Re: Medical Reform - New Guidelines, Qualifications, and Minimum Ages

TrickingTrapster wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:37 am
So, to clarify, if for example there were no surgeons aboard, and the CMO needs some advanced brain surgery because the chemist got arrested and is the reason for that trauma. You have an older character that is a virologist today because, they are trained in virology, surgery and some other stuff and there was a surgeon earlier but they went to cryo. Are you then allowed to do this surgery, because your character had this training, or will you be arrested for doing it because it's not within your job responsibilities?
If they have an updated medical/surgical license and are qualified to practice, then it's not an issue at all, as long as they're not superseding the responsibilities of other staff.

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Re: Medical Reform - New Guidelines, Qualifications, and Minimum Ages

Yeah if the character has the training and background it should be fine regardless of their current job if seriously understaffed. In practice it can be difficult other than just lack of access because you are seen as your job title rather than your character's skills and training. I have a character who plays a scientist most the time but they used to work for Zeng-Hu developing cloning tech, so as somebody that spent years building, maintaining and upgrading clonepods they should be able to use the actual machines however the RP drawback is they have no bedside manner to deal with the freshly cloned and their possible mental disorder and probably won't go and stick them in cryo. However if folks see a scientist in the cloning laboratory, they're gonna say LOOC that it's a greyzone at best.

A virologist may be a full doctor and so may have been trained and accredited in emergency surgery, they'll definitely be trained in anatomy (I did gross human anatomy for 2 years myself IRL as a biomed scientist with medical students, learning every single muscle fiber and nerve actually contributed to my change to the more molecular sciences it was so boring). Studying viral encephalitis may mean they know some functional neuroanatomy for the brain surgery! If it was a very long time ago, maybe they could get a pAI medical expert system to walk them through it? Failing that, why not emote searching for guidance on your PDA while checking the wiki?

If anything goes wrong or things really get called into question then the character's experience and training could be checked by the HoP or IntSec and if they've not got it in their employment history then it would be an issue.

Re: Medical Reform - New Guidelines, Qualifications, and Minimum Ages

This reform presupposes a balkanization of the medical field that just isn't realistic. It sounds a lot more like what non-doctors think the medical field is like than what the medical field is actually like. DrHobo gave an excellent explanation above.

One of the big issues, though, is that there's very little for medical to do beyond surgery--most everything else is either quickly fatal or easily remedied with a visit to cryo-land. I don't see chemistry get nearly as much use as it deserves on this server.

Re: Medical Reform - New Guidelines, Qualifications, and Minimum Ages

As someone who plays a chemist with two characters, I disagree about chemistry. I find it quite a fun job to do! That said, it's good to have MD or Residency in your character employment history too, as you can then at least also involved yourself in basic tasks such as using health analysers on new patients, scanning them, administering non-surgical treatments etc. It lets you get involved in little jobs around Medical without taking the piss.

But your experience may vary.

Personally, I like the general changes to Medical. I've altered one of my characters to better fit these new guidelines, and I think it's help me take a more focused approach to what I want my character to aim towards in their career.

I *like* the fact that the new guidelines limit what characters can do. Having "jack of all trades" medical characters who can do almost every single job is so meta and powergamey, and this helps to prevent it.
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Re: Medical Reform - New Guidelines, Qualifications, and Minimum Ages

I meant to ask before, but was too socially awkward to necro the thread myself. So.

These rules make perfect sense for humans, I'm totally there with you.

But how do these rules change (if really at all) for Dionaea, IPCs, and older Skrell?

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