Staff list - Who to PM

Which staffmember handles what? Here's the answer!

Game server technical issues: Moderator Applications: Heads of Staff whitelists: Complaints: Custom Items: Unban Requets:
  • The banning admin/mod
  • Any other admin/mod
Of course you can also PM the Head Admins, Aboshehab/Sharp and Garnascus with whatever questions.

Anything DO related: ForgottenTraveller

Anything lore related: Jackboot

Lore Canonization: Muncorn

Wiki: AgentWhatever


Human: Zundy

IPC: CakeIsOssim

Diona: SleepyWolf

Unathi: Jackboot

Tajara: Mofo1995

Skrell: Loow

Vaurca: BygoneHero/Syntax
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Re: Staff list - Who to PM

Updated 24MAR2016:
  • Now with liiiists!
  • Included folks with access to the server for restarting and management purposes.
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