been widespread anger and demands to reinstate the Second Tajara Ban that was overturned, with some critics going so far as to call Prime Minister Frost's decision to lift it 'short-sighted, dangerous, and catastrophic'. While more moderate voices in the Senate appear gridlocked over how to address the ongoing crisis, representatives from New Hai Phong and Venus have taken a harsher stance, sponsoring a new bill that has shocked Civil Rights groups throughout Sol.


Senator Le Hanh Trang of New Hai Phong and Senator Hendrik Strom of Venus have co-authored legislation that they refer to as 'the most ideal solution to the ongoing issue of tajaran [sic] violence in the Sol Alliance". Under the aptly named 'Tajara Deportation Bill', the Department of Immigration would be forced to apply a sweeping, total revocation of all visas granted to tajara in the Sol Alliance, as well as appropriating forces and funding to forcefully deport them back to Adhomai. The introduction of the bill has enraged tajara activists, leading some critics to disparrage the senators for "spitting in the face of the Luna Convention". Despite the outrage from left-leaning political groups, the proposed legislation has been polling favorably amongst citizens in the Alliance, particularly on New Hai Phong and in the Solarian Jewel Worlds.


Sen. Strom gave a statement to reporters at a conference announcing the introduction of the bill, where he was quoted as saying that it is "[...] obvious that the tajaran [sic] species isn't mature enough to conduct itself in a civilised manner. It's not that they're malicious, mind you. They're just... predisposed towards violence. It's in their blood and in their culture. You've all seen what happened when we first made contact with them: planet-wide civil wars, twice in a row! We should not allow the tajara into the Alliance until they have proven that they are able to mature and civilise themselves."


Additionally, when asked about reports that the announcement of the bill has sparked incidents of civil unrest and heated protests, particularly on Mars, Sen. Strom told the SANN that, "What I do is for the good of every human citizen in the Alliance. If any pro-tajara demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it'll be the last car he'll ever lay down in front of." Allies of Sen. Strom call his rhetoric harsh but fair, while detractors claim his incendiary remarks are only adding fuel to the fire as massive displays of solidarity with tajara and protests against the bill rage across many metropolitan and integrated areas.


The Tajara Deportation Bill is slated to go before the Senate for a vote later this week. Experts and independent observers note that it is 'unusual' for a fresh piece of legislation to be put to a floor vote so early in its lifespan, and opposing parties have not been given a chance to propose amendments or alterations to its langauge at this time. Critics say that the bill is a "flawed, knee-jerk" response to ongoing attacks by terrorist actors, and that it will have damning consequences for the Alliance politically on a galactic scale.

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Data made public today by the Secretary of the Navy’s office depicts the situation in the Solarian southern frontier as extremely dire. The region bordering the Sparring Sea has seen a total recall of forces and is now entirely undefended; military command has discontinued armed patrols in the area and the few defensive installations in the region have been abandoned. Sources within the Solarian navy suggest that this conservation is a result of the nation’s dwindling phoron reserves, forcing the fleets to restrict their sojourns outside of the Core Worlds and instead congregating power around key Solarian planets. Thanks to the withdrawal of Alliance forces, incidents of smuggling and piracy have gone up in the frontier.

Colonies and planets in the outer ring have expressed their discontent, with numerous officials claiming that the lack of security is having adverse effects on their local economies and quality of life. Angry citizens and politicians have voiced their outrage at the Alliance’s decision to retreat from their outer territories, accusing Sol of stripping vital and profitable resources from their local clusters before retreating back to the safety of the Core Worlds. Further complicating matters are reports of military in-fighting amongst Alliance brass, especially the admiralty. The situation in the Sol system has created a climate of distrust between veteran navy staff, who have begun to view each other as possible competitors in the race to be promoted to newly opened prestigious positions in the naval chain of command.  Reports show a lack of confidence among rank-and-file enlisted and junior officers regarding the bombastic behavior of certain admirals.

Some Solarian citizens seem unsurprised at the increasing lack of decorum within the Alliance military. Ex-officers and military officials describe a cut-throat culture of backstabbing and shadowy maneuvers in the upper echelons of the admiralty that has been the norm for years, further exacerbated by the phoron crisis and the heavy restrictions being placed upon the navy. With the majority of Sol’s battle groups forced to remain within the Core Worlds, inside sources describe a growing sensation of ‘cabin fever’, as fleets are grounded or ordered to remain stationary, leading to military personnel feeling hopeless, demoralized, and neglected.

The disdain, restlessness, and lack of cooperation between commanding officers has become such a danger that it has forced the Solarian high command to announce their intentions of investigating the allegations. Senior members of the Alliance military have reassured reporters that any and all incidents of conduct unbecoming of an officer or insubordination will be properly disciplined as need be, and further disciplinary measures are being considered against admirals that refuse to patrol certain areas or engage in bald-faced attempts to undermine their peers in the officer corps. 

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Despite widespread opposition from sapient rights activist groups throughout the Orion Spur, the Tajara Deportation Act - sometimes referred to as the “Third Tajara Ban” - has been passed into law by a narrow majority in the Alliance’s Senate. The Bill was carried by overwhelming support from Middle Ring colonies such as New Hai Phong and Jewel Worlds such as Venus, though many more moderate Senators either walked out or simply refused to vote on the bill. Every Martian senator walked out of this evening’s (GST) vote on the bill as a protest. The passing of the Tajara Deportation Act comes as an overwhelming triumph for Sen. Strom (V-HU) and Sen. Hanh (NHP-SFP) along with their fellow radicals, and is a shocking defeat for xeno rights advocates in the Sol Alliance.


Sen. Hanh gave a statement for the ASSN before leaving her office in Unity Station wherein she stated that “The people of the Sol Alliance have spoken, and we have answered. Many of my radically xenophilic critics have called me a monster for what I’ve done to tajara in the Sol Alliance with this Act, but these critics are misguided. Speak to the families that lost loved ones on Nhom Hy Vong and to the factory workers that lost friends and colleagues. Then you’ll see who the real monsters are.”


While widespread celebrations have erupted across New Hai Phong, the planet hardest-hit by the recent surge in tajara violence, many remain opposed to the Tajara Deportation Act. With deportations set to begin later in this week, the tajara aliens residing in Solarian space have engaged in widespread civil unrest alongside tajara rights groups. Protesting has been light on New Hai Phong, with near-universal support of the Tajara Deportation Act leading to massive counter-protests of the planet’s sole anti-Tajara Deportation Act demonstration. Pro-tajara demonstrators were bombarded with tear gas when they refused to disperse, and many tajara in the protest have been jailed pending deportation to Adhomai.


The protests have been most severe on Mars due to its history of opposition to the greater Sol Alliance, and many arcologies have declared a state of emergency due to anti-Tajara Deportation Act protests devolving into widespread rioting and looting by tajara protestors. In several locations, such as Kunlun and Olympia, the planet’s military has been called upon by local governors and mayors to assist in restoring order. With rioting escalating on the red planet, and its history of insurrection, some observers estimate that it is only a matter of time until the Sol Alliance deploys the federal military to restore order to major Martian cities.


The Sol Alliance News Network will provide updates on this developing story as they arrive.

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Continuing civil unrest on Mars has worsened over the past few days, with many Tajara illegally remaining in the Sol system taking to the streets to deface business or destroy property in a final act of defiance and violence. Anti-Alliance Martians have joined the rioting, and as a result the governor has declared a planetary state of emergency. With local law enforcement units overwhelmed and undermanned in many cities, the Martian government has made the hitherto unprecedented decision to call upon the Solarian Military for peacekeeping operations. Marines were spotted deploying in riot gear earlier today across several municipalities, ordered to contain the protests and riots which some historians have claimed have not been seen on this scale since the Interstellar War. Third-party observers estimate that the Red Planet, traditionally a hotbed of anti-Alliance sentiment, may be on the verge of martial law if the rioting and other violence does not abate.

Many cities on Mars have been relieved to see military peacekeepers on their streets despite the planet’s often tumultuous relationship with the greater Alliance; military personnel were greeted by a cheering crowd waving Solarian and Martian flags when they landed in the northern city of Kunlun. Eshwar Baurai, the ANN reporter in Kunlun, captured the scene and this quote from a local factory worker: “You know, we’ve never really liked Sol - right? The Alliance, I mean.  So, uh, it feels kind of weird to be, uh, supporting them. But these tajara? They’re [EXPLETIVE] animals. I’d uh, I’d take the Alliance over them. I’ve seen what they do to people you know? Like those uh, those factories on Hai. I don’t want them [EXPLETIVE] cats takin’ over the city. I ain’t about it.”


However, the presence of Solarian Military forces on Mars has resulted in backlash from some more radical residents. In nearby Free Kunlun, anti-Solarian militants and tajara terrorists hijacked a protest against the presence of Solarian peacekeepers and used it to attack peacekeepers and relief workers. While most of the crowd was dispersed by tear gas grenades launched from an armored vehicle, militants stayed and fought using improvised weapons and gas masks. A several-hour gunfight resulted in eight wounded soldiers and forty dead terrorists - primarily tajara. Several civilians were injured in the skirmish, and the city has been placed under martial law until order can be restored. In a press conference held briefly after what is being termed the “Battle of Free Kunlun” Colonel Tereza Varzieva of the Solarian Army had this to say to ANN reporters:


“While the violence in Free Kunlun today is tragic, the troops under my command responded professionally and used their training to handle the terrorist ambush. I implore all Martians to understand that we are not here as an occupying force, but to restore order and peace to one of humanity’s oldest homes. Myself and my fellow peacekeepers are here as friends, not as oppressors.”


In response to a separatist conspiracy theory that troops under her command fabricated the incident in order to cover up a massacre of the crowd, Colonel Varzieva added,


“The conspiracy theory that accuses us of plotting a massacre of civilians is insulting both to me and my troops. We came here to save Mars, not to destroy it.”


Despite these comments even more anger has been stoked across Mars in response to the so-called “Friday Massacre” in Free Kunlun, with protests calling for Colonel Varzieva to be removed from command and tried as a murderer. As the work week ends on Mars and the weekend begins, protests are expected to escalate across Mars. The ANN will keep you updated on these protests as they develop.

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BREAKING ― The Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations has shocked the entire galaxy by announcing the death of Michael Frost to the public! Earlier today, officials say the septuagenarian was found dead within his Unity Station suite after several harrowing days of fending off accusations of his ties to the Clandestine Incident. Members of the Alliance's intelligence community have dutifully examined the scene and, in another turn of events that has roiled galactic politics, accused Zavodskoi Interstellar of the murder, linking the weapons giant to specialized evidence left at the site of this heinous crime! The prime minister’s bodyguards are currently being questioned over the incident.

The announcement of the death has triggered a total lockdown of the Sol system by the fleet; all transit is being halted by armed ships and the system’s bluespace gate is currently offline. Space ports have been occupied by marines in an attempt to prevent the culprits from escaping. Fleets stationed in the Middle and Outer colonies were given orders to remain in their positions. Despite the protest of several politicians, the senate has been adjourned until further notice by the orders of the admiralty. Official information channels were also placed under the watch of the fleet intelligence agencies. Speculation as to why Prime Minister Frost was assassinated is currently running rampant across extranet forums and message boards.

Despite the orders from the Admiralty, erratic behavior has been observed from certain fleets. The 112th has reportedly left their position at the Valley Hale and is heading towards Mictlan, ignoring any communication attempts by other fleets. Admiral Salehe Orsi, responsible for the 58th fleet stationed by Konyang, has accused the civilian government of conspiring to murder Michael Frost and has departed for the Sol system without official permission. Colonial delegates have denounced the navy’s actions in Sol, claiming that they are planning a coup. Riots and protests have been reported in frontier worlds, with many calling for independence from the Alliance.

Inside sources within the Solarian navy indicate that all military forces have been put on high alert; the 35th fleet, under the command of Admiral Raymond Özdemir, has arrived on the southern galactic border of Tau Ceti. The 35th is expected to dispatch senior officials in the Alliance intelligence community to look into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the passing of the Prime Minister; several facilities owned by NanoTrasen and the Republic of Biesel have been instructed to prepare for visitors in recent days as the Solarian government searches for answers in the violent slaying of their top official.

In response to the heightened tension and uncertain stability of galactic politics in the wake of this horrific tragedy, NanoTrasen installations across Tau Ceti space have moved to the next level of readiness, with their most prominent control station, the NTCC Odin, publicly reporting an alert level of BLUE. 

This story is breaking and will be updated as necessary.


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340 survivors were today rescued from the ruins of the collapsed Aoina arcology several days after the catastrophe originating from the planet's Southern pole decimated a large portion of the red planet's surface.

Search teams continued their hunt in the wake of the disaster and were alerted to the presence of survivors by a repeating message broadcast over wide-spectrum radio bands. Upon arrival to the site - thought to have been completely lost - rescuers arrived to find a section of the arcology operational and sealed to the outside environment, being tended to by around twenty arcology-assigned cyborg units.

The temporary protector of the site introduced itself as Arcology Administrator Gamma Sigma Zero Five (ArcAdmin γΣ-05) and went on to explain that, by pure chance, their AI core avoided destruction in the initial collapse of the arcology and was protected from the concussive blasts by the rubble. It had mobilised all operational units in order to protect what residents remained in the Aoina arcology, and it was the AI that was broadcasting a request for assistance.

Among those rescued was 38 year-old Amin Perincek and her three children - aged 3, 7, and 10 years old - kept inside the arcology freezer complex, usually reserved for storing perishable food supplies.

"We were trapped with a smaller group and swore we were done for, I was about to start sayin' my hellos to the heavens when one of them colony robots cut into where we were stuck. It didn't say much, but it told us to follow, and showed us to the freezers here."

Of the 340 survivors, 202 required urgent medical attention, and have been rushed to nearby functional hospitals, already flooded with patients.

Arcology Administrator Gamma Sigma Zero Five stated that it will simply continue to search the ruins of the arcology until power is depleted, at which point it will enter a low-power state with its assigned units and await recovery. Officials cannot say when this might be.

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Representatives of the Solarian admiralty have announced today that the Middle Colonies are currently being attacked by a fleet under the command of Admiral Salehe Orsi. The 58th has been officially declared rogue after engaging a patrol heading to Silversun, supposedly in an attempt to seize their Phoron reserves. The fleet left its position in Konyang shortly after Prime Minister Frost’s death; Orsi made clear his intentions of assuming control of the Sol system. Countless colonies are under the threat of being looted by the traitorous fleet. Authorities were unable to contact the administration of Konyang, many fear that the planet was also a victim of the 58th’s crime spree. The whereabouts of the 112th are still unknown, and as such navy officials are considering declaring it rogue as well.

The 11th Fleet, based in the orbit of Saturn, was dispatched to protect the frontier of the core worlds against a possible attack by the 58th. Other fleets have been recalled from their positions to reinforce the defenses of Sol, including some of the forces sent to Tau Ceti. Remaining forces in the frontier with the Median Region were ordered to protect the worlds of New Hai Phong and Silversun. The Admiralty has strictly forbidden admirals from planning offensives against possible rogue ships and colonies, preferring to adopt a defensive stance during the crisis. Official reports claim that the phoron reserves are enough to allow safe travel within the core regions of the Alliance for the upcoming weeks. All contact with the southern border is effectively lost, the few reports brought by refugees depict a terrible situation: the area bordering the Sparring Sea is dominated by pirates, smugglers, and colonial separatists.

Emergency measures are still in effect in the Sol System. Civilian traffic is heavily restricted by military ships. The bluespace gateway remains closed; the navy claims that it could be used as a backdoor to attack Sol. Unrest grows due to the lack of information in regard to the future of the leadership of the Sol Alliance. The Admiralty has yet to show any intention to return government control to the civilian administration.


Grand Admiral Raymond Ozdemir of the Solarian Thirty-Fifth Battlefleet has broken course from the Core Worlds and is moving, against orders, towards Tau Ceti. More will be covered once we acquire further information.

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After a five-day long period of silence following the departure of the 58th Fleet from the system, officials within the government have managed to reestablish contact with the colony of Konyang. In a shocking announcement, the planet announced its full secession from the Alliance and proclaimed itself as a sovereign state. Shortly afterwards, many other Outer Colonies planets followed suit, declaring their own independence.

Spokesperson for the new Konyang government, Gwok-0783 released a statement regarding the secession.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce our secession from the Sol Alliance. While we sympathize with the suffering of our former countrymen, especially those still on Mars, it is clear that their sympathies do not lie with us. Having been plundered and abandoned by the Alliance, we have no recourse but to break with it and move forward as a free and independent Konyang.”

Although the proclamation has been met with popular support throughout Konyang and the Outer Colonies, and widespread anger in the Alliance parliament, many questions remain for the young state which, in its own words, promises to be “more free and more just” than the government it seceded from. Notably, the Konyanger government has broken from several long standing policies including the treatment of synthetics and, as the newly-formed government states, “In the hopes of fostering goodwill,” has chosen to instate a policy of total equality. Currently, the government is shared between corporate representatives, freed IPCs, and local Konyang settlers.

This announcement comes in the wake of its abandonment by the 58th Fleet, which left the system after seizing most of its phoron reserves. Reports indicate that similar actions were taken by the garrisons of neighboring systems, with the area being depleted of its resources. Einstein Engines has reportedly pulled several high level executives from the area for their own safety. Several Einstein affiliates—including Terraneus Diagnostics—have announced that they will continue to operate.

Many suspect that the humanitarian crisis in Sol has spread to the Outer Colonies, with bordering Coalition systems reporting a massive influx of refugees from the unstable sector, often arriving in disabled and damaged ships and reporting tales of frequent conflict between the myriad groups in the region.

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A middle-aged man in the uniform of a Sol Alliance navy Admiral stands behind a podium as several other officers and a dour-looking man and women both wearing civilian suits sit on tables flanking him. The middle-aged man begins to speak from what is pretty clearly a teleprompter behind the camera.

“Following the illegitimate secession of Konyang and its surrounding areas, the situation in our Outer Rim has continuously deteriorated due to a lack of fuel for peacekeeping forces and the presence of terrorist actors such as rogue fleets and Coalition-sponsored gangs of privateers. Authority has collapsed in many colonies as traitors to the Sol Alliance have shown their true colours in this time of crisis, instead opting to enrich themselves or outright secede from our great Alliance when unity is needed most.”

He pauses for a moment, seemingly to let that last line sink in.

“Due to a lack of available fuel for our fleets, and a lack of ships equipped with the more modern Lopez-Zhang drive, the Alliance Provisional Military Government  has opted to perform a strategic withdraw from areas deemed “too hot” to keep under Alliance control in order to ensure that those systems truly loyal to the Alliance remain safe and secure in our Alliance’s darkest of hours. Traitors to the Alliance will be left to their own devices, while those that remain loyal to the true government of humanity will remain safe and secure as they have always been. While the politicians may shout that we have abandoned these colonies to anarchy, the Navy has done no such thing. We have not abandoned a singular system that wishes to remain in the Alliance. Those that have abandoned the Alliance, deserve the anarchy that they now dwell within.”

He pauses once again, opening up some type of logbook on his desk.

“I am pleased to assure the residents of New Hai Phong and Silversun, along with their surrounding Middle Ring colonies, will remain under the watchful eye of the Alliance as they have always been. Even if we must stretch our forces to protect these systems, we will. It is our duty as the protectors of our great Alliance. The Navy has opted to bring Senator Le Hanh Trang into the Provisional Military Government to serve as a liaison between the Navy and the sector New Hai Phong dwells in. Systems that have opted to betray the Alliance, such as Mictlan, will have no such aid given to them.”

As the Admiral ceases speaking, the dour-looking man rises and mounts the podium. Anybody familiar with Solarian politics will recognize him as Senator Hendrik Strom, the creator of the Third Tajara Ban.

“In this ongoing time of crisis I, as emergency provisional governor of the Sol System, call upon my fellow citizens of the Alliance to have faith in our great government as we navigate this crisis. The situation will be stabilized, no matter what must be done.”

The emergency broadcast cuts off at this point, replaced with a static image of the Sol Alliance’s flag and the sounds of patriotic music.





The wheel has begun to turn.

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Today, the Provisional Council for Solarian Defense released an official statement regarding the presence and operations of various megacorporations affiliated with the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. This announcement has come amidst the turmoil that the Solarian Alliance has been experiencing since last month after a short war against the Republic of Biesel and its backers in the newly formed Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, Republic of Elyra, Frontier Alliance, and Izweski Hegemony. A subsequent series of mutinies in the Solarian navy has left many territories outside of Solarian control and in the hands of the mutineers many of which have asserted themselves as warlords. During this past month, territories still under control of the recognised Solarian Government, a provisional military council appointed by the Solarian legislative assembly, has seen a rapid increase in anti-corporate and anti-Biesellite sentiment along with increasing displeasure over the presence of alien races within the Solarian Alliance. The council, having stabilized their holdings for now, has taken the first step in what they have deemed, “The First Year of Solarian Reconstruction.”

The statement itself, so-called the “Industrial Reclamation Mandate of 2463,” declared widespread nationalization measures that target the holdings of all corporations associated with the SCC and present the following main points as an ultimatum to the NanoTrasen Corporation, Hephaestus Industries, Idris Incorporated, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, and Zavodskoi Interstellar:

“We, the right and just council appointed by the will of the Solarian people so mandate the following points:

  1. Establishment of the Solarian Corporate Authority, a government body whose duty it will be to operate nationalized corporate assets in Solarian space while overseeing and policing the actions of private corporations in Solarian space.
  2. A complete and total nationalization of all Sol Alliance based assets and facilities of the NanoTrasen Corporation with a direct transfer of ownership to the Solarian Corporate Authority and ejection of all NanoTrasen operations within Solarian Space.
  3. A nationalization of 51% of all other assets and facilities currently in ownership of Stellar Corporate Conglomerate affiliates within Solarian Space with a direct transfer of ownership to the Solarian Corporate Authority.
    3a. An excuse from nationalization and ownership transfer at the cost of payment of the worth of 80% of all assets and facilities within Solarian Space and increased taxation.
    3b. A partial nationalization of corporate assets and facilities with a payment of 80% of the worth of all Solarian-based assets and facilities in a given region where ownership wishes to be maintained along with increased taxation.
  4. An exclusion of nationalization to any and all corporate assets based in or registered to the Eridani Corporate Federation.
  5. A reduction in the numbers of all corporate armed vessels operating in Solarian Space to 2,500 armed vessels per corporation and restriction of size to sub-capital ships only.
  6. Failure to acquiesce to the listed mandates by the 10th of January, 2463, will result in the seizure of all corporate assets and facilities in Solarian space and an ejection of all business operations from the Solarian Alliance.”

This measure has garnered a mostly positive reaction from the Solarian Senate, with many senators making statements of support to the reduction of corporate presences in Solarian Alliance, with private megacorporations being seen as threats to national security. Senator Le Hanh Trang of New Hai Phong was quoted saying, “If Miranda Trasen wants her republic, she can have it. We Solarians will take our livelihoods back from the corporations that have made a mess of our country and our lives. A new age in Sol is dawning, an age of power in the hands of the people instead of in the hands of those evil enough to exploit us!”

A reaction from the targeted SCC affiliates is expected in the coming days, and will be reported on by the Sol Alliance News Network. 

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Following the Provisional Council for Solarian Defense’s decision at the beginning of this year to enact widespread nationalization and corporate restrictions against the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and its affiliates, there has been an odd silence from the corps until today. All corporations targeted by these recent reforms have come forwards with their decisions in multiple press conferences today. 

The NanoTrasen corporation made an official statement that served as little more than a confirmation of Solarian intentions, and that they would be relinquishing all assets and facilities based in the Alliance to the Solarian Corporate Authority, as per the demands of the Industrial Reclamation Mandate of 2463. Along with this, they have stated their intentions to begin increasing their investment in the newly gained areas of the Republic of Biesel as well as in the Coalition of Colonies. NanoTrasen’s head of Public Relations was quoted saying, “This isn’t an easy thing for us to do, but looking at things both how they are now and how they will be in the future, Sol is a dead end. Biesel and the C-O-C are where NanoTrasen should be and where we will see ourselves shine the brightest.” This acknowledgement however comes just after the NanoTrasen corporation announced layoffs for all NT personnel working within the Solarian Alliance unless they wished to move to the Republic of Biesel or Coalition of Colonies, something that the Solarian government has said it will not support and will charge any former NT employee fleeing the country with treason. Solarian Citizens who already have positions in other nations would not be effected, as the council has stated that it does not want to unemploy Solarian citizens more than they already have been. The Solarian Corporate Authority has also made pledges to begin finding jobs for those recently unemployed by NanoTrasen. SCA inspectors are reporting that the recently seized facilities formerly owned by NanoTrasen are greatly outdated and appear to have evidence of equipment and phoron stockpiles being removed from them. Widespread anti-Solarian graffiti within the facilities, numerous cases of sabotage to their electrical and ventilation systems, crashed elevators, and piles of ashes, broken information drives, and destroyed computers have also been found.

Idris Incorporated released their statement today as well, accepting a provision to avoid regional nationalization by paying the full cost of their assets located on and around Silversun to still maintain their dominance over the system and over the resorts and space stations that are located there. They also have paid for some assets within the Jovian System to remain in their possession. Idris CEO Alex Mason made a speech from Silversun itself to mark this occasion, saying, “We do not wish to hurt the Alliance, only provide respite, escape, and secure banking for its citizenry. Silversun is ours, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, but we look forwards to working with the Alliance, its government, and the Sol Corporate Authority to make sure that this stays the paradise that it is.”

Shortly after this, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals announced that they would be surrendering 51% of all corporate possessions in Solarian space to the SCA, aside from the facilities and vessels they operate and maintain on Jovian moon Europa and supporting facilities on Luna. A press release from the corporation stated that “We cannot lose the wealth of knowledge that the Europan ecosystem has provided, and continues to provide us in both the fields of medicine and biology. There is no other place known to sentient life that is like Europa, so we will ensure it stays in our very capable hands. There are many more secrets to be discovered in its depths, and we know that we will put them to use better than anyone else can, so we will gladly pay for them.”

Zavodksoi Interstellar also stated that they will be accepting the proposal for 51% nationalization of their assets in Solarian space, aside from their research and development facilities on Luna which they stated they would be paying the stated funds for. With this however, they announced that they would be undertaking various measures to, “ensure future stability,” by moving their corporate offices from Earth, where they have been for decades, to Nova Luxembourg in the Empire of Dominia. “The people of Sol need tools to protect them, and we are in the business of providing those tools. We do not hate the Solarian Government, nor its people, but to ensure that things are not taken further to threaten us, the Empire will be our new base of corporate operations for the time being. We look forwards to continuing our healthy business relationship with the Solarian government and armed forces and hope that things will improve in the future,” Lyudmila Zavodskoi was quoted as saying as she announced the closure of Zavodskoi Interstellar Headquarters.

Most surprisingly however, Hephaestus Industries has affirmed that they will not be budging to the pressure posed by the new reforms, at least in part. Hephaestus Industries CEO Titanius Aeson stated today in an address to the Provisional Council and Solarian Corporate Authority from aboard the Cruiser HCV Vulcan, “We are too important to make leave. If you take Hephaestus out of Sol, New Hai Phong ceases to exist. You think that you can run our system, and our facilities better than we can; our whole show? Fat chance. The Solarian Navy couldn’t win a fight against the smallest nation in the Galaxy, do you really think they can take on one of its strongest corporations, the corporation that made the ships they’ll try and fight us with? I don’t think so. We’re staying on New Hai Phong, in fact, we’re going to be building more factories there soon. We don’t hate Sol, many of our brightest people are from Sol, I’m Solarian, but we aren’t going nowhere, and we aren’t paying no fee keep what is ours either. You can have the 51% of our things in Sol, but mark my words, every star in the spur will burn out before we leave NHP or pay to keep ahold of the planet we built.”

This decree from Hephaestus has been met with a loud outcry from New Hai Phong Senator Le Hanh Trang, who claimed the statement to be, “Nothing but another example of corporate threats and belligerence.” Elsewhere in Solarian Politics, Senator and Governor of the Sol System, Hendrik Strom invited Aeson to parley and negotiate with the Solarian Senate for his claims, saying that, “Aeson is a reasonable man, and like all reasonable people, things can be worked out with him through measured talk and discussion. I too am somewhat wary of Hephaestus leaving, if I am being honest. I’m not about to let some anti-corporate hysteria ruin one of the most important planets in Sol and let 1.28 billion people starve. I’ve already got a planet on fire in my own backyard, I don’t need one in the Middle Ring too. ” Strom has also released a list of talking points that may see Hephaestus keep its NHP possessions, along with no further action being taken against the corporation or any other SCC affiliate in Solarian Space for the time being. One such point was a call for all corporate facilities within Solarian space to fire all Tajaran employees and ban the hiring of new ones. He has also mentioned perhaps decriminalizing former NT employees moving out of Sol as part of these measures.

In similar news today as well, the Republic of Elyra announced that it has intentions to enact further corporate restrictions on those operating in its own nation, with the Elyran capital press secretary stating that, “The Alliance certainly isn’t something we aspire to be, but their position on megacorporations holds some water. The assembly and Prime Minster are considering taking similar, if more reasonable measures in our country in the future for our increased security, if such is favorable with the Elyran people.”

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COMPROMISE: Aeson and Strom Come to an Agreement

After nearly two weeks of back and forth negotiations upon the jewel world of New Hai Phong, it seems that tensions between Hephaestus Industries and the Solarian Government have subsided. Today, Senator Hendrik Strom and CEO of Hephaestus Industries Titanius Aeson both shook hands on a public broadcast announcement of what is being called the “Common Sense Compromise,” by the men responsible for its realisation and implementation. This agreement comes in a time of great uncertainty and corporate turmoil and is set to change some solarian policies not only with Hephaestus, but with all other Stellar Corporate Conglomerate affiliates as well. Within the compromise however, there were a new series of restrictions and measures both for and against megacorporations and their subsidiaries in the Solarian state. Together, however, Aeson and Strom have stated that they hope this change will be for the better and benefit all parties involved.

As for what was decided upon, some of the key points are listed here:

  • Hephaestus Industries will maintain full ownership of their assets and facilities based on and around New Hai Phong and are permitted to expand them at their leisure with Solarian Corporate Authority oversight.
  • Any and all Hephaestus facilities based on New Hai Phong are subject to inspection by the SCA at the Authority’s convenience. Vessels are not subject to inspection.
  • All Stellar Corporate Conglomerate affiliates must release all Tajara from their employ at any and all facilities or vessels based in Solarian space and are indefinitely forbidden to hire Tajara to these locations. The Eridani Corporate Federation is exempt from these restrictions. This also applies to citizens currently working abroad for SCC Affiliates.
  • It is no longer illegal for former NanoTrasen employees to leave the Solarian Alliance. However, any citizen that is a former employee of an SCC affiliate who leaves the Alliance for work must maintain a Solarian Citizenship and residence, and will be subject to all taxes to their property and income typical of a citizen working within the Alliance.
  • The Solarian Alliance will instate a fee to renounce Solarian Citizenship equal to 15% of the income of any citizen wishing to renounce their Solarian citizenship in favour of that of another nation. Any attempt to renounce citizenship without the payment of this fee will not be acknowledged by any SCC affiliates. This measure does not affect existing dual citizenship laws with the Jargon Federation or Eridani Corporate Federation.

After this agreement was signed, with Aeson negotiating on behalf of the SCC and Strom on behalf of the Solarian Government, the two spoke at length about the progress they hope to see. “It just makes common sense, you know? This agreement that we’ve come to, not only makes it easier for us at Hephaestus to continue providing the Solarian people with steady employment and industry, but takes a load off of the fine Solarians who used to work for NT, our pals back in Biesel. Let’s hope this tosses them a line.” Strom, commented that the compromise was, “A step in the right direction for Sol-Corporate relations.” Furthermore, he elaborated, “We should welcome the opportunity to work with corporations in strengthening our society and protecting our great nation from savage, violent, xenos within and extremists on our borders without. Mister Aeson has shown today that those in the corporate world can be just as reasonable as the rest of us, and I think we’ve made great progress towards helping the people and being business friendly.” When asked as to why he wished to reverse such a sweeping, wide law like the criminalisation of former NT employees leaving the alliance for work, Strom was quoted as saying, “We’re not the enemy of the common Solarian that finds themselves forced to work for NT - we’re on their side against corporate dominance of their homes and incomes. It’s not right to punish them for the greed of their CEO who hates everything our great alliance stands for.”

In opposition, Senator Le Hanh Trang staged a rally today in Cua Song protesting the compromise, decrying Strom’s actions as, “Selling out the people of New Hai Phong to the SCC and spitting in the face of the Solarian national spirit. Its an embarrassment.” Trang has been pushing since the collapse of the Alliance’s frontiers that all industry on New Hai Phong should be removed from Hephaestus ownership and be given to Einstein Engines or the newly established Solarian Corporate Authority.

In other news, the Republic of Elyra has formally announced that they will begin further corporate restrictions in the coming months, the details of which are still undecided.

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