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Staff Complaint Format - Last update 11/08/2017

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Staff Complaint Format:

  • Please follow this format if you wish to complain about a staff member
  • Please ensure that you do not include anything in brackets
  • Be as detailed as possible. Logs and screenshots may be used for your complaint.
  • If you are satisfied with the responses of the thread, you are free to ask the report to be closed.
[b]BYOND Key:[/b] (This is your Byond Login/Ckey)
[b]Staff BYOND Key:[/b] (This is the Byond Login/Ckey of the staff member)
[b]Game ID:[/b] (If applicable. Game ID of the round on which the incident took place. If you don't remember the exact one, then the round after or the round before works as well.)
[b]Reason for complaint:[/b] (State your reason for your complaint)
[b]Additional remarks:[/b]

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