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[Ron] Clarify stuck object locations.

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As you well know, sharp objects such as knives, wirecutters, fireaxes, swords and all those fun weapons have a chance to stick to the wound they inflict. However, detailing where they're actually stuck has to be the most vague shit in spessmen. "Urist McBald has a Fireaxe sticking out of their flesh!"

Now, is the Fireaxe stuck in his skull? In his arm? Perhaps in his damn toe, we would never know until we rip that shit out from its magical hideyhole or get an advanced medical scan to determine its location.

It should be clear as day where a weapon, rod or other stabby things are stuck upon looking at the character.

So my suggestion would be to give stuck objects a locatlized damagezone upon inspection, like: "Urist McBald has a Fireaxe stuck in their leg/chest/skull!"

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-person has long spear stuck in his chest- "I have concluded after a advanced and thorough body scan that the subject has a long spear impaled in his chest."

Jokes aside I am for this.

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The funniest part is the health analyzer doesn't even say "Foreign body detected". +1 for examines telling us a bit more information, even if health analyzers will lack woefully in noticing the metal rod in the flesh (but don't worry, it can detect shrapnel)

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