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Meeting Minutes 10/15/2016

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We had a meeting on this date to discuss a few issues. Below is a list of staff that attended, the issues we discussed, and our resolution for these issues.

Staff that attended















The issues we discussed

1. Who has knowledge of the nuke?

2. What are you supposed to do when hit by a staff of change?

3. Mod applications. Should we keep open recruitment?

4. loyalty implants, what do they do?

Our resolutions

1. After a bit of a debate we have decided that the only person on the station that has knowledge of what the nuke is and why it is present on station is the captain. It is his omega directive and his alone. The head of security knows that the nuclear authentication disk is an absolutely vital item but he does not know its intended purpose. To the rest of the crew its just an ordinary disk, they do not know its intended purpose or even that a nuke is on station. The argument of anyone with camera access being able to see the nuke is being rectified by us simply changing the sprite to something like a terminal. The AI for obvious reasons knows about the nuke but is forbidden by its laws to talk about the nuke. nuke ops, traitors, and similar antags can know about the nuke. This also means that captain players will not be permitted to hop between different command positions or the visitor role. You can still be promoted to a captain position from a HoP or similar profession as part of your character's story but you will have to remain as a captain from then on.

2. There has been considerable debate about just how you are supposed to role-play when turned into a monster or another alien by the wizard's staff of change. We have decided not to enforce a set way to play and instead leave it up to the player. If you are turned into a slime, alien, or otherwise hostile entity you can roleplay as if you remember nothing of your previous life and thus begin acting like a hostile alien. If that means stalking and eating the crew within the rules then so be it. Alternatively if you would like to completely remember your past life and completely ignore or struggle with the cravings and urging of your new body that is acceptable as well. If you are turned into a tajaran, unathi, or a diona it is expected you comply with their speech nuances. such as rolling your Rs and hissing.

3. Our moderator and our admin roster has recovered significantly. That being said we still consider the benefits of keeping recruitment open to outweigh any negatives. It allows us to encourage potential players to go make a moderator application. indeed that is how a few of our staff have gotten onto the team. we have however decided to clarify what timezones are currently in high demand. We can end up with no staff online during deadhour times. Usually from about 1-am to 6am EST time. Anyone within that timezone is encouraged to make an application. Pretty much every other timezone is full up.

4. last but not least we discussed loyalty implants. As it stands there is pretty much no directive or communication of just how we expect individuals to play with one. The goal here is to eventually add a short paragraph into the rules stating our expectations of loyalty implanted personnel. A second thread will go up shortly asking for community feedback on a WIP paragraph of our expectations. Players are encouraged to post and offer feedback or criticism.

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