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Senpai Jackboot

Mendell City Council Speaker Office (Issue Generator)

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The Office of the Council Speaker is currently held by Daniel Cradstrum. For those unfamiliar with Mendell City legislative processes, the City Council Speaker is where proposals are 'sent' to, unless a city council member makes their own proposal and basically skips the Speaker. Through various mechanisms Mr. Cradstrum will select two to three proposals sent to his office, selecting from various petitions, council-member proposals, and other mechanisms. It's almost as if the Speaker serves only to generate issues for the Council.

The Speaker can also serve as the foremost analyst for the City Council.

In affect, this office will generate 1 - 3 proposals for the city council to deliberate and decide on once a week, or once every other week. This office only generates the proposals, it is up to the city council to approve or reject the proposals through their legitimate democratic processes.

Proposals that pass their expiration date will be updated with their status, either REJECTED, PASSED, or if they were ignored, DISMISSED.



As a reminder, here is the current city budget for JUN-DEC 2458 as of 10/15/2458, not including the bizarre clerical error that saw an extra billion of phantom credits appearing in city coffers. Keep in mind city budgets are tracked in two 6 month quarters per year.





This thread will be used to generate challenges to the city council. This thread is only a generator, with enough handwaving as necessary. This does not stop player-driven council shenanigans, it is only a guaranteed source of weekly or bi-weekly issues, depending on the backlog/other factors/my availability.

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Current Proposals Submitted by Speaker Cradstrum to City Council, 10/15/2458

Ordinance 543: Police Ion Protection Act [Expires 10/24] [REJECTED]

Submitted by popular petition, with 320,293 signatures of the 200,000 signatures needed for review.

  • O-543 would see all active duty police officers in Mendell City equipped with a single EMP grenade in their equipment belts. In addition, all police departments would be required to carry at least a single ion rifle in their armory. The supplier of these ion weapons, by federal law, would be NanoTrasen.

    (If passed without amendments, +5% Public Safety budget.)


Ordinance 545: Clinic Restoration and Public Safety Act [Expires 10/24] [DISMISSED]

Submitted by the Mendell Society of Physicians

  • During a routine safety inspection, it was revealed that the majority of free clinics in Mendell City are woefully out of code. Due to their critical services to the poor and at-risk communities, this act will see the necessary funding provided for a comprehensive upgrade of Mendell City's 22 city-run clinics to bring them up to code.

    (if passed without amendments, +6% healthcare budget.)

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Current Proposals Submitted by Speaker Cradstrum to City Council, 11/5/2458

Ordinance 546: Mendell City Security Contract [Expires 11/12] [REJECTED]

Submitted by NanoTrasen Chief Security Officer Wilhelm Gunther

  • NanoTrasen understands the difficulties the city budget faces. With a bloated law enforcement budget, the great city is facing considerable financial strain, but NanoTrasen likewise understands Mendell City cannot make cuts to the police budget without endangering its fair citizens. As a result, NanoTrasen is submitting this proposal to allow NanoTrasen to take up the responsibility of law enforcement. In essence, privatizing Mendell City security duties. City law enforcement staff would keep their jobs, see an increase in wages and benefits, and a guaranteed commitment to adhering to NanoTrasen standards as they work to enforce the law.

    (If passed without amendments, -12% Public Safety budget.)


Ordinance 549: Sewege Treatment Upgrade [Expires 11/12] [AMENDED]

Submitted by Mendell City Department Of Sanitation

  • During a routine OSHA inspection, it was revealed that the primary sewage treatment plant for Mendell City is woefully out of date. The MCDS cites outdated components and an alarming increase in toxins and pollutants leaking into the water that the plant is meant to treat before dumping back into the sea. Immediate funds are required to upgrade the plant, or pollution released from it will continue to be a serious problem and may violate federal regulations.

    (Amended, +2% Utilities)

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Current Proposals Submitted by Speaker Cradstrum to City Council, 11/5/2458

Ordinance 562: Enforce Invasive Species Act [Expires 12/19]

Pre-existing federal regulation. Mutually exclusive with O-563.

  • The Vaurca of District 9 have been illegally growing an incredibly invasive, subterranean fungus known as K'ois. Studies have shown that the fungus remains incredibly toxic to non-Vaurca while being even more pervasive than the Kudzu that tormented Biesel in 2453. The federal government remains stalled in their response to the illegal farming. Studies have shown that unchecked K'ois farming can contaminate the city's water supplies, cause severe health defects in people or animals that eat it, and even degrade the foundations of buildings. For environmental and public safety reasons the municipal police must be moved to immediately enforce existing regulation and destroy the illegal husbandry of invasive plant species.

    (If passed, +1% Public Safety budget.)


Ordinance 563: Pass Exception Clause to Invasive Species Act [Expires 12/19]

Pre-existing federal regulation. Mutually exclusive with O-562.

  • Due to K'ois being required by federal law to be grown outside Tau Ceti and shipped into the system, the current blockade by the Sol Alliance has created a severe bottleneck of food for the Vaurca population. Inspectors and reporters are already finding evidence of severe malnutrition within the Vaurca communities. Enforcing the federal regulation is expected to cause a famine within Tau Ceti's Vaurca population. Due to the specific requirements of Vaurca nutrition there are no known alternatives to K'ois. To prevent a famine the city must move to create an exception to federal regulations within the municipality, allowing the husbandry of K'ois. Rather than destroy the existing farms, simply create a task force to work in tandem with the Vaurca community to create a registration of all K'ois farms to ensure they are cultivated and managed in a way that minimizes the risk to the environment and public safety, while upgrading inspection measures for water sources taken from the area.

(If passed, +2% Public Safety budget, +1% Utilities budget.)

Ordinance 569: Wheelieboard Menace Act [Expires 12/19]

Proposed by the Mendel City 'Concerned Moms' organization through a petition that gained 192,938 signatures.

  • Sidewalks are currently being plagued by the menace of teenage hooliganism. The current fad sweeping the city is standing upright on a plank of wood on wheels and propelling oneself forward. These Wheelieboarders have created numerous incidents by crashing into pedestrians and even causing two confirmed accidents by riding out into the streets. These Wheelieboards even often paint their wheelieboards with offensive slogans or logos and congregate in abandoned lots after reasonable hours. These teenage hooligans must be prevented from creating further terror for pedestrians or turning young people to crime and drug use. This act will ban wheeled vehicles from 'Foot Traffic Routes', with sidewalks being initially defined as being for foot-traffic only.

(If passed, +1% Public Transport Budget, -1% Healthcare Budget)

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