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4J Unban request

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BYOND Key: 4J (Old Ckey I have begun to use Forizen as of early this year)

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: aimlessanalyst

Reason of Ban: Grief : Set the entire Science outpost on fire by shooting a phoron tank with an emitter

Reason for Appeal: Despite this being a long time ago, and me being unable to apply due to forum issues that were never resolved. I've decided to make this so I can check out aurora once again. Excluding the bad experiance with this event I'm reporting. So to give you some context I'll explain what was happening and how I really should have not of been banned.

First of all I was playing a scientist, and being fairly new to SS13 I was learning the job. I decided to do some research on the outpost away from the station hoping that I am not in anyone's way. When I began to do some basic research someone, whose name does not come to mind, suggested using emitters on canisters... Obviously me knowing almost nothing about ss13 decided oh hey they know what they are doing, I should try it out. I brought some phoron down and, there you go... I guess I did learn something about science that round. Soon after two or three rooms of the outpost were in flames some guys came in, trying to find me. Kind of opening some airlocks to let it spread ( Funny how I got blamed for that ) after being near death and in a coma state I got my first adminPM, to which I began to reply explaining the situation. Maybe 10 seconds after I've replied with "Hold on, I'll write a response I just need to get some logs" I find myself banned. Now In a sense yes I am to blame, but considering the situation leading to it, and my experiance which I was going to explain to the admin I was banned. I had logs back then too supporting my claims, which well I can't say are still about. Either way It'd be nice to be unbanned considering I didn't even have ill intent, I was simply being an idiot and trusting someone who I shouldn't have.


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I'm confident enough to say I'm familiarised with most things in ss13. A year is quite some time to learn the game!. And I'd expect that I'd have to reread the rules before I jump on, assuming that theres been some major changes compared to the last time I've played.

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