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Central Hub of the NTWA

What is the NanoTrasen Worker's Association?

The NanoTrasen Worker's Association, or NTWA, is an organization for employees, run by employees; intended to promote the welfare of NanoTrasen's 100+ million employees, and ensure that our productivity as a workforce is incomparable to other interstellar corporations. This includes advocating for the rights and benefits of the crew where possible, and supporting them where it is not. Through advocacy and support however, we can ensure that all employees are at minimum, content with their employment with the amazing company that is NanoTrasen Corporate Conglomerate.

Focusing on strong relationships with Station Command, Internal Security and Affairs, along grass-roots initiatives, we hope to achieve a better workplace together in cooperation with all members of the company. Through the connection between NTWA and the Station Command Network, we will foster a mutual understanding between employee and supervisor - resolving issues by involving leadership and follower and mediating when necessary.


The NanoTrasen Worker's Association is overseen by a General Committee composed of all members, with smaller committees/groups in the departments handling oversight of their specific area. Daily management and administration however is handled by a President, who is elected every three months. The President is assisted by appointed Vice Presidents, who oversee the three departments. More information on the President can be found below!
The President
Incumbent: Mr. Valorallen Vitellia
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The Chief Executive Officer of NTWA, the President is charged with the leadership and direction of the entire organization, and is the Chief Representative of all association members. They cannot however, vote in the General Committee, but may speak there freely on any topic. The occupier of the role of President is provided with an honorarium of 25,000Cr, as well as private office in rented space aboard the NTCC Odin.

The official duties of the President are:
  • Exemplify professional values
  • Advocate for all employees, regardless of race, species, sexuality, gender or otherwise
  • Lead the Worker's Association and set goals to achieve the mission statement
  • Appoint members to executive and leadership positions
  • Manage the membership of NTWA
  • Chair the General Committee meetings
  • Hear complaints against the Worker's Association code of conduct
Organizational Structure

Attached in the drop-down spoiler below, is a diagram of our organizational structure. It outlines the highest to lowest authority/responsibility positions and groups within the NTWA.
Membership and Advocacy

It is important to note that only registered members in the Worker's Association qualify for immediate access to association benefits, including advocacy services, if you're not a member, access to our services is still available, your case however will be referred to the VP Advocacy or President before moving forwards. To register as member of the association, you must join our official communications network, located at: https://discord.gg/6uyd7Ps

All employees are granted membership upon request, the process is simply formal. If you for some reason cannot join or stay in our communications network, you must recieve clearance from the President, or you will no longer be considered a member!

Getting Involved

If you want to get more involved in the Worker's Association, there's many opportunities! All members have the equal ability to lead initiatives in the association through their power to vote and motion in the General Committee. Aside from actively participating in the General Committee, there are multiple departments within the Worker's Association that you can join just by asking! This includes the Advocacy Department, Species Affairs Department and the Recruitment and Morale Department.

Re: [IC] The NanoTrasen Worker's Association: Hub

Open Positions

The following are positions currently open within the NanoTrasen Worker's Association - most you don't need to apply for, just join as a member and ask to get involved in a certain position! You must apply to the President for any Executive position, but NTWA Clerks can give you most other roles! Considering joining and getting involved today!

Executive (Led by the President)
- VP Advocacy
- VP Species Affairs
- VP Engagement
- Tribune Editor-in-Chief
- NTWA Clerks

Advocacy Department (VP Advocacy)
- Advocate
- Special Advocate

Species Affairs Department (VP Species Affairs)
- Species Affairs Committee Member
- OPVEN Member (Office of Procurement and Vaurcae Esseli Nutrition)

Recruitment and Morale Department (VP Engagement)
- Recruiter
- Events Volunteer

Aurora Tribune (VP Engagement & Editor-in-Chief)
- Assistant Editor
- Staff Writer
- Investigative Journalist
- Special Correspondent (Department/Species)
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