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[+1 dismissal]The Surgery Cult Factory, starring other antags


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I often play Medical Doctor, and I often roll antags that involve conversion. This always puts me in a great spot, as I can lay them down on the table, fix them up, maybe remove a loyalty implant, wake them up and tell them to take their reinvigoration medicine and convert them to a worshipper of Nar'Sie. If they refuse treatment? Well, they're locked in my OR, and I stripped them of anything that can help them call for help, subdue me, escape, ETC.... so lemme just force that on you!

It feels too easy. I converted nine cultists in one round, simply because I knew that at least 30% of cultists wouldn't fucking respond to the calls to summon Nar'Sie, and by the end of the round we had 15 cultists, 2 juggernauts, a Nar'Sie, and a decimated Space Station. With the constant flow of people coming in due to the Vampire doing it's business, simple mishaps, and maybe even coaxing into helping clean or something along those lines, I can just have more and more conversions without a care in the world.

I think the recent changes to Cult help this, cause I don't have to research to find Convert or Summon Nar'Sie (which is all you fucking need if you're careful enough) to get my plan going. The giant screaming sound effect helps people rush from all across the medbay to say "Whadafuckwasthat?" But since the Cultist is now under the influence of Nar'Sie's whispers, they're gonna say nothing, I'm gonna say nothing, the other surgeon I converted 2 minutes into the round is gonna say nothing, and the miner who fell down a hole 20 minutes into the round is gonna say nothing. A hop, skip, and 5 more broken bones later, and Nar'Sie is summoned.

This doesn't only effect Cult rounds either, the Surgery method. Vampires can give the succ to anyone who's put under easily, then later thrall anyone who comes in. What with an IV drip, there's no reason to get a mouthful from a patient. Revolutionary or Loyalist surgeons can take out/put in loyalty implants, which HEAVILY weighs the fight in their side if the Captain is converted, or everyone who comes in is forced to be loyal. Changelings can just eat people, have a box of body bags near by, and tell the rest of the crew that nothing could be done to help them. Traitors can even explosive implant all of their patients, coded by department or rank, and threaten the headpopping of the whole station if they don't do exactly what he says!

I don't exactly know what CAN be done to fix this, make the ORs more in the way and accessible, have paperwork stating that there must be witnesses to a surgery, something something, but I know surgery is just too damned good for crew antags.

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I've never been caught by means of Cameras. Ever. Not in a hundred years. (EDIT: And I've never seen a surgeon get caught, and I have surgeon main friends who agree that it's near impossible to get caught.) And if the guy who was converted is like, "well, har dee dar! it's alright, it's just a new form of medicine!" then what is the AI to do? Nobody's pressing charges, nobody's technically hurt, and there's no real law against practicing blood magic to heal somebody, no matter how close the AI looks. The best thing that can be done is "say ",b Borgs, kill that evil mans." and im not sure if that's a thing that's allowed.

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This is one of those suggestions where I wonder why someone even made it. I mean, I get where you're coming from sure.

But there's more to being an antag then using the most efficient method of converting people? You must have been really lucky too, because most of the time on cult rounds I have several people who refuse to be converted. Just because you have someone helpless on a medical table doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to want to join Nar'sie. And then how are you going to explain how they died on the operating table to severe burns?

This isn't a broken or overly easy method of antagging. It's just one way of doing things. There's no need to add extra regulations for the sole purpose of fucking over and tags who want to try this. They already get fucked over enough by uncooperative conversion targets like timid, stuttering pink haired chefs with a will of titanium that would somehow rather die an agonizing death than serve the Geometer.

As for vampires, it's actually really hard to get someone that you can feed off of in this game because there's a pretty strong mentality to be on the lookout for antags. I'm all for giving vampire doctors a break so they can actually do something that's interesting rather than lurk around trying to get people to come into maintenance with them.

Or try to engage and thinly-veiled ERP about sensually biting someone's neck.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This suggestion makes no sense. You cannot forcefully convert anyone - if they resist they die on your operating table. Not to mention you are doing it in a room filled with cameras in a high traffic area with few avenues of escape. If you think you're converting people too easily..... Then sacrifice them or something, or wait for them to be in recovery?

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