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Re: Make airlocks degrade over time, requiring maintenance

drakuba wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 11:41 pm
Sounds fun. Waiting like 4 or so sec for doors to open is acceptable once or twice, but gets annoying quickly so you will call someone to fix it asap. Realism wise, it makes no sence to have lightbulbs in year 2460 yet we still have them for gameplay purposes. Make the acting up doors hapen

1) I'm not sure that even an annoying little timer like that would inspire people to call an engineer to fix it, unless it's on an essential door that receives high traffic. Because if it's not a highly trafficked door, they can just start using it less, making sure they take care of everything they need to before leaving again, or finding a new route.
2) Even if they do call someone to come fix it, I'm not sure an engineer will always be available to perform the repair. Since the functionality of moving through the door is technically not broken (just slowed), it's a non-essential repair. Which means it gets put at the very bottom of the priority list for engineers, right down there with repairing vending machines that are launching their contents. And the station is always covered in those broken vending machines. Low-priority fixes just don't get done because engineers have more important things to be doing, typically.
3) Why does it make no sense to have light bulbs in the future?
Korom Bhararaya ... Bauser#2332
"You felt your sins crawling on your back."

Re: Make airlocks degrade over time, requiring maintenance

Instead of making the airlocks become randomly damaged over time, why not just make it so that airlocks are easier to damage manually? Then they become a tool for people to use instead of an RNG nuisance. If you're trying to make an escape from someone, bash the airlock with a fire extinguisher a few times, then the damage makes it take a few extra clicks to open, or if it's damaged enough, makes it only open half-way, so you have to crawl through. If you have a stronger weapon, you could bash in a door to stop the airlock from opening entirely - which you could use to lock someone inside an area, for instance. It's strategic instead of random.
Korom Bhararaya ... Bauser#2332
"You felt your sins crawling on your back."
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