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[Denied] GreenBoi's Diona Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Diggiez

Character Names: Preston Fulton

Species you are applying to play: Diona

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): How do you color a tree?

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I read all of it. Each word.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Once I read how the species worked and what they were all about when I first played on the server, I knew I had to get the whitelist. Just what about a plant person made out of small animals that can grow into a literal planet with it's own atmosphere doesn't sound fun or intriguing to anyone?

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: EVERYTHING! I mean, hunger becomes obsolete due to your unorthodox, but totally cool method of eating, and you can survive in space with just a flashlight. Plus, you can make plant sounds which are actually just your way of talking to other dionae

Character Name: Our Hand of Green

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

In 2445, a diona made of 6 nymphs left their gestalt to pursue their goal of researching more about the species who communicated with their gestalts and were apparent allies. The diona drifted through space, aiming at reaching the Human-Skrell ship that was a safe distance aways from the gestalt. There, Our Hand of Green learned the language of the humans, Sol-Common, and could understand the skrell, but they were physically unable to to talk in Skrell. The diona met other dionae who were aboard the ship, those dionae had become integrated into the ship's crew since they stayed on the ship for so long. Our Hand of Green learned that species used terms called "gender pronouns" to identify people based on how they looked so Our Hand of Green became calling themselves "he" for easy understanding for other species. After staying on the ship for 7 months, Hand of Green learned that if he wished to learn more about anything, he'd have to go to college, and so the diona did. He went on to study in a Nal'tor College of Career Excellence where he got three degrees that led to three different jobs. (The rest of the background will be split into three separate paths based on the career choice OHOG chose because I couldn't choose him to have only one career)


During his time at NCCE, Hand of Green learned that the paper vessels known as books provided a great source of knowledge. He wanted to share this knowledge to others so he become a librarian, organizing books while also reading them in his downtime. It became his personal hobby and source of happiness.

"These vessels of paper, 'books' as one calls them, are entertaining and very informative. We will always enjoy reading these books even if we are disappointed by it's climax or end." -Our Hand of Greens motto to reading books


While he still studied, Hand of Green picked up a thing for theology and it's concepts. He learned of the many religions of species and how they practiced their religion. Hand of Green soon became deeply interested in theology, and practiced different religions for fun and research. Whenever he sees someone reading a bible or holy text, he can't help but ask what it's about so he can then try practicing this new religion.

"Theology is intriguing to us. How can one, how can we, spend a life worshiping one of 'higher power'? Do these 'gods' truly exist, that is the question that lingers in us- a question we may never find the answer to" -Our Hand of Green's thoughts about theology


It's obvious that a diona, a literal plant person, would have an interest in plants. Our Hand of Green realized his liking and interest in plants when he first saw one grow. "It grows in the light similar to us, it loves to be bathed in water, but it cannot stand any flames like us, and will mutate to radiation..remarkable." These were the diona's first thoughts about plants, and they were the thoughts that drove the diona to becoming a botanist who'd grow and work by several species of plants evey day.

"We do not understand. How could one pass up this field and label it as a 'hobbyist's' job, it is everything, but that. This is clearly a field of research that cannot be ignored." -Our Hand of Green's thoughts about botany and people who disregard it

What do you like about this character? OHOG is meant to be a symbol. He's to represent a person's curiosity and quest for knowledge. He's also my first shot of making a character who's limited to a few jobs due to their backstory, and not just a person with a magically changing personality and job like Preston is. It feels nice to do this instead of a sprite just used to represent and everchanging character.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Average, but with my plans for OHOG and the design I went for him, I'll most likely be able to rp better than before.

Notes: While writing this, I remembered that dionae had no real gender so I had to change all the he's to their's, but then I came up with a plot reason as to why you say "he" for him and not "their"

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Hello. It is I, the new Lorax, and I speak for the Trees. I've looked over your app, and I'd like to say, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the species. And you've clearly read their lore, which is appreciated.

However, there are a few things. I'll start with the smallest one first, being the language "OHoG" picked up. As of right now mechanically, Dionae can only speak their default languages Rootsong, and the learned language required to work with Nanotrasen- Tau Ceti Basic. Current additional languages is also Tradeband and Freespeak, as well as Sign Language. They cannot speak Sol Common right off the bat, but that may change in the future. On top of that, Jargon isn't selectable on that list either, so in-game, you won't be able to speak or understand the language. You may want to address that, and choose from the list of languages they can learn instead.

Secondly. Your human character, Preston Fulton. I've only interacted with them briefly, and they seem all right. But the problem is, they're as you said, a magical all-knowing chameleon that is proficient in all fields at every job. I understand being a new player and trying to figure out the game, it's mechanics, the positions and where you'd like to place your character- I did that with my first one, Ashley Long, before finally settling on Xenobiology for her. But you're no longer a new player, and cross-departmental rules are against the rules now. Your character shows that you haven't quite reached that level of commitment in my eyes- to the rules (which may be accidental, it can be easy to miss announcements sometimes), or to their story as a character.

Because your only character isn't a solid concept and you seem to play him as you feel, I feel uncertain to if you're capable of committing to playing OHoG as the character you envision them here, so I'm going to have to decline. However- there is a way you can prove your commitment. I'd like to see you have Preston pick a job and stick with it for two weeks, and to develop the character in that time as well. Make him a solid concept with a story. Make him a person, essentially. If you ever want to just have fun and float around with jobs again, cyborgs are always an option and make job hopping easy and acceptable! Until then, try to focus and work on Preston for the time being. When two weeks have passed, feel free to look over your application, fix it up a bit more, or just make an entirely new one and re-apply.

Otherwise, it looks pretty decent. Hope to hear again from you then!


[Application Denied]


Edit: It would also be appreciated next time to post your username first and the species you intend to apply for first. It helps for bookkeeping. Example: "GreenBoi's Diona Whitelist Application"

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