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[ACCEPTED] Coalf's Moderator application

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account: Coalf

Character Name(s): Al-Afdal Mikheyev(Tajara), R.U.R(IPC), Dane Huey(Human), Vol-xuqqix Zao'oqil (Skrell)

AI Name(s): Brother Eye and plenty of non-static names.

Preferred means of contact:Discord, BYOND pager



When are you on Aurora?:About 13:00 to 22:00 without a fail


How long have you played SS13?: Joined on Aug 13 2013

How long have you played on Aurora: Wed May 18, 2016

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I know pretty much every job with the exception of xenobio and engine setup.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I used to be a mentor on now deceased Unbound Travels

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Well way back I was banned on Paradise for pulling the classic WGW over comms.


Why do you play SS13?: I used to play it for the greentext and mechanical complexity, but now I've realized that role-play is just as if not better than combat and constant science tweaking, honestly it is one of the few games that has kept my attention for more than two years.

Why do you play on Aurora?: Mostly the community, I've met great people here that are not only excellent role-players but are generally friendly even in out of game, of course can't avoid an asshole here and there but that is inevitable. And after my experience with other older servers I can safely say that I enjoy the role-play here the most.

What do moderators do?: Moderators are here to provide help and assistance to new players and enforce rules and regulations on everyone even each other.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Almost the same as above, with the exception that a moderator is expected to keep up the level of role-play that is expected of a HRP server and us such go as an example.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: Like I said, I enjoy the community and would like to help in any way I can to keep the server fresh and up to snuff.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I think of myself as a patient and un-salted man and I try to settle conflicts peacefully instead of pushing for action.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Pretty well, I have never really insulted someone back or yelled at them for insulting me but every person has a breaking point, luckily so far I have not reached mine.

Anything Else You Want to Add: Thanks for reading this I guess, don't want to sound too pushy with this.

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Sent a PM to your inbox. Please give it a read and provide the instructions within.

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Interview with the player:


SnowCoalf - Hoje às 11:59

I am here.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:05


SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:05


Alberyk - Hoje às 12:06

I will do the interview related to your mod application.

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:06

Serveris informed me yes.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:07

Alright, now, most of these questions will be posed in a, "what would you do in this scenario," fashion, some will have much more simple answers. If at any point, you'd like me to clarify on something, all you need do is ask. Ready to begin?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:07

I am ready.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:07

First question. A new player joins with the character name "Tom Hanks", a bald 30 year old assistant. Our database show s their account is 2 days old. What do you do?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:10

Well I'd wait and see what he'd do, I'd probably keep some of my attention on him but no need to take action so far, maybe the name is a bit off since Tom Hanks is an actor, but it's a pretty popular name too and it could be a coincidence.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:10

Alright, second question now:

You receive an adminhelp from a player stating that they have been permabrigged for no reason. How do you respond?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:12

I'd first ask the player what happened and then the security officer or warden that brigged them and if possible check the logs or ask other people/staff if they saw anything related to that accident.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:12


You are sitting in the lobby, working on your characters. It is dead hour. You are the only staff online. You suddenly see a flood of attack logs, originating from two sources. One is a player to recognize as a security player, using their well known security character. You don't really know them that well beyond this. The second is a name and a ckey you don't recognize. Both are shooting one another with lethal weapons, it seems. What do you do?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:14

Well first I'd wait and see what happens, if one of them dies and adminhelps I have a clear issue on my hands but this could also be an escalation of a violent situation and I wouldn't want to jump in and ruin their thing or maybe on of them is an antag.

by escalation of a violent situation I mean IC escalation.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:17


You receive an adminhelp suggesting that a player you know very well, but have never actually had to deal with as a moderator, is powergaming. A quick check of them shows that they, as an engineer, are engaged in combat with 5 heisters on the engineering outpost using improvised weapons they have made for themselves. A crossbow and a baseball bat. They are winning decisively. Three of the heisters are dead already. One is bleeding to death in crit. The last surviving heister is the one that sent the ahelp, and are currently fighting the engineer, but losing. You estimate in another thirty seconds at most, the engineer will have killed him too. Go.

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:20

Well first I'd check the engineers his IC skills, if none of those align with what he has done I'd wind him and ask the heister to stop fighting with him, after that I'd check his backstory for the character and try to clear the issue that has arisen.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:21

Good, now, next question;

You receive an adminhelp suggesting that a player whom you consider yourself close with and a good friend to be metagrudging them as a head of staff. You are the only staff online, and no one is responding on Discord. How do you proceed?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:24

I'd ask the player who sent the adminhelp to present a situation where such a thing occured, after that if possible I'd check the logs to see if something like that happened, if no proof is found I'd observe the suspected offender and if he does something like that again I'd take administrative action.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:25

Are there any forum-related duties you would be interested in taking up, assuming you reached the status of a full fledged moderator?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:27

No not really, unless something is really needed I'd prefer just moderating the playerbase on-server.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:28

Alright, a final question. If you were a staff member. Would you change something? Would you make something different? Staff policy, rules, etc.

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:29

If I had the power? I'd add a "must have employment records" to head roles.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:30

Are you against me posting this interview in your mod application thread on the forums?

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:30

Nope post away.

Alberyk - Hoje às 12:30

That is all, thank you for your time.

SnowCoalf - Hoje às 12:30

And I thank for yours.

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Your response to one question does not really sit well with me on a few points. I would like you to clarify if possible. Is their a point that you would order a warden or even another head to release someone from perma? Where would you draw that line?

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Your response to one question does not really sit well with me on a few points. I would like you to clarify if possible. Is their a point that you would order a warden or even another head to release someone from perma? Where would you draw that line?


Actually that's a very good point.

I don't think I would outright OOCly tell others to release someone, after all this is an IC issue and the security player in question might be doing this because he's playing a corrupt cop or a hothead. I'd simply ask him IF this is how the situation has to play out, this might be an important turning point in his characters development but to me denying someone else fun because of your own fun is a dick move.

If it went too far and the player would outright refuse to at-least give some roleplaying freedom to the brigged player I could ask for a "random" inspection from one of our CCIA's, this way the IC experience of both the offender and the offended would be enhanced instead of me saying "Let him go or I ban u".

I'm sorry if this answer seems confusing, I had a lot of internal conflict over this thing and had to re-write it a few times since I changed opinions on it.

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Trial moderatorship initiated on 03DEC2016. Trial will remain open for one month, and be submitted for review on 03JAN2017.

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Application accepted as of January 3rd, 2017. Welcome aboard. Locking and archiving.

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