Re: Staff Decision: Multiple jobs - Job hopping - Realism vs Gameplay

My apologies. Let me place that bandaid on your gunshot wound. The topic is about realism vs gameplay ON Multiple Jobs and Job Hopping. Realism vs Gameplay ON Antagonists. It's a whole different subject to argue one.

That's a whole different story this is easily explainable and I shall summarize it for your sake as I had assumed everyone knew the reason why "antags" should not be canon after each round. This is a weak point to use in an argument stand on. You're not merely suggesting that we should uncanonize their appearance as we did to antagonists. As Aboshehab (SHARP) has mentioned, it is to prevent players from being able to mention something that had occurred in a round for instance; "I know of Nar'sie's cult. I have seen the face of their dark god, Nar'sie. I know what equipments that they use. They destroyed one of NanoTrasen's station and because of this I have sought revenge and chased Nar'sie across the galaxy to only bring a swift end to their worshippers." As such, we must prevent this. Antagonists are meta in first place in which their existence is only to drive the round and make it more entertaining for the crew. Obviously, you wouldn't suspect your buddy Joe McTraitor to be a Traitor and obviously he is not going to stay canonized as a traitor for the entire life because RNG deemed it necessary.

I believe many people may agree with me on realism vs gameplay on antagonists is a different subject to discuss and there is likely a dead thread regarding that discussion somewhere in our archives or just a make a new one. There is no need to derail this topic for a different subject that we've been debating for an approximate month for headmins to make a decision on how it's going to work now. I'll give you an advice since I noticed you joined on Feb. 03, 2017, do some research around forums and present your case into a new thread.

Re: Staff Decision: Multiple jobs - Job hopping - Realism vs Gameplay

All those reasons against canonizing antagonism are reasons I'm personally in favor of removing canon entirely. Ideally, since everything necessarily resets, it would make sense that the game would be played like 'groundhog day' - everything starting anew each time, like rewinding the clock.

And in the future, I'll try not to bring up any relevant, ongoing topics that are inconvenient for you.
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