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New Head Administrators & Administrator promotions

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Okay ladies and gents.

As per the established plan, we were due for a new Head Administrator. However, after looking over some things and plans for the future, I have come to the conclusion that the server will be better off with us promoting two Head Administrators. And, at the same time, I'll take a step back form admin business and become the Head Developer once more.

First up, who are we picking? Well, the decision proved relatively interesting. Shadow/Itzal had come back from a 3 month break; Serveris still a fresh admin, with 7 months of modding + adminning under his belt; and Garn is. Well. Anyways. Our decision came down to Garnascus and Itzal. Both are very active within the community and with the server, and both do very good work behind-the-scenes wise.

In relation to this, all present admins, with the exception of Dea, have been promoted to the rank of Primary Administrator. The idea is, the Primary Admins will act as direct support for the Head Admins as they get adjusted, and in the future. Secondary Administrators will be promoted as necessary, to fill in the gaps in admin coverage.

The final thing I'd like to address is the question of the transition. Well, unlike last year, I won't be up and leaving after a month. Unless I die or something. I'll still be around, to advise and guide the Head Admins as necessary. So, no retirement money for me, and let's see this crazy ass ride continue.

Any questions, hit any of us up, or post down below!

And sorry for the convoluted writing, I've been writing this for like, 4 hours, while dealing with adminhelps and the server!

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