Character Feedback: Sei Armas

Hey, fellow nerds, I'd like some feedback and critique to the cutest guardian angel on the station: Sei Armas.

Memes are welcome, as long as you also give me something constructive. Thanks, you all.
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Re: Character Feedback: Sei Armas

Sei is my favorite paramedic and quite possibly my favorite medical character to see. What catches me most is that Sei will RP when responding to a scene. No "wordlessly inject stuff and run them in." She'll do what paramedics are supposed to: stabilize, and talk to the patient about their symptoms/what happened. She's a delight to talk to in the medical lobby, as well. I think your RP with her is top-notch, and she's a really interesting character. She definitely feels like a fully realized person.

So no critiques at this times, just a lot of love. Though if I do think of some constructive criticism, I'll be sure to post it. For now, though, Sei is one of my favorite characters for a reason. You do great with her.
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