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XENOBIOLOGY STATION RAID [Contract: 1.5 Million Credits]

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LOGIN>> Herik Bio Specialists

PASSWORD>> ******************

ACCESS LEVEL>> Mission Contractor


Are you looking for a job? Look no further to this contract!:



Requirements: Dedicated person/crew that specializes in hit and runs

MISSION DETAILS: Those NT Scum have finally managed to isolate a substance i shall be referring to as 'Agent S' in this report...

Agent S is currently housed in a station dedicated to xenobiology in the rims of Tau Ceti

We haven't be able to actually find the exact location, However we will provide a estimate on where it should be should you accept this mission

We believe that it is top secret and it is firmly guarded by several private security contractors

We also have a schematics of the station. And where Agent S should be in

WARNING: Do not attempt to introduce Agent S into your bloodstream or inhale it. It can cause less than desirable consequences

Please reply if you are interested

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