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Mutant Bees and Where to Find Them

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So I was thinking about Xenobiology and one thing that came to mind was how small the amounts of extracts you can get from slimes are. As I was thinking of how that could be played with an idea came to me.


Specifically, a rarely used subsystem on TG that allowed Bees to be used to reproduce a chemical that was introduced into the queen of the hive.

Since Bees have little use currently (why have flying stingy jerks when messa’s tear does just as well?) I was thinking that it would be a good way to make Bees a relevant part of the game again.

The gist of the idea I was thinking was this: By combining 1 unit of a liquid with 1 unit of some other specified material (Royal jelly? Some sort of mutation toxin?) and then injecting the mixture into a Queen Bee the Xenobiologist could create a hive of bees that, in addition to honey, produce a small amount of whatever chemical was introduced. This would allow a clever Xenobotanist to utilize them to create larger quantities of usually rare chemicals.

Then, in addition to this, beehives would also produce a small amount of randomly selected reagents from nearby plants that they gather nectar from. This would make sense given their source of material and also encourage cooperation with Xenobotany.

Lastly, these mutant bees would, as biological experiments, fall under the purview of the Xenobiology division. Both because it makes sense and because it gives them a bit more to play with alongside slimes.


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oh god I am having flashbacks of people getting ganked by bees. 1-hit kill bees, even the admins were terrified.

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It's Hip to fuck bees

On a more serious note, Mutant bees are a pain on other servers. Hopefully you can keep them under control here

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