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Welcome to the Aurora Tribune: Letter from the Editor

Hi, my name is Vanessa Ross, and I'm the current Clerk of the NanoTrasen Worker's Association, as well as the Acting Editor of this newsletter. Ever since Central Command discontinued the employee newsletter, our employees have been looking for a place to get information on their professional community - and here it is. While our staff is still small, we hope to bring journalistic excellence to all articles and provide informative and entertaining pieces for all employees to read. In this first edition, we have a variety of articles for you to enjoy, so please, read on.

Editorial: Xenobotany, A Careful Practice

Vanessa Ross, Editor


Xenobotany, or Xenoflora as it is formally called - is an exciting field of research into abnormal plant and fungal life found throughout the universe, and focuses heavily on the mapping, identifying and splicing of the genome that affects the various traits of plant-life.

NanoTrasen Corporation only recently, within the last two years, rolled out Xenobotanical Research labs into their Borealis Class stations (NSS Exodus, Aurora, Aurora II, etc), but already we have hired leading experts in the field to operate our state of the art laboratories! One such example is Nymphaea, a Xenobotanist IPC stationed on the NSS Aurora, we joined her for a demonstration and explanation of her work earlier this month.

According to Nymphaea, her work in xenobotany focuses on helping “organics”, through the creation of biological weapons, or brand new medicinal plants. However, funding has been stingy, and our xenobotany labs are size-restricted and often lack essential rooms for a laboratory setting such as secure disposals, or testing facilities. As well, both xeno-studies facilities are separated by an entire level, meaning personnel who wish to work cohesively between xenobiology and xenobotany must take extra steps, however, Nymphaea believes NanoTrasen has “good reason for this layout”.

Another thing to note is that NanoTrasen outsources a majority of its exotic seeds to external suppliers, Nymphaea has found that K’ois and Glowshroom, both species available readily on board to the research department, provide unique genes for splicing and initial testing while imported seeds arrive. These earlier genome extractions provide her with the base ribosomes to advance her work further.

One of Nymphaea’s greatest works is what she calls ‘The Purple’, which is an orange, changed genetically to grow purple instead so it can be differentiated from its natural predecessor. The Purple is used to properly identify and test out genes before new plants are brought into the fold. Employees may be familiar with a variety of strange looking or coloured fruit and vegetables, sometimes removed from the lab for experimentation - or even consumption sometimes! But Nymphaea warns, ASK before you EAT! Some test subjects from Xenobotany can contain harmful chemicals, and even become a magnet for bluespace activity! This comes in the form of teleporting fruit, which can be extremely dangerous, as they are unpredictable!

Overall, Xenobotany has quickly become one of the most interesting and unique fields of research being done by NanoTrasen Corporation, and Nymphaea is leading that charge!

Special thanks to the Xenobotany Department and Nymphaea for hosting and educating us! A copy of the interview has been provided below, along with pictures.


(Left to Right: Research equipment and Nymphaea, glowing apple-shroom hybrid, the purple





[10:57] Nymphaea says, "The k'ois contains two very useful genes."

[11:09] Vanessa Ross says, "Please, explain."

[11:28] Nymphaea says, "Each plant has its own genes, harboring a trait of the plant."

[11:42] Nymphaea says, "For example, k'ois have the gene that lets them glow, or be planted directly on the floor."

[11:54] Nymphaea says, "I can extract these genes, and 'install' them into other plants."

[12:06] Vanessa Ross shouts, "Like our old genetics departments!"

[12:14] Nymphaea says, "Yes."

Nymphaea says, "I will get to these later."

Vanessa Ross asks, "Would you say outsourced orders of seeds are important for your work?"

Nymphaea says, "Very important."

Nymphaea says, "They often contain traits or reagents not in the plants in the machine."

Nymphaea says, "And traits I am unable to mutate."

[00:00] Recording started.

[00:21] Vanessa Ross asks, "So, what can you tell me about the field that is Xenobotany? How does it differ from Xenobiology?"

[00:37] Nymphaea says, "The main difference is the form of life I work with."

[00:48] Nymphaea says, "I work with plant life."

[01:29] Vanessa Ross asks, "Would you say there is more merit in one field rather than the other?"

[02:18] Nymphaea says, "That is quite difficult to say without having worked in xenobiology."

[04:01] Vanessa Ross asks, "What is the ultimate goal of your work?"

[04:26] Nymphaea says, "To help organics."

[05:15] Vanessa Ross asks, "What applications do you see xenobotany having?"

[05:15] Nymphaea says, "Whether I am creating bioweapons usable by military forces, or creating medical breakthroughs, I wish to help organics."

[07:21] Vanessa Ross asks, "If you could get more funding for this line of research, what would you change about your lab?"

[08:04] Nymphaea says, "I would make it bigger."

[08:12] Nymphaea says, "Perhaps get my own test chamber installed."

[08:22] Nymphaea says, "With no test chamber, I tend to get a lot of juices on the floor."

[08:34] Vanessa Ross asks, "Do you think it is strange that Xenobiology and Xenobotany are separated by an entire level?"

[09:25] Nymphaea says, "It is a little strange, yes, but I believe Nanotrasen has a good reason for this layout."

[10:28] Vanessa Ross asks, "What are you doing now?"

[10:40] Nymphaea says, "I am searching for genomes on k'ois."

[10:57] Nymphaea says, "The k'ois contains two very useful genes."

[11:09] Vanessa Ross says, "Please, explain."

[11:28] Nymphaea says, "Each plant has its own genes, harboring a trait of the plant."

[11:42] Nymphaea says, "For example, k'ois have the gene that lets them glow, or be planted directly on the floor."

[11:54] Nymphaea says, "I can extract these genes, and 'install' them into other plants."

[12:06] Vanessa Ross shouts, "Like our old genetics departments!"

[12:14] Nymphaea says, "Yes."

[12:17] Nymphaea says, "Only less.....abusive."

[12:45] Vanessa Ross says, "It's so hard to get a good picture sometimes.."

[12:59] Vanessa Ross asks, "Do you ever use the genome mapping sheet in the request console?"

[13:11] Nymphaea asks, "Genome mapping sheet?"

[13:21] Vanessa Ross shouts, "Yes, the one for mapping out the genomes of the plant!"

[14:10] Nymphaea says, "Negative."

[14:15] Nymphaea says, "I normally make notes on my PDA."

[14:32] Vanessa Ross shouts, "I see, personal preference!"

[15:08] Nymphaea says, "While searching for the genes, I have found two."

[15:13] Nymphaea says, "Shape, and color."

[15:27] Nymphaea says, "These two genes are shared by all plants."

[15:30] Vanessa Ross asks, "So you can make a plant look completely different from what it... Chemically, is?"

[15:50] Nymphaea says, "I can, for example, make apples appear to be grapes."

[15:57] Nymphaea says, "However, they will still be apples on the inside."

[16:05] Vanessa Ross asks, "Amazing! Will you be able to show us an example?"

[16:10] Nymphaea says, "I could even go so far as to make apples that look like grapes, but taste like lemons."

[16:12] Vanessa Ross says, "Our readers would love to see it."

[16:53] Nymphaea says, "Once I discover all the possible genomes, I will begin my experimentation."

[17:01] Nymphaea says, "I have five more to find in the k'ois."

[17:09] Nymphaea says, "Each plant has twelve total genes."

[17:17] Nymphaea asks, "Did you know you can find six of them in k'ois?"

[17:24] Vanessa Ross shouts, "No, how amazing!"

[17:35] Nymphaea says, "This is why I always search k'ois for genes first."

[17:43] Vanessa Ross asks, "Would you say a lot of your work centers around the versatility of k'ois?"

[17:46] Nymphaea says, "I can get six genomes right off the bat at the beginning of my shift."

[18:07] Nymphaea says, "The k'ois is useful for helping me find six genes at the start of my shift."

[18:42] Nymphaea says, "The properties gene."

[19:09] Vanessa Ross asks, "What is the properties gene?"

[19:22] Nymphaea says, "It contains all the properties of a plant."

[19:35] Nymphaea says, "For example, its potency, yield, and other such things, as well as what the fruit bears."

[19:47] Nymphaea says, "These white beats now contain k'ois paste and phoron."

[19:52] Nymphaea says, "Danger: Do not consume."

[20:07] Vanessa Ross exclaims, "Wow!"

[20:21] Nymphaea says, "Although, I suppose it will be safe for a vaurca."

[20:32] Nymphaea says, "I have not yet tested it, and am quite frightened to do so."

[21:37] Nymphaea says, "Light sensitivity gene."

[22:58] Nymphaea says, "There you are, you little rascal."

[23:09] Vanessa Ross asks, "Something good?"

[23:16] Nymphaea says, "Affirmative."

[24:03] Nymphaea says, "My strange seeds have arrived."

[26:19] Vanessa Ross asks, "What is your goal today?"

[26:29] Nymphaea says, "My same goal every day."

[26:39] Nymphaea says, "To see what kind of...abominations I can create."

[27:14] Vanessa Ross shouts, "I see!"

[27:22] Vanessa Ross asks, "What kind of abomination can you create?"

[27:27] Nymphaea says, "Do you have a moment to wait? I must retrieve my order."

[28:37] Vanessa Ross says, "Of course"

[28:48] Nymphaea says, "I will return."

[29:21] Recording stopped.

[29:21] Recording started.

[29:26] Nymphaea says, "Most of the time, yes."

[31:47] Nymphaea says, "While these grow, I will prepare some color disks."

[32:02] Vanessa Ross asks, "Is there a benefit in knowing the genome for colour of plants?"

[32:14] Nymphaea says, "There is."

[32:31] Nymphaea says, "With the color genome, you can color code your plants to distinguish them from one another."

[32:45] Nymphaea says, "For example, I am known for my favorite creation: the teleporting purple."

[32:55] Nymphaea says, "It is indeed a teleporting orange."

[33:10] Nymphaea says, "However, to be able to tell it apart from an ordinary orange, I color code it as purple."

[33:46] Vanessa Ross asks, "Can you tell me more about this teleporting orange?"

[34:05] Nymphaea says, "Once I mutate the gene, yes."

[34:20] Nymphaea says, "Quite simply, it is an orange that sends you a short distance through time and space when crushed."

[34:48] Vanessa Ross exclaims, "How interesting!"

[35:10] Nymphaea says, "They are dangerous to use close to the edge of the station."

[36:03] Vanessa Ross asks, "What are the applications of such a plant?"

[37:18] Nymphaea says, "My only use for them is to get into the chemistry lab to turn my glowshrooms into liquid radium. I am unsure how they can be used in other contexts, besides illegal activities."

[38:23] Vanessa Ross asks, "... Are you aware that science has a fully equipped chemistry lab?"

[38:34] Nymphaea says, "That is the one I am referring to."

[38:39] Vanessa Ross says, "Oooh."

[38:40] Nymphaea says, "For some reason they have not given me a blender."

[40:24] Nymphaea says, "As you can see, here is a product of the shape gene."

[40:35] Nymphaea says, "Glowshrooms in the shape of apples."

[40:35] Vanessa Ross yells, "Wow, an apple!"

[40:42] Nymphaea says, "Negative."

[40:43] Vanessa Ross yells, "It's glowing!"

[40:45] Nymphaea says, "Do not consume."

[40:48] Nymphaea says, "It is not an apple."

[40:53] Nymphaea says, "It is a glowshroom."

[41:00] Vanessa Ross yells, "How interesting!"

[41:10] Nymphaea says, "It has taken on the external appearance of an apple, as well as the infinite harvest trait of apples."

[41:24] Nymphaea says, "This is very useful, considering glowshrooms contain radium, my primary mutagen."

[42:28] Nymphaea says, "I will demonstrate the color gene."

[43:21] Nymphaea says, "You will see the results soon enough."

[43:26] Vanessa Ross exclaims, "Wonderful!"

[46:10] Nymphaea says, "Behold."

[46:14] Nymphaea says, "The....purple."

[46:28] Vanessa Ross shouts, "Tastes like an orange!"

[46:46] Nymphaea says, "And please do not consume any fruits until I determine if they are safe."

[47:02] Vanessa Ross yells, "Good to know!"

[47:09] Nymphaea says, "Explosive gene discovered."

[47:10] Vanessa Ross says, "..."

[47:34] Nymphaea says, "I will now search for this gene."

[47:41] Nymphaea says, "It is quite important."

[49:36] Vanessa Ross yells, "I think that's all I have time for, thank you so much for your time!"

[49:48] Nymphaea says, "Understood."

[49:51] Nymphaea says, "I wish I could show you more."

[50:37] Zeth states, "Box"

[52:04] Recording stopped.



Mining Accident Results in Death: Unfortunate Loss says NanoTrasen

Martin Martins, Security Correspondent


An accident struck the NSS Aurora early before Christmas in the Mining Department. On December 23rd, an accident occurred that resulted in the death of an actively employed shaft miner. Medical Department staff were not able to clone the victim, and she was pronounced dead early that evening. A short wake was held amongst the staff, organized by the Station Chaplain serving at that time .

Off-duty Head of Security Kalren Halstere was recorded giving kind sentiments at the celebration of life,

"She was a woman of determination. Someone who braved the depths of the void daily, in pursuit of work and life beyond the Aurora. As a person, she was beautiful in mind, and we all mourn for her passing"

NanoTrasen has said that while the death is an unfortunate loss, employees must understand that it is incredibly important to adhere to all safety regulations and advisories for your department, and not to rely on the Medical Department or cloning as an excuse for risking your life, or injury. If you believe you are being asked to do something that is unsafe, contact your supervisor or Internal Affairs immediately. Condolences have been extended by a representative to the family, who is now in possession of the body. The NanoTrasen Worker's Association echoes these word, urging employees to be safe and voice concerns to Command about the safety of you and your coworkers.





Advertisement: Join the Worker's Association Today!

Authored by NTWA Clerk's Office


The Aurora Tribune employee newsletter is managed and operated by the NanoTrasen Worker's Association - run by employees, for employees! Commonly referred to as the NTWA or Worker's Association, it focuses on improving the stations and facilities where you work, by holding morale events, keeping you updated on company operations, and advocating on your behalf. The Worker's Association is looking to fill a variety of positions in all departments, if any of the following interest you, join today at the extranet hub!

- Recruiter (Handles recruiting employees into the association's membership!)

- Events Volunteer (Provides assistance in setting up, staffing, organizing and taking down for any events)

- Advocate (Works with Station Command, Internal Affairs, and Internal Security to ensure that employees can make the most out of their work!)

- Species Affairs Committee Member (Work on the SAC to discuss and implement strategies for improving the experience of non-human crew on our facilities. Additional opportunity within is OPVEN, a vaurcae-specific office)

There are also three executive positions open for application, see the NTWA Clerk or President today to apply!

- Vice President, Advocacy (Lead the Advocacy Department in their goal and mission, represent all members of the association)

- Vice President, Species Affairs (Lead the Species Affairs Department and work to help all species)

- Vice President, Engagement (Lead the Recruitment and Morale Department, plan and execute morale-boosting events, oversee recruitment, and work in tandem with the Aurora Tribune Editor to manage the newsletter)


A Dissection of the Internal Security Department

Rebecca Balentine, Staff Writer


The Internal Security Department, otherwise known as the ISD or 'Security', are NanoTrasen's primary asset protection force. Every NanoTrasen facility under the Civilian Branch of Operation is staffed with its own fully functional Security Department, which may have variations in specialists relevant to their operational location. Led by the Head of Security of the facility, the department is responsible for enforcing corporate regulations and station directives on all employees within their facility, as well as ensuring the safety and integrity of all corporate assets and personnel they are assigned to.

The NSS Aurora Internal Security Department is moderately sized, sporting ten fully trained professionals during peak hours, with the capability of supporting twelve or more, the Aurora is one of the few facilities that have an investigative complement to the regular retinue of officers, especially when considering the relatively small size of the NSS Aurora operation, which includes a state-of-the-art forensics lab. We wanted to know more about our security personnel here are the Aurora, so we've interviewed one employee from each position in the department, asking four questions to each of them. Here are their (unedited, unaltered) answers to the following questions:


1. What does your occupation entail?
2. How does your job require you to work with other members of Security?
3. How important is your job to the overall workings of the Security Department?
4. What do you think the ISD could do to improve?


Head of Security Lelyl Kerei'Velan


1. My occupation entails mainly coordinating the ISD. I do not step into the ISD's affairs personally unless it is an important manner and requires my oversight. The ISD can be considered much like a very delicate assembly line that can run very well if coordinated, and it is my job to make sure it runs well.

2. My job requires me to know what is expected of every role under the ISD. Therefore I interact with everyone regularly. My main part in interacting with other ISD members is making sure they know what they are doing, and giving them directives in case the need arises.

3. My job is very important. While security can run without a head of security most of the time, it greatly helps organization and response time to have a head of security. It also helps with general efficiency and relaying instructions from command to the ISD.

4. Currently, I do not believe our training standards are very high. That is the one thing we can improve on. Perhaps stricter training or something along those lines, and improving general discipline.


Brig Warden Erick Silva

[No Photo Available]


1. My job occupation mainly entails myself being in charge of the brig, and any new prisoners brought in. I perform basic maintenance around the brig, quality of like things like moving some food out of the common area into equipment storage, and refilling the vendors with pepper grenades. I also am in charge of handing out any equipment in the armory, I usually start my shifts with labeling the gas masks, as well as all the firearms so I know what is armory equipment.

2. I consider my job as being well, the adviser to officers, since Wardens like myself usually have more experience than the general officer. However, my main priority with working with officers is getting warrants written up when the time calls, as well as dealing with prisoners accordingly after interrogation and arrests. Not to mention that I am in charge of the equipment that I will issue to officers when duty calls for it.

3. I do believe that my job is very important to the well being of not only the officers, but the entire station as a whole. Apart from myself, only the Head of Security, Captain, and borgs have access to the armory, which in itself is a very vital part of any ISD operation on the station, you cant handle most situations without it. Also, although officers have access to the common area for storing prisoners, as well as being able to write up sentencing, I am the one in charge of the prisoners well being and treatment, by monitoring and treating them just like any other person on the station.

4. I believe to improve ISD there needs to be a radical change to hiring standards, as well as training and general attitude. Hiring standards are self-explanatory, make sure the officers have filled out records as well as proper authorizations and such. Training is also a large issue within ISD, most officers will ignore Security Cadets and not train them anything, leaving them out to be on camera duty permanently, as well as not telling others tips that would improve ISD as a whole. General Attitude is also a huge issue, most officers are gun ho, thinking its better to rush into a hostage situation, resulting in the death of a hostage, than taking it slow, not to mention officers tend to use a lot of excessive force, or even lethal force on suspects, also ignoring collateral damage, in favor of just making an arrest.


Security Officer Daniel Carmichael


1. My job is to uphold the standards put forth by Nanotrasen, keep the station secure and promote a positive work environment. We have trained with firearms and have access to a diverse set of non-lethal equipment. What we mainly do is help settle internal disputes between personnel.

2. I usually find myself communicating with the people I work with, in and outside of work hours, and have gotten to know a good few. I'd say that teamwork and communication are very important- as well as being able to trust the people I'm on shift with.

3. Without us Officers, I don't think Security could function.

4. I think we ought to remove the diversity in the standard uniforms. Three different kinds are too much, and the corporate standard one is not very nice to look at either. I think we ought to also put officers through better training too and more discipline would be good. A lot of newer officers aren't as well trained as even I was when I started. I think a mentorship program for more experienced officers to be assigned to cadets would be a good idea too.


Security Cadet Malika Alfarsi



1. As a cadet, Malika's occupation is to both learn and assist. She shadows a willing officer to learn the ropes when possible, and other times she assists with smaller duties like manning the front desk. She is not an officer yet, so is not issued the necessary gear. Because of that she does not handle dangerous situations or arrests, calling on full officers to handle that.

2. Mali works very hand in hand with other officers while she is in training. It is her job to call on other members of security to handle arrests and detaining suspects while she is in training and to obey the Head of Security and Warden in all matters. She cannot do much without someone saying she can.

3. This is a trick question in a way. Mali feels that she is more important than many would realize because she is the future. While on a day to day basis her contributions are small, she is always learning and will soon graduate as a full Officer. It is important that during her time as a cadet that she do her best and learn so that she can be effective.

4. It is pretty good as it is, though there could be a regimented training program and maybe some literature to read for refreshers. Mali doesn't mind reading after all, even if hands on is a bit better.



Crime Scene Investigator Alan Grimm



1. Well, to put it simply, my job is to follow the trail of material that a criminal leaves behind in order to ensure their apprehension and proper punishment.

2. Ideally, there should be only one security member CSI interacts with. The detective. The detective is the one to make conclusion from evidence analysis, follow the leads up and present the result to the head of security for assesment. CSI's job is to merely assist him in that matter. It's a very special thing - the relationship between partners. A good dynamic can ensure the success of any case, and a poor one can delay it or even destroy the case entirely. However on shifts with skeleton crew it might be left up to CSI to present his case to HoS. I don't really interact with officers or wardens if they do their thing well.

3. In the world of corporate espionage guys like myself provide a vital boost to the protection of corporation's assets. Officers can chase vandals and hooligans around with their batons, but a crime executed with finesse requires finesse to rival it. A creative disguise, a masterfully hacked airlock, a swiftly disabled camera and a piece of technology or intel found missing an hour later is something brute force is simply unable to deal with. With such a crime, there will be no obvious clues or witnesses, and officers can't arrest what they can't see. Crime scene investigators, on the other hand, deal exclusively with what can't be seen.

4. It's not really an ISD initiative, but introducing officially supported *cough* legal representation *cough* would in my opinion increase the quality of ISD work, providing a buffer between the emotionally invested officers and objective sentencing, setting up one solid standard in the interpretation of corporate regulations and punishment for infractions, taking the sentencing process off the officers' shoulders allowing them to concentrate on upholding order, increasing the required quality of incriminating evidence and operating procedures used by ISD members to convict an offender and allowing crewmembers a chance to clear their name in case of possible false accusations or illegal arrest. I'm sure a company wouldn't want an honest crewmember arrested based on false allegations or illegally obtained evidence. Revision of standard issue equipment and improving methods of forensic analysis would also help to make our job just a notch easier,



Detective Noir



1. This unit's occupation entails investigating infractions and violations that have no clear answer from a cursory analysis. This usually means attempting to discover a guilty party if none is readily apparent. This involves examining a crime scene, piecing together a rudimentary timeline of events, determining what occurred and why, and forming a list of witnesses and suspects who will then undergo questioning. Their individual testimonies must be weighed both with and against one another at the same time in order to determine guilt. A final conclusion must be made and delivered confidently with plentiful evidence to support my claims.

2. In terms of day-to-day operations of the Security department, this unit has very little official sway in how it is performed. Although I am allowed to detain crew if a crime is witnessed, I lack the permissions to officially process and charge crew, and must rely on other members of the department to fulfill that role. Likewise, in the throes of an investigation, this unit may have little time to round up crew to give their statements, and so I must rely on other members of Security to go out and perform that role for me.

The second half of the investigation team, the forensic expert, is the closest that this unit works with. Sometimes, witness statements and interrogations do not always achieve the best results. Every crime leaves a physical trace behind, however small. While I question witnesses and compile suspects, the forensic technician performs the essential task of gathering those traces and processing them. This is important, especially when these reports are compared to the interrogations and questionings that I perform, and can make or break an alibi.

3. Not everything can be answered through sheer brute force, and this is where the importance of the investigative team comes to play. While this unit may not hold much official sway, I come to find that many wardens and officers defer to this unit's judgment when I suggest charges, so long as I present my findings in a proper manner. This unit's task is essential both as a bureaucrat and an investigator, as normal officers have other primary duties to attend to. Without an investigative team, the rest of the department would be severely limited in how effective they can be at their fullest potential.

4. While I have not spent much time thinking on this topic, this unit notes that in the short-term, the Internal Security Department could run more smoothly if a more rigid dress code was enforced. I have noticed many members of the department wearing such things as insulated gloves, skirts, and non-regulation footwear. This serves to diminish the presence of soft authority and trust the average officer should try and maintain at all times. On a personal note, this unit feels as if my investigative duties could be performed more efficiently if I was granted a belt to store the common tools I utilize on a day-to-day basis. On a busy day, I can find myself hindered by all the papers, reports, evidence, photos and equipment that I acquire, and have found that the issue of inventory management is greatly diminished by the presence of a simple belt."



Our President Attacked: Insider Interview

Maddy Bleasdale, Staff Writer



As many of you know, President Joseph Dorne visited the NSS Aurora nearing the end of 2459, to answer questions and interact with NanoTrasen, the nation's primary economic force, employees. However, during their visit our President was assaulted and poisoned by a disgruntled gardener, who had secretly drugged food items before providing them to the President to eat, reportedly by force. Somehow, the indivudal managed to slip past all the security measures put in place. We've got an inside scoop on the matter, from someone who was working in Security the day of the incident read the interview below and decide for yourself, if Security can't protect the President, can they protect us?


Interviewer: "How long have you worked here?"

Insider: "For about 5 months."

Insider: "CSI, cadetship, medical residency."

Interviewer: "Have there been any highlights?"

Insider: "Well, usually the shifts are pretty quiet."

Insider: "Security doesn't get to do much."

Insider: "Although the president's visit was definitely a highlight."

Interviewer: "And what was that like?"

Insider: "Well it was quiet hectic."

Insider: "The station can't keep it's shit together when it counts."

Insider: "Power failures, hooliganism, vandalism."

Insider: "Constant problems."

Insider: "And all that with almost full staffed station."

Insider: "To top that off the president was poisoned."

Insider: "So there is that"

Interviewer: "Poisoned?"

Insider: "Some gardener grew hallucinogenic mushrooms, slipped passed security and president's bodyguards and fed them to Dorn"

Insider: "He was arrested immediately, but the incident was a fuck up honestly"

Interviewer: "Can you tell me more about the incident with the president?"

Insider: "Well, there's not much to tell about it"

Insider: "I think the newspapers covered it"

Insider: "Off duty officer Blackwell performed the arrest on the spot"

Insider: "The gardener was fired"

Insider: "And most put behind bars"

Insider: "It happened at the holodeck"

Interviewer: "Do you know what happened to the gardener? The body guards that were meant to be protecting the president?"

Insider: "Not so sure about the bodyguards, but the gardener was put in jail and subsequently terminated from NT employment."

Interviewer: "And the president himself? Did he say anything on the matter?"

Insider: "He seemed surprisingly chill about the whole situation"

Insider: "Although not so surprisingly, if you think about it."

Interviewer: "Because he was high?"

Insider: "Yes, probably that was the reason"

Interviewer: "Is there anything else you would like to add?"

Insider: "He thanked the crew for their efforts and even took the communal shuttle back to Odin with everyone"

Insider: "Pretty chill guy I must admit"

Insider: "Generally"

Interviewer: "Oh you know the president personally?"

Insider: "Well"

Insider: "I had an opportunity to talk to him personally"

Insider: "However I doubt he remembers me"

Interviewer: "If you could say a word of reassurance to him, what would it be?"

Insider: "Well"

Insider: "I'd advise him to strive to do even better"


Advertisement: Aurora Tribune Hiring!

Aurora Tribune Staff


We at the tribune are always seeking to expand our staff, and most specifically we are looking to fill the following positions:

- Medical Correspondent (Must be a Medical Professional)

- Command Correspondent (Must be a Head of Staff or Internal Affairs)

- Assistant Editor

- Staff Writer

- Investigative Journalist

- Photojournalist/Photographer

If any of these interest you, head over to the NTWA Hub on the extranet, join their communications channel, and notify either the President, or Clerk!



K'ois and YOU

Dr. Phoebe Essel, Office of Procurement and Vaurcae Esseli. Nutrition

Part One




Part Two




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What is an 'Employee Minute'?

The Employee Minute is a smaller, more compact version of the Aurora Tribune's regular postings. They are small, easy to digest pieces heavily featuring coworkers you'll recognize. If you'd like to submit an employee minute, or feature in one - contact us today!


Diversity on the NSS Aurora

Rebecca Balentine, Editor

The NSS Aurora has long been host to a variety of different species - from the loveable and cuddly Tajara of Adhomai, to the scaled and imposing Unathi of Moghes and Ourea - but too often we take this great opportunity to intermingle our cultures for granted, but not all of us squander this opportunity, nay - some embrace it!

Gabriel Autumnmour, a Priest of the Moroz Holy Tribunal - has decided to leave his secretive and forboding home of the Dominian Empire to engage with the denizens of the galaxy here in Tau Ceti. For most this would be a challenge, but Autumnmour has no issue fitting in! Inside the Ishimura Bar here on the NSS Aurora, the bartender, Julienne Turner was happy to serve and be pictured with Autumnmour, Turner happens to be an Elyran and happily hangs the Republic of Elyra standard behind her counter!

Captain Uriel Evans, longtime Captain of the NSS Aurora and previously the Aurora One and NSS Exodus, had this to say:


"Diversity is important due to the fact each species, even that of IPCs can do different things well. IPCs have huge storage drives that can inform programmed (sic) into them. Unathi's (sic) and strong and tough. They are great warriors. Skrell live long live and are very intelligent. The Tarjains (sic) are very moble (sic) and are very compassionate. All of the crew members help make the station whole"


Along with this touching display, the maintenance drones joined in with Interstellar Pride Month and painted the entire surface level in the colours of the rainbow, it was truly a marvelous site and it's been pictured below! Do you have a non-Human, LGBT or other non-majority status friend? Give them a shout-out in our inbox and give them a big hug!



Internal Security: Corruption Remains?

Rebecca Balentine, Editor


After a short visit to the NSS Aurora, we've gathered a stunning story from a Security Cadet known as Brandon Collins, he came forward to give us testimony in regards to the operation of the Internal Security Department and how corruption may remain in the upper echelons of NanoTrasen's facilities.

According to Collins, Head of Security Nicholas Wolfe closed the brig lockdown while Collins was exiting the brig, seriously injuring him in the process and almost killing him. Wolfe apparently claimed to have 'just pressed the wrong button', a fact that was later repeated by Captain Uriel Evans, but Collins believes firmly this is a clear violation of i221 Gross Negligence, and wonders why the Head of Security was able to skirt by this infraction.

Collins went as far to say that the Head of Security should be detained on the spot, but that his job was being protected by Captain Evans. Before ending the interview, Collins stated that "the Head of Security and I got into a verbal disagreement before, so I'm not sure if this was entire accidental". Wolfe was unable to offer comment due to being obligated to conduct active duties for the company, so we caught up again with Captain Evans, who had this to say:


"If anything, this was an accident, he can go file for worker's comp"

Could Wolfe's own staff be implying he was implicit in attempted murder? Is Captain Evan's covering his Command Staff's crimes? Has NanoTrasen truly scrubbed the Internal Security Department clean of corruption? Find out in our next Security Spotlight, where we'll try to get an interview with Head of Security Wolfe himself!


Advertisement: Aurora Tribune Hiring!

Aurora Tribune Staff


We at the tribune are always seeking to expand our staff, and most specifically we are looking to fill the following positions:

- Medical Correspondent (Must be a Medical Professional)

- Command Correspondent (Must be a Head of Staff or Internal Affairs)

- Assistant Editor

- Staff Writer

- Investigative Journalist

- Photojournalist/Photographer

If any of these interest you, head over to the NTWA Hub on the extranet, join their communications channel, and notify either the President, or Clerk!



Supply Department? More Like SLY Department!

Rebecca Balentine, Editor


Earlier today we spoke with Mikal Visilli, a former Cargo Technician now working as a Janitor - he was forced to transfer from his home department due to repeated harassment from his supervisor, Mimi Xiaowen the Quartermaster! In a dauntless interview, Visilli alleged that he was accused of stealing a box of iron ingots by his boss, despite being in medical bay the entire time for treatment after accidentally falling into the disposals system!

According to Visilli, Internal Security brought him in to be interrogated and was not shown a warrant for his detainment or searching, despite having a perfect alibi for his position during the theft. Visilli went on to imply that Head of Personnel Serana Zhao was complicit in this behaviour, not willing to address his filed complaint and only willing to transfer him to the Service Department. Zhao refused to offer any comment, except that the Tribune was not deserving of one.

What do YOU think Aurorans? Do your Heads of Staff listen to your concerns when you have them? Contact us with your thoughts today!



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What is an 'Employee Minute'?

An Employee Minute is a smaller, condensed version of the Aurora Tribune's Employee Newsletter. They are small, easy to digest pieces mainly featuring coworkers you'll recognize. If you'd like to submit an article or advertisement for an Employee Minute, please contact us.


Cigarettes: Life Breaking or Saving?

Rebecca Balentine, Editor

NSS Aurora -

We on the NSS Aurora are no strangers to the allure of cigars and cigarettes, after all over 62% of our employees currently have an addiction to smoking tobacco, or tobacco alternatives.

But one person on board has decided to take cigarettes and turn them into a valuable tool for crew in dangerous positions. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Fernando Gonzales has created what he calls 'Rescue Cigarettes', going for 100Cr per unit these are smokes filled with healing chemicals including dexalin plus and bicaridine, but what exactly do this chemicals do? According to Dr. Gonzales,

"The bicaridine helps to stop bleeding, heals ruptured lungs and heals damage. Dexalin plus oxygenates the blood stream."

The proceeds from these cigarette sales go directly into the medical budget, and are later allocated to the best performing employee of the shift as a bonus - something we at the Tribune commend Dr. Gonzales for organizing. Later on we met with Dr. Natascha Sukhoi who is a co-developer of these 'Rescue Cigarettes'. They were kind enough to provide us with a full report on these useful medical devices, which is attached below!





Internal Security Attack the Press

Rebecca Balentine, Editor

NSS Aurora -

On June 19th, 2460, our press office on the Aurora faced an issue not at all unfamiliar to us in the press. Station authorities made the decision to assault the freedom of the press not through legal or just means - but through bullying and harassment of a lone reporter in her office. Approximately five minutes after posting an article about the distribution (or lack of) of non-alcoholic drinks at the facility's bar, Internal Security Officers Sean Richter and Jesse Armstrong decided to stand outside the press office and engage in yelling at our reporter. The officers having been unable to discern the proper meaning in a sentence in the aforementioned previous article, which mentioned 'banning virgins off the bar menu', mistook themselves for the virgins and believed they were being slandered. They then started accusing us of libel and parading outside our office promising that our feed was going to be censored.




The individuals were offered the clarification and their mistake pointed out at least three times - but showed no restraint or backing down in their belief that they were insulted. In order to protect the freedom of the press that we at the Tribune value so preciously - we were forced to escalate to preparing an incident report in the defense of our articles, and action the Worker's Association was wholly behind.

Fearing the lengthy process of a full incident report review, Head of Security Opamator agreed to meet with us , and after reviewing the article in question - deemed that the officers were completely in the wrong and ordered them to issue apologize. Officer Armstrong outright refused to apologize after Opamator had left the scene, stating only 'nah', while Officer Richter did not return to the press office at all to make such an apologize, nor reach out via PDA.

After publishing coverage of this, Internal Security once again began attempting to prepare a warrant for my arrest under slander regulations - but once again, after review of the situation by the Head of Security and this time the Captain - it was clear that nobody had been slandered, as the Officers HAD failed to apologize as ordered.

We at the Tribune can only wonder how Station Command and Central Command intend on ensuring that Internal Security does not attempt to intimidate or harass individuals doing honest work as prescribed to them in their contracts. If you have experienced similar issues with Internal Security on the NSS Aurora - we invite you to contact us for interview.

*Note, an additional security individual was involved in this harassment - but apologized when asked and assisted in our defense and as such, has been omitted from this article. We at the Tribune are committed to providing open access to our source information wherever possible and inquiries can be made at our communications network.


Advertisement: Aurora Tribune Hiring!

Aurora Tribune Staff


We at the Tribune are always seeking to expand our staff and associations, and thus are looking to fill the following positions:

- Photographer

- Staff Reporter

- Associate Reporter

If any of these interest you, contact us via the following communications system: www.AuroraTribuneRecruitment.com



Through a Skrell's Eyes: Medical with Doctor Wes Lee

Quilp'Vlomn Nblek, Associate Reporter

NSS Aurora -

Earlier this year, I followed Medical Doctor Wes Lee as part of my ongoing series on human work culture. Dr. Lee is a human male who decided to become a doctor when he realized that he lives in a capitalistic society where he would need to earn money to survive. In his spare time he reads. He began by giving me a brief tour of medical - the operating theaters really are something to look at, especially when the resident surgeon takes careful care to prepare them!




He explained that medical gets essentially three types of patients, low priority, high priority, and dead. Then he took the time to walk me through the general treatment procedures of each, which as an enlightening lesson. I have attached a triage chart provided by the Medical Department Communication Network which displays the full array of triage.




Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable on human medicine and anatomy but admits that he does not know very much about any other species. During our time together, there was a viral outbreak, during which Dr. Lee helped move patients including the Captain, to virology. Afterward he was left with no patients, Dr. Lee sat in the medical lobby where he monitored crew vital sensors, scrolled through his computer, and chatted up a nearby medical resident.

Overall, Medical seems like a low stress job for well educated human.


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What is an 'Employee Minute'?

An Employee Minute is a smaller, condensed version of the Aurora Tribune's Employee Newsletter. They are small, easy to digest pieces mainly featuring coworkers you'll recognize. If you'd like to submit an article or advertisement for an Employee Minute, please contact us.


Catching Trout

Maddy Bleasdale, Editor

NSS Aurora -

Trout is an individually-owned IPC produced with Hephaestus Industries integrated prosthetics. Their positronic brain was custom made and is being contracted out to NanoTrasen through their (mysterious) owner. Trout is around four years old and has just started working on the Aurora about a year ago. They say things like "something seems fishy" quite often, which is apparently a quirk of their positronic brain, not necessarily something they consciously choose.

Trout also took the lead in setting up a fake dating service in order to reunite two star-crossed lovers. This went on for about four shifts, getting people to fill out dating profiles for some bogus NTDate program. Despite the potential for catastrophe, the two they got together and are married now. Congratulations Korai Ssanei and Uwasv Sidanelv (previously Uwasv Guwan before he reclaimed his clan name) This is something Trout is quite proud of.

Not only this, Trout also claims he had to restrain a drunk, unnamed individual in his own apartment to prevent him from assaulting a member of Medical Department in the face-- the very same Medical professional sent to treat the intoxicated man!

All in all, Trout has been well received aboard the NSS Aurora and with his help in the recent arrest of the Odin murderer, he truly is a hero we can all look up to!




A Day in the Life: Keeping Things Clean

Quilp'Vlomn Nblek, Associate Reporter

NSS Aurora -

In today's episode of A Day in the Life, I met Shane Castralo, a nineteen year old human college student who works as a janitor aboard the Aurora. Castralo is studying Sol History, but his aspirations hardly seem to impact his love for his current job.

"Being a janitor is fun," he says. We begin our day by getting geared up in big, yellow galoshes. Castralo carries with him a janitor cart that holds a mop, a bucket, and other cleaning supplies. As we make our way around the station, we chat a little about human sexuality. Castralo explains to me how human egg fertilization works.




We are interrupted however, when a call for help comes over the radio. Castralo vaults over the kitchen counter – the kitchen floor is covered in blood – and checks on the injured chef, make sure she gets medical treatment. Having made sure the chef is okay, he begins to eat 'bacon', which he insists I try. I teach him about Skrell digestion and explain we do not eat meat.

Afterward, we walk through maintenance. It is very dark, but it is part of Castralo's job to keep the tunnels clean. As we go through, he mops and collects trash. We find a sleeping human and Castralo moves them to a bed where they will be more comfortable. We check on the area where disposals dumps trash

"I saw in arm in here once" Castralo said, "that was cool".

Overall, the janitor position seems like a good one for young, hopeful, optimistic and energetic humans like Castralo, enabling them to work and pay for their studies.



Advertisement: Aurora Tribune Hiring!

Aurora Tribune Staff


We at the Tribune are always seeking to expand our staff and associations, and thus are looking to fill the following positions:

- Photographer

- Staff Reporter

- Associate Reporter

If any of these interest you, contact us via the following communications system: www.AuroraTribuneRecruitment.com



Hidden Battles

Stuart Blackwell, Staff Reporter

NSS Aurora -

The station is host to many people hailing from diverse religious backgrounds, one of these individuals is a clergy member within the Roman Catholic Church. That's right, we're talking about the Rev. Jack McJacko – our frontier Catholic priest that is famous among the crew. Many of you may have heard of him as he is very prominent on board the station, sporting a blond goatee and serving as a shining beacon of hope for many lost souls.




McJacko is a forty year old clergy member who grew up in a very strict atheist household. He was reluctant to give information on his life before his conversion to Catholicism when he was interview, but at the age of 25 he was diagnosed with cancer in his face. This cancer began to eat away at his face and eventually resulted in him losing an eye. Luckily for him, he was taken to a catholic hospital and managed to make a full recovery.

Now he works for God, going around and spreading the word of Jesus. When asked what he does in his life, he responded "oh bloody... Fight tha' devil every day", and every time someone is in need of emotional support, he is there waiting in his office. It is this dedication to following the Lord and helping those who are unfortunate that has earned him a reputation among the religious crowd on the Aurora.



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What is an 'Employee Minute'?

An Employee Minute is a smaller, condensed version of the Aurora Tribune's Employee Newsletter. They are small, easy to digest pieces mainly featuring coworkers you'll recognize. If you'd like to submit an article or advertisement for an Employee Minute, please contact us.


Suit Sensors Can Save You

Alexander Baker, Staff Reporter

NSS Aurora -

Anyone that hears about the life saving properties of suit sensors would be hard pressed to ignore them, but what do they really do? I sat down with paramedic Erika Koepple to learn about the specifics of sensors.

Firstly, it's important to remember that sensors are only a tool for medbay, and that they don't guarantee anything. However, they will typically improve your chances of surviving a tragic event. As Koepple states, "[suit Sensors] tell us at the medical bay everything we need to know about your health." The level of the sensors enabled is important as well. "If you only set it to the lowest level, then we would only know if you were alive or dead." The medium level of sensors will tell medbay specific details about any injuries you have. The highest level will report your location on the station.




Sensors are useful in situations where you might not have time to call for help, or give details on your location. They can also help medbay prepare for the type of injures you have, sometimes drastically improving your chances. The last thing most Aurorans would want is to die a tragic death while working, and not have anyone find out until the next crew arrives. Finally, Koepple recommends that "Everyone turn their suit sensors to the highest possible."




A Day in the Life: Glomp Glomp Glomp!

Quilp'Vlomn Nblek, Associate Reporter

NSS Aurora -

In today's episode of A Day in the Life, I'm writing from the Science Department where I followed xenobiologist, Doctor Talia Varick. Doctor Varick is a humn woman with a great sense of humour and a passion for her field. She grew interested in the field during college, where she was bit by a diona nymph. She has since raised a gestalt!

Doctor Varick began the day by establishing some ground rules, Xenobiology is very dangerous it turns out. Doctor Varick informed me you have to be calm around slimes as they can detect fear. She led us to the xenobiology lab, a large room surrounded by pens, and then began to feed the slimes. Slimes consume genetic material and reproduce by splitting themselves asexually.




As they reproduce, they become different colours it seems. Spending enough time with them makes them docile. I was very impressed when Doctor Varick said hello and her slimes said hello back! Unfortunately, as Doctor Varick warned me the slimes also get aggressive easily. We had to take two trips to medical while I shadowed her, and had to enlist the help of two station-bounds to contain the slimes. All the same, it was a wonderful day, and Doctor Varick is a great example of the human spirit of curiosity and endurance.



Robust Softdrinks Ltd.








Aurora's Pets - Ian Edition

Alexander Baker, Staff Reporter

Stuart Blackwell, Staff Reporter

NSS Aurora -

You may have seen many of Aurora's pets around the station, but you may not have had a chance to get to meet them. Ian is one of those lovable pets. Foremost, he's a tan and white colored corgi, owned today by the Head of Personnel Bright However, you'll be charmed by other information about Ian too.

"Mostly fine. Just expensive, he eats a lot." Bright calmly answers, as our reporter asked him how it has been taking care of Ian. The adorable dog enjoys eating almost anything, but prefers something with a lot of meat, or even steak for a treat. Worry not though, Bright says that Ian has never spoiled the carpet from all of the food he's eaten. Taking care of this dog goes past just providing food, however, as Bright explains taking Ian on walks. "I take him around the station—usually to the service wing and back" . Bright remarks that he takes Ian on walks twice a shift, when possible.




Ian is not Bright's first pet however, so you can be assured that Ian is well cared for. "This unit took care of a sloth on another station" Bright remarks, referring to it as a "station animal". Nonetheless, a sloth was much easier to take care of than Ian is, and was less playful as well.

Happy energy is not something Ian is short on, commonly running after food enthusiastically and chasing his tail in circles. He even occasionally barks. Hopefully now you know more about Ian, the lovely dog our HOP owns. If you're fortunate enough to encounter Ian, be sure to say hello.



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