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President Hadii Announces the Conclusion of the Rehabilitation Program



After a long meeting with the People’s Congress, President Hadii, has announced the conclusion of the Rehabilitation Program. Established in 2458, the Rehabilitation Program sought to correct the trend of humanization and other subversive tendencies within the population through labor camps and psychological care. After four successful years, and with the ratification of the Tajara Rights Act of 2459, the policy was deemed as non-necessary. The Ministry of Health cited the success of the program and the end of the war as the main reasons for this decision. Remaining inmates will be transferred to mental institutions, where they may finish their treatment properly. President Hadii has released the following announcement in regards to this resolution:


“The war was one of our darkest times; a time where hard decisions had to be made to safeguard the future of the Tajara. The Rehabilitation Program was one of those decisions. If the ideals of the Party were not alive within the hearts of our people, victory would be impossible. The heroic defense of our Republic, both during the conflict and beyond the borders of Adhomai by our citizens has proved that such drastic measures are no longer needed. We can end the program knowing that those individuals are ready to become productive members of our society. For those that see this act as a sign of weakness, let it be known that we will remain alert. The safety of the Republic and the Tajara people are our priority. ”

The remaining centers will be dismantled in the incoming weeks. Tajara undergoing the last stage of their rehabilitation outside of S'rand'marr will be allowed to retain their work contracts. Solarian and Tau Ceti representatives praised President Hadii for his wise decision.

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Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force Reports Success in Hro'zamal



After months of preparation and skirmishes with the rebels on Hro'zamal, the Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force has launched an offensive against the enemy. Soldiers are being dispatched from the capital on missions that have the objective of identifying and destroying rebel hideouts. These battalions, under the guidance of the Colonial Guard, marched into the jungle and eliminated the presence of traitors by torching their bunkers. Because of the lack of infrastructure and defensible positions in the jungle, the army has decided to retreat back into the city after conducting these attacks. Military command has confirmed that this strategy is the most effective one for this conflict, claiming that the Grand Army’s superior numbers will quickly crush the enemy.

A contingent of the People's Air Force has been transferred to Hro'zamal to provide air support during the operations. Autogyros fly over the jungle, scouting and bombing positions relayed by ground forces. The Grand Army has developed a new tactic to complement the emerging anti-guerilla doctrine: the use of Gyrodynes to swiftly deploy reinforcements during engagements. Making use of their vertical take-off and landing capacities, these aircraft are not only able to transport our forces but also offer close fire support, medical evacuations and resupply despite the harsh jungle environment. Once constrained by the wild winds of Adhomai, the People's Wings are now free to soar high in the sunny skies of Hro'zamal. Prototype vehicles adapted to the conditions of the colony are currently being deployed in the field; these new automobiles are the brainchild of the Hadii Institute of Orbital Research.

To further the development of the colony, the Office of Colonial Affairs is now offering extra subsidies to any Tajara willingly to settle on Hro'zamal. Anyone seeking to start a new life will be able to do so on the lush lands of the colony. The Party will give their full support to settlers, ranging from adequate farming equipment to top-of-the-line HVAC systems. The call to expand the Tajaran horizons is upon us!

The Ministry of Defense has promised that the rebel leader, Fakhri Oan, will be captured in less than one year by the Grand People's Army.

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Walid Al'Qat Dies and a New Father is Elected



We regretfully announce that, on 16.08 2462*, Father Walid Al'qat suddenly but peacefully died in his sleep. His body was discovered the next day by one of the Seedlings who was tasked with attending to the Father's morning routines, he is as of now hospitalized due to stress. The upper levels of the Parivara refused to permit an autopsy of the body, but the attending physician theorized that an undiagnosed heart condition may have been the cause of the Father's abrupt passing.

This tragic news only arrives to the ears of our people today, as it’s customary for the Parivara to withhold the information on the death of The Father or The Mother until a new head has been elected.

Thus with this sad announcement, also come the pleasant news that a new father had been elected, Valyan K'rrirran. We now bring you an exclusive announcement, written by the newly appointed Father:


Morning’s Glory my children,

It is with a heavy heart that I take on the mantle of the deceased Father Al’qat, may the Suns remember him, and promise you all to not only continue, but strengthen the values he had held.

First, I have heard of what had recently transpired in that human city of Biesel, Beelzebub as some human priests call it, and I chastise the authorities for how they had handled the situation. Many Tajara now cower in terror at what lurks in the night. And while the danger is very real, know that no household that holds S’rrendarr and Messa in their hearts will ever be at risk.

Sometimes the right decisions are the difficult decisions, not the decisions that attract the most voters.

Secondly, I declare that as of today new holy scrolls will come into effect as my brothers have been hard at work translating and selecting the proper scrolls from the variety of archived texts.

The first addition is a correction rather than a change in the holy texts. Thanks to the help from the PRA government, we have enlisted Linguistic help from respected professors, namely Professor Olgiyev Prrasha. They have helped us correct a few mis-translations which appeared due to the conversions from the ancient Ya’ssa dialect to the historic Siik’Maas in 1900 AI.


The proper translated text reads:
‘....and those of white and blue cloth, let upon them fall the strictness of their goddess. To overhear a sister talk what is meant for another, is a crime to both her and the one too curious to keep their ears shut….’**

This was a grave mistake and accident which must have cased an indescribable amount of suffering and miscommunication in the past. Thus in the power invested in me, I will be taking full responsibility over this error and partaking in penance.

After consulting Mother, we have agreed that the vow of silence is as of now lifted, unless a sister does not wish to abandon it. If she does, she must still keep in mind that she is only permitted to speak only when it is required and to the person for whom the words are intended to. Whispering or moving to an isolated area is recommended, if a sister finds herself in a situation where she must speak to a crowd, an intermediary should relay her words, if none is present she is allowed to preach but this is to only be done in emergencies.

If a sister suspects she had been overheard, she is to refer to the nearest Sun Priest or Sun Sister for punishment. If none is present, a day of fasting and the Hymnal of Apology come next morning will be sufficient repentance.

Further, it has come to my attention that some sisters have even previously used the Hunter's language or the human sign language to bypass their vow of silence and idly prattle. I regret that I stand to remind them that they took the vow of silence for a reason, and that the belief that a vow can be bypassed on technicality is a sin. To all those, Mother and I command three days of fasting and twenty hymns every morning of that fasting as punishment.

The second addition comes in the form of a new hymn written by Brother K'arrarr in 2013 AI, done to honor the gods and accompany those who have found themselves on long voyages from which they might not return.


‘You appear on the distant horizon,
You the golden disc-the bringer of morn.
You as well, sister in blue,
Weaker still, yet just as strong.

Hear, o’smith of life, hear what he asks,
Hear, o’scythe of cold, hear what he pleads.
A plea to both of you, a plea he hopes will not offend.
A plea to see both of them again, when today ends.’

We hope to bring more translated and approved scrolls, hymns and teachings from the archives faster than before now that the PRA government has negotiated a cooperation with their learned men.

Remember, wherever in the galaxy you may be, whatever you may be feeling, the lights of S’rrendar and Messa, shine upon all of you.

Blessed be.

Signed, Father Valyan K'rrirran

Praise S’rrendar and long life to him!

The Father has further declared that mourning for the deceased Al’qat should come before the revelries of the newly appointed Valyan K'rrirran as a sign of respect.

* Transcribed to Standard Universal Dating for Biesel readers.

** Original Translation Reads: "....about those of white and blue fabric, let them become ones with the seriousness of goddess. To hear a sister talk to another one, is a crime to her and all others with ears open…."

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Hro'zamal Rebels Led by a Madman!



The Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force reports further victories at Hro’zamal. Large stretches of land were cleaned from any rebellious presence and assigned to incoming settlers. The grasp of the Orbital Navy over the smugglers tightens, choking the rebellion. Despite this, the traitors continue to resist the rule of the Party over the colony. Not only they wage war against the people of Adhomai; they are following an insane Tajara.

Suspicions were confirmed through the testimony of a rescued soldier. Private Dima Prruzhulkanich was captured by the rebels when attempting to escape an ambush against his brigade. The soldier was dragged into the jungle by the traitors, held prisoner in several different camps. Comrade Prruzhulkanich was forced to eat bitter alien roots and drink rainwater. While under the watch of traitorous sentinels, he heard the news about the leader of the insurrection. Fakhri Oan fell ill shortly after retreating into the jungle; he remained bedridden for weeks. When he woke up from his coma, he claimed to be the reincarnation of some historical Tajara figure. He adopted the title of Baron of Hro’zamal, clearly displaying his support for the reactionary cause. His madness was not well received by all insurgents; as a large group supposedly abandoned him and decided to form their own terrorist group. The private was later found and released during an attack against an enemy outpost. Comrade Dima Prruzhulkanich was turned over to the military justice to stand trial for his unauthorized retreat. 

Intelligence reports confirm that the enemy is being supplied by agents from the New Kingdom and the Liberation army. The enemies of Hadiism have returned to assault the future of the Tajara people. The Party has already publicly denounced the aggression, their meddling will not go unpunished.  The support of the Republican population is essential during this conflict. Contact the Office of Colonial Affairs and join the colonization effort today!

The Ministry of Defense has promised that the rebel leader, Fakhri Oan, will be captured in this year by the Grand People's Army.

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President Hadii Sends Reinforcements to the Republic of Tau Ceti!



Following upsetting news of the Solarian Alliance amassing military might on the border of Tau Ceti, we were told by the State Department that President Hadii was briefed by a crack team of advisors on foreign policy and the military on the matter. After several hours of discussion, our glorious leader, calm and collected, gathered reporters and adoring citizens so that he could comment on the situation.

His speech, broadcasted from the historic Victory Square in the middle of Nal'tor, was framed with the beautiful marble statue of the late elder Hadii, our valiant great leader, looming in the background over him.  Flanked by two of his ministers, Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar and Zhuldyz Hadii, President Hadii had this to say:

"The People's Republic of Adhomai, and the Republic of Biesel, have had a storied relationship throughout our short years of contact. Let it be known that we decry the Solarian aggression on our compatriots and comrades in Tau Ceti - who were wrongly and brazenly attacked by hostile elements of the human military, which is now poised to run roughshod over innocent citizens of not only Biesel, but of our own countrymen living abroad.

We condemn the Solarian Alliance not only for their aggression to their neighbors, but also for the aggression they have shown to our countrymen, our fellow Tajara. That is why I come here before you today to announce, with great pleasure, that I have ordered the Minister of the Navy to immediately dispatch one of our mighty Sentinel-class vessels, the Minharrzka, carrying a precious cargo of supplies and a team of heroic Kosmostrelki, to assist the Republic of Biesel and her people in these trying times.

The People's Republic does not forget its debts; as our friends and comrades in Biesel provided aid to us in the waning days of the Second Revolution, so to do we extend our hand in help to them in this hour of need."

A special going-away event is scheduled for citizens to come see the Minharrzka leave dry dock and depart for the Republic of Biesel. It is expected to arrive in Tau Ceti in less than one week.

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Al'mariist Spies Captured!



The Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced today the arrest of five spies involved with the Liberation Army. The group was caught by a border patrol attempting to defect to the Democratic People’s Republic through the Northern Ras'nrr frontier. A quick search of their belongings revealed that they were carrying documents containing sensitive information, likely with the intent of providing classified intelligence to the ALA. Before their attempt, the criminals made use of the Tajaran Citizenship Act to acquire DPRA citizenship; this was done to avoid any future deportation request. One of them was previously working in the national nuclear program. They are now waiting in Try'urma Penitentiary for further interrogation.

President Hadii has since indicated his intention of refusing any request to extradite the criminals. The Ministry of External Affairs has decided to nullify their citizenship transfer due to its misuse to commit a crime. They will be fairly judged as Republican citizens under the charges of treason. President Hadii has also denounced the act of aggression by the Al’mariist state; they have clearly failed in maintaining the terms of the Armistice. Security services suspect that many other spies have used and plan to use the Tajaran Citizenship Act to undermine the Republic, and as such the entire program has been frozen until a thorough investigation can be done. Embassies outside of S'rand'marr also have stopped offering this service.

The Adhomai Chronicle would like to remind its readers to report any subversive elements to its nearest Party representative. Everyone is involved in the struggle for the future of Adhomai.

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President Hadii Denounces the Tajaran Citizenship Act



After the investigation of the officials involved in the Tajaran Citizenship Act by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, President Hadii has announced the formal withdrawal of the People’s Republic of Adhomai from this agreement. The inspection revealed a criminal scheme; countless bureaucrats and subversive elements were abusing the citizenship transfer program to smuggle valuable information and personnel to the rebels and monarchists. At least five hundred arrest orders were placed under the charges of treason. 

President Hadii addressed the nation over the radio and television with the following speech:

“People of Adhomai, once again they suffer aggression by those who want to destroy the Hadiist dream. The Armistice- what was a symbol of peace and progress - was used by criminals and spies to undermine our Republic. Negotiation is impossible with the enemies of the Tajara people, any attempt by them is nothing but another plot. Continuing the Tajaran Citizenship Act is against the principles of their nation; as no sane Tajara would choose to abandon the Republic. The Party has decided to terminate the program for the sake of the Tajara people. Whoever decided to stay will have a bright place in the future.”

Despite the protest from DPRA and NKA dignitaries, the Ministry of External Affairs has already dismantled the program and archived all requests. The Republic of Biesel, one of the states present during the Armistice, has supported President Hadii in this motion. 

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Ministry of Technology Inaugurates the First Self-Sufficient Robotics Factory



Faced with the current galactic instability and the ever-encroaching enemies of the Tajara, the Party has revealed its newest project to secure the continued independence of the Republic. The product of years of research and investment, the Ministry of Technology inaugurated today the first self-sufficient robotics factory in the city of Al’mari. Unlike previous installations that relied on foreign supplies and technicians, the “President Hadii Advanced Manufacturing Center” is able to function solely with national goods. The factory is fully staffed by Tajaran personnel trained by NanoTrasen and the Hadii Institute of Orbital Research. Machines developed by the brightest researchers can fabricate all the necessary components without the need for imports. The People’s Republic is no longer dependent on external suppliers to equip the Orbital Fleet with Defensive Robots. 

Minister of Technology Zhuldyz Hadii was present during the inauguration on behalf of President Hadii. After officially opening the factory’s doors, she witnessed the test of a Tajaran-made Defensive Robot. The automaton in question was practically indistinguishable from the ones acquired from foreign distributors. The machine was able to identify and pacify the targets missing proper authorization. Minister Zhuldyz released a brief statement on the importance of the event:


"Technological progress is an essential element of the Hadiist ideal. Technology should revolutionize the Adhomian reality in the same way that the Party has done with the Tajaran condition. The Republic must modernize itself or it will be destroyed by its enemies; the backward rebels and the reactionary monarchists. The President Hadii Advanced Manufacturing Center is one of the first steps in the mission to bring the Tajara into an age of endless prosperity. No one can compete against the march of progress. The enemies of Hadiism will soon be crushed as long the Tajara continues looking forward."

When asked about the possibility of equipping the Grand People’s Army with Defensive Robots, the Ministry of Technology explained that the designs are not fit to operate on the battlefield. Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar commented on this matter as well, claiming that the more suitable projects are currently being pursued by the military. The Manufacturing Center has also been tasked with mass-producing tesla prosthetics to further expand the ongoing distribution and testing.

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Population Enjoys the Fruits of a Prosperous Colonization; Hro'zamal Soda is Here!



As the brave Grand People’s Expeditionary Force secures the colony of Hro’zamal and the Orbital Fleet protects the supplies line, the people of Adhomai can enjoy the benefits brought by the intergalactic expansion One of those benefits is the Hro’zamal Soda, a soft drink made from a native plant called Hro’zamal Ras’Nifs. The beverage was originally created by the settlers; they mixed the seed’s powder with cold water to combat the heat and tiredness of working the land. The refreshment was adopted by the soldiers of the Expeditionary Force due to its sweet flavor and stimulant effect. 

Hro’zamal Soda was introduced to Adhomai by the Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar at the start of the year. Minister Mirarkiizar quickly became a fan of the drink after he was offered a glass of the refreshment during his last visit to the colony. He then returned with several powder pouches to demonstrate the plant’s potential to the Party. With the support of Party Secretary Yakiv Hadii, he convinced the Party of the necessity of producing the drink on an industrial scale. By the orders of President Hadii, national breweries were retrofitted to produce soft drinks and the colony was given instructions to increase the production of Hro’zamal Ras’nifs for exportation. A carbonated version was developed to make the beverage more attractive to the wide public.

Nal’tor’s stores were allowed to sell Hro’zamal Soda last week. The sale was inaugurated with an hour-long speech by President Hadii. President Hadii praised the Grand People’s Army’s efforts in fighting the colonial rebels and invited the population to try the new refreshment. Customers formed long lines outside of the city’s markets to acquire bottles of Hro’zamal Soda. The reception of the drink was overall positive. The beverage soon became notoriously popular with college students and factory workers. Restaurants and cafes are now being supplied with it.

To guarantee a steady supply of Hro’zamal Ras’Nifs, President Hadii promised more funding and troops to the Expeditionary Force in Hro’zamal. State breweries are currently being expanded to properly accommodate the manufacturing of Hro’zamal Soda for the entire nation. The Office of Colonial Affairs announced more subsidies and benefits to any Tajara willing to move to the colony to cultivate the much-needed plant. Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar promised to add Hr’ozamal Soda bottles to the military-issued rations.

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21st Victory Day Celebrated Across The Republic!



Today marks 21 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of Adhomai and the Tajara people’s victory over the nobility. In spite of previous troubles over the past years, excitement for celebrating our republic and collective efforts underneath the Party remain high. Cities across the People’s Republic report record high numbers of attendance as ceremonies go underway. Numerous art galleries and amusement parks reported peak attendance, and local breweries have boosted their sales for the year. Before the unfinished Palace of the Free Tajara, President Hadii began his traditional address in the capital’s parade square with several party members alongside him.


“Citizens of Adhomai! Let us gather and remember what we hold here today. Within our hearts remains the beating drum of Hadiism, of our revolution since it began all those years ago. It is a drum that cannot stop. It is a drum that beats for our future, our hopes in our Republic, and that fuels the muscles we use to march on and stop our enemies. The Imperialists of Sol, defeated once and now crumbling! The reactionaries in Dras’nnra, who still cling to madmen and traitors! The royalists of Harr’masir, who have swapped one tyrant for another! He thanks them all for their labour, for the greatness we have achieved together. May our Republic live on for centuries!” 

Following a rousing ovation for the President, Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar took to the podium to deliver a short speech. 


“Countrymen, workers and warriors of Hadiism alike. He comes today to make a promise. We have always been the defender of our republic, the sword and shield of President Hadii. We may have failed to defeat the advance of the reactionaries and royalists, but we will never fail again. Our strength will recover, our men will grow stronger, and our lands will be settled once more. He promises them all that Hro’zamal will come under our wing once again! Let this be a message to our enemies and to that fool, Fakhri Oan. Your days are numbered. Glory to the People’s Republic!”. 

Intense cheers of support for the Hro’zamal Pioneer Guard and Grand People’s Army filled the square. Afterwards, Zhuldyz Hadii began her speech to preface the scheduled military parade. 


“To be a citizen under our Party is to be a citizen who looks forward, not back at a era of lawlessness or discrimination. It is to be open-minded and courageous of progress. She is pleased today to unveil a production of our vision of the future. From her efforts and the efforts of the researchers of the Hadii Institute comes the first exosuit division to march upon Adhomai!”

Shortly following Minister Zhuldyz Hadii’s speech, the Grand People’s Army parade began in Nal’tor. The procession started with youth brigades flown in from across Adhomai along with a Hro’zamal youth brigade at their forefront. Following those were the newer additions. The freshly dubbed “Experimental Exosuit'' division or Division “EE” were given major attention by onlookers and media during the parade, especially when excited shouts revealed that Chief Naval Commander Qarrarhaz and Kosmostrelki from the victorious Minharrzka were piloting them. A column of tanks trailed behind, each one carrying heroes of the Republic’s armed forces upon them. In the skies, the People’s Air Force sounded a thundering salute as they soared above onlookers. Following the parade’s end, our reporter was able to gather a statement from Commander Qarrarhaz regarding the exosuits. 


“He was more than glad to return to Adhomai and pilot one of these beauties. Many times, his Kosmostrelki would report on pirates and smugglers using these machines against us. Well, now, we can match those weapons bit for bit.”. 

We here at the Adhomai Chronicle wish everyone a joyous Victory Day, from Adhomai to our comrades in Hro’zamal and Tau Ceti.

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President Hadii Announces New Benefits for Displaced Citizens!


In a morning radio address today, President Hadii has announced a new monetary fund to assist the displaced and poor citizens of our Republic. In the aftermath of the signed armistice and the Tajaran Citizenship Act, many of our fellow citizens were forced to leave their homes and find a new one within Ras’nrr. The costs of travel coupled with several families abandoning their lands, money, and other possessions have contributed to overcrowding in the free housing of our cities. The new “Chaniska Resettlement and Development” program will solve this problem. Any citizens who live below a certain income and are willing to move their families will be given free passage to Chaniska along with a free single-family residence. An additional stipend will also be given for six months following the arrival of any migrants to the city. 

Chaniska’s current status has made it the perfect choice for this program. The city is well developed and only lacking in population. During the war, its disloyal Amohdan population abandoned Chaniska in order to join the rebel armies in the uncontrolled areas of Amohda. However, the rebels were unable to break the defensive lines set up there by the Republican Army during the war. As such, damage is minimal in the city compared to the less fortunate city of Amohda. There are already several factories, mines, and fisheries with vacant positions that can be taken up by loyal citizens. Several construction projects are planned for further expansion and modernization. Economists within the Ministry of Finance have also released a follow-up statement to President Hadii’s announcement agreeing with the plan and its implementation. 

President Hadii has also made sure to address any concerns regarding safety on the isle. Beyond the border continues a conflict involving the terrorist warlord Rahman Hadjuk’s army contending with the supporters of royalist thug Yaropolk Yazar, whose whereabouts are unknown. The Ministry of Defence is expected to double the deployment of troops along the border on Amohda and expand the airforce present at Chaniska’s air strip. Commanders in the army have urged the public that there is little to worry about, however, given that the DPRA’s tactical and technological inferiority will make the chances of any combat reaching the city itself nil. Naval officers have also established a stronger presence in the waters around the port, as replenishing the dockyards of Chaniska is of utmost importance for rebuilding the navy. 

The application process can be done at any local government office, online, and in the embassies within the Republic of Biesel. Citizens will be expected to provide their financial information, valid government IDs, and undergo an interview before their application can be processed.  

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Terror Attack Foiled by PSIS In Chaniska! Headmaster Vows Continued Protection


Shots rang out in Chaniska today as a vast terrorist underground has been rooted out by the efforts of the People’s Strategic Investigative Service. Numerous Adhomai Liberation Army terrorist cells were destroyed in a mass raid spearheaded by Headmaster Tyr’adrr. Reports have indicated minimal casualties for the PSIS and assisting Republican Army components. The current number of taken ALA captives is stated to be 512, who will be interrogated and sentenced, with 54 terrorist casualties. Several illegal arms, firebombs, and other explosive devices were also seized alongside a reported large amount of Adhomai Liberation Army paraphernalia. 

The People’s Strategic Investigative Service stated in their report that the cells were likely planning a mass terror attack to destroy Chaniska’s production centres and factories. The city will remain under lockdown for a period of seven days until the situation is fully investigated. Until then, Chaniska citizens are urged to remain in their homes and travel to or from the isle will need federal level clearance. Full compliance with authorities is expected and recommended. The People’s Strategic Investigative Service is set to increase its numbers at Chaniska following the averted disaster. A full statement by Headmaster Tyr’adrr has been released announcing the expansion of the Chaniska office:


“We must not rest on our laurels after this day. That filth of the Adhomai Liberation Army is one that must be cleansed, no matter how many resources it must take. No longer are we formally at war, but that does not mean the attacks will stop. No more must we expect these beasts to understand peace as we do. Be they foreign terrorists or ones sprouting from home, we here in the People’s Strategic Intelligence Service vow to continue protecting our fair Republic. This office in Chaniska will prevent such an infestation from happening again, and keep the settlers safe. Glory to the Republic.”

Immigration will continue following the lockdown. Tens of thousands of homes are still unclaimed and available for settlement. President Hadii has given a 10% increase to the stipend for those who apply after today.

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Adhomai Liberation Army Continues Build Up, Massive Air fleet Assembled at Chaniska


Chaniska has turned into a hub of military activity as the Republican Army, Navy, and People’s Air Force have gathered to counter possible Adhomai Liberation Army offenses. Across the border, terrorist leader and warlord Rahman Hadjuk is amassing an invasion force to seize Chaniska from our Republic. Clearly offended by his failed plan to devastate the city, Hadjuk has rapidly deployed more troops to the border in a display of unwarranted aggression. The warlord has even claimed that the ALA cells within the city are royalist forces, ignoring evidence put forth by the People’s Strategic Intelligence Service proving otherwise.

Headmaster Tyr’adrr has remained in the city to coordinate probes to find any remaining terrorist holdouts. Several generals from the Ministry of Defence are expected to arrive with detachments of the armored corps and Division Experimental Exosuit to assist with the border defence. However, the decisive factor for any upcoming battle may be the warplanes of the PAF. The aerial fleet at Chaniska’s strip is one of the largest assembled in the history of the air force. Hundreds of fighters and bombers have been gathered on the crowded strip, flying daring drills in the airspace of the contested land. While this is a certain morale booster for our troops on the ground, one could only imagine the fear in the hearts of the DPRA terrorists as they see the aerial might of the Republic. The Adhomai Liberation Army may be a challenge on the land, but the seas and skies are firmly in the control of our brave military.  

The Chaniska lockdown has been extended indefinitely. Only cleared military personnel are allowed to depart or arrive at the port. The Resettlement program is still accepting applications, which will be continued following a de-escalation or victory at Chaniska. 

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The Nation Honors President Hadii with Celebration!




Today, the entire nation has united to celebrate President Hadii's extraordinary leadership. The Presidential Honoring and Respect Anniversary ceremony was held in Nal'tor at the square before the foundations of the Palace of the Free Tajara. Millions of citizens joined the celebrations on the streets. A crowd of thousands stood at the plaza to listen in person to President Hadii's speech. Accompanied by his minister, President Hadii climbed on the stage; his presence was enough to trigger minutes of applause. The Grand People’s Army orchestra opened the ceremony by playing the State Anthem of the People's Republic of Adhomai followed by patriotic songs. 

After the music, veterans joined President Hadii on the stage to give their testimonies. Akhtar Mrakiizar, a seventy-one-year-old M'sai who fought against the ancient nobility, was the first one to describe the bravery of President Hadii and his brother during the revolution. The veteran finished by thanking President Hadii for his decisive role in their liberation. After this moving testimony, a Party Commissar was given the floor. He described in detail the dire situation of the Das'nrra Military District in 2460 and how President Hadii's plans saved the lives of millions of soldiers. The crowd burst into an ovation while listening to the Commissar's witness. The testimony ceremony was closed by a Chaniska settler praising President Hadii's strong stance against the Liberation Army terrorists.

President Hadii was then left alone on the stage to deliver his speech:


"People of Adhomai. They are united here not only to celebrate his leadership - but to honor the everlasting flame of Hadiism. Many have tried to kill their dream and slave the Tajara. But they failed due to the unmatched heroism of the People's Republic. The Party will continue to guide the Tajara to a bright future. He will remain at their side until they have reunited their homeworld under a single flag: the banner of this glorious nation. The victory at Chaniska is a clear warning to their enemies - Adhomai belongs to the People's Republic of Adhomai! He ordered the construction of a monument on the island to immortalize the soldiers who fought to secure the lands in the east. Chaniska belongs to them! They will never surrender it!"

A lengthy round of applause followed the presidential address. President Hadii gave a final announcement before leaving the stage:


"He would also like to announce his new Minister of Education: Kalim Khazdar. Njadrasanukii selected him to replace the previous minister who resigned because of his age. Minister Khazdar will continue the great work of educating the future generations."

Kalim Khazdar is a college teacher involved in the Al'marii College of Hadiist Sciences administration. His predecessor, Rrhuyala Hanar, was responsible for the Ministry of Education since the establishment of the People's Republic.

The people of Chaniska also celebrated the Presidential Honoring and Respect Anniversary with their parades and ceremonies. They commemorated the army and the security service roles in stopping the ambitions of the Liberation Army warlords. While President Hadii ordered the return of the extra troops and planes to their respective reserves, a sizeable garrison will remain on the island. The People's Republic of Adhomai will not give a single step back.

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Ministry of Education Appoints New Rector to the Nal'tor College of Career Excellence




Founded some months after the establishment of the People's Republic of Adhomai, the Nal'tor College of Career Excellence is one of the nation's most renowned centers of learning. From its creation until now, it had Jamison Knight - a human invited for this position due to the lack of a Tajaran candidate at the time - as its rector. However, after a brief analysis of the college's archives, the Ministry of Education discovered that Knight's term was meant to be a temporary one; it was only extended because of a clerical error. Minister Kalim Khazdar quickly found a proper Tajara replacement.

Irryavga Jrruzhani, a young but dedicated teacher, was selected by the Minister of Education himself to be the new rector. Jamison Knight was officially congratulated for his service and given a government-paid ticket to the next spaceship heading to Tau Ceti. The new rector will remain in her position for the next three years. At the end of the term, her administration can be either replaced or extended by the Ministry of Education.

To avoid similar mistakes, the Ministry of Education has announced a restructuring of the Nal'tor Colleges administration. The classes will also be reviewed to make sure that they are up to date with galactic standards. Minister Khazdar noted the lack of the enforcement of Hadiist principles in the curriculum; he called the courses "well-intentioned but ultimately unfit for the formation of a proper citizen". Teachers will be given proper retraining and will participate in classes on Hadiist pedagogy at the Al'marii College of Hadiist Sciences.

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