Ban Request Rules:
  • The General Forum Rules
  • Only post if involved. If you are not a moderator or administrator and were not involved in a specific incident that may elicit a ban request, you may not post or reply to a ban request regarding that incident.
  • Do not use ad hominem.
  • No flame wars. No trolling. Self-explanatory.
  • If the infractions described in the ban request have already been dealt with by a staff member, a ban request will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.
  • DO NOT MAKE A BAN REQUEST WHILE A ROUND IS STILL GOING. This constitutes as IC in OOC, wait for the round to end. This only applies if the request is related to an ongoing round.
  • Ban requests are ONLY for reporting outright grief that occurred when admins were not online to handle it, or extremely serious cases that are not suited for a player/character complaint. Examples: Phoron griefing for the former. Violation of laws such as distributing illegal content for the latter.
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