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Senpai Jackboot

Aurora MSPaintVentures

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I'm going to make MS paint adventures of the Aurora setting. There will maybe be no consistent characters or update schedule.

The Assassination Of The First Republican



The Average Skrell






Trials of Nobility



A Hyper Skrell



Trade Negotiations



My Magnum Opus



Can You Shoot Starvation?


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Your facial expressions are really good, do you draw comics regularly in MSPaint/otherwise? Do you have any posted elsewhere?

Great stuff!

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I have zero experience and no other posted work. I draw maps, but that's it. I think my only natural talent is expressive eyebrows and I'm glad you think so!

Also diona are hard to draw :(

Defective IPC


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I keep forgetting that saving as .jpg kills quality.... No one understands my pain as an artist. I was inspired by the diona sketch done by a fan and tried to be brave enough to draw my first diona. It looks like a weenie....

Diplomatic Insult



First Contact






Don't Belong



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>Dionaea saying I instead of we.

Get it together S-Senpai.

Though that last panel gave me a very "Bitch, please" vibe and I love it.

This thread is just A+ quality, mandatory reading.

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That last one is a fine example of artistry. I love the detail given to the burned man. Truly, something to be put on the Aurora Refrigerator.

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