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Buff spacelube

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In Ye Olde Times, space lube used to send you careening across the floor, usually into a wall or window. Now, it has become tepid and just slips a person like they walked on wet floors. This was also back in a time when run was the default speed, to be fair.

Maybe it can just slip you if you are walking, but sent you flying if you run over it?

It's just lame now, man. Make traitor janiborgs fun to play again, along with anyone who breaks into a chemistry lab for Evil.

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I am for a space lube buff.

When I used to play traitor chemist I'd get syringes full of really mean stuff, eyedroppers full of chloral hydrate, and a spray bottle of space lube and use it to slip people who were after me, chloral hydrate them in the eye, and then inject them with lots of stuff.

I think it would still work with current space lube, but, not quite as well.

I remember when clowns would space lube a path right out an airlock, too, that was fun times.

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Space Lube is supposed to be the next step in lube technology,illegal to own by anyone by engineering staff used to lube up heavy duty machinery

it should reduce friction to frighteningly low levels

not make you slip on it only if you aren't careful ooh wee


make you slip hard

maybe even make non slippable races like the frog people or bug boys slide along

and be even worse for those that fall victim to slipping usually

This is a thing I support

Buff Lube

make it a threat and controlled substance

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Yeah this has gotta happen, so much fun could be had RP-wise. I wanna be able to sue Nanotrassen cause I fell and broke my hip, spine and other bones on lubed floors, could have neckbraces for lube-related injuries (and general medical use, I guess). If it was controlled then somebody could be liable.

We've all seen those ads, ya know what am going on aboot. +1 Make Lube Great Again!

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y'all are actively shooting this idea in the foot by not taking the murderous potential as serious as Nanotrasen should

if you keep memeing it the mods will think it's not a serious suggestion

Space Lube needs a serious update for serious folk

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I actually heard from Lohi that slips are supposed to do this - and that it's just broken right now. The code for "pissing off" after you slip is already a thing.

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