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Re: A new breed of traitor...

Bauser wrote: If this suggestion was put into place, then every player would immediately know that persistent characters AREN'T the traitor. And pretty much EVERYBODY plays a persistent character. So, by process of elimination, every traitor round you would know that the antagonist is one of only a couple people who you've never seen on station before.
Not Megatron wrote:
Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:53 pm
If this is a toggleable option in the preferences, players will still be able to choose if they prefer this new antag, or if they still want to play their seedy doctor who's had enough.
read post b4 commenting pls

Re: A new breed of traitor...

I like this suggestion a lot.

On top of that, I see no problem with new names being less trustworthy than old ones.

I think to smooth out the edges of the randomized appearances, the traitor should have like a one use pocket surgery machine, or just an round start customizer like off station antags get.

Re: A new breed of traitor...

I really like it, I never play antag anymore because I can't get it to fit with my main chars and this would solve my issue.

The way I see it it can either be done by having additional things to toggle and fill in char setup,
or they don't spawn regularly but in some place where they can customize their char similar to mercs etc before getting to the station somehow.

No idea which is easier or better.

Re: A new breed of traitor...

HRP takes effort, it's not easy and everyone has to put in effort to make it enjoyable.
Go roll traitor, go make a character that has a reason to be a traitor, go make a character who wants to stick it to the man, who is unhinged, who is absolutely mental.
I mean what stops you?
"I would have to think of a new backstory", well wouldn't you anyways even if you were assigned a rando?
"I'd have to think of a reason to do it", well wouldn't you anyways if you were assigned a rando?
"I'd have to start making relationships all over again", well wouldn't you anyways if you were assigned a rando?

These new traitors aren't going to take you hostage, they're going to blow your head off in maint.
These new traitors aren't going to re-consider their plot as you give them your heartwarming speech, they'll shove a shotgun in your mouth.
These new traitors aren't going to plan how to avoid capture only to make a slip-up and get caught by the long arm of the law, they're going to call you a retard and explode 5 minutes into the round as you're discussing if vests on green are valid.

To summarize, this is a mechanic that seems more like "You use it, I don't play traitor" mechanic.
Something for everyone else but you and your character so you have easy targets to plink away at who (in the hopes of creating mass destruction) include you in their RP just from the amount of ruckus they cause.

Thus, a no, this is just as dumb as giving people objectives, you want better traitors? Become one.
...the Hangman corrected me; "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
- "The Hangman", by Maurice Ogden.

Re: A new breed of traitor...

There is a good idea from this. I suggest making it a choice to play another character as traitor or play the current character you rolled as traitor. This would allow more control over the gimmick people chose if there is a slot open for it.

Edit: Oh goodness, I didn't read the thread. This is exactly what people are proposing. I assumed it was totally different from the people talking shit on discord.
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Re: A new breed of traitor...

While I do like the premise of this, there is one big thing that kills it for me.
As a frequent medbay player, it takes actual genuine effort not to immediately distrust new names. Most of the decent doctors are already well known and seeing a new surgeon/medical doctor/resident immediately creates a premonition of 'This person is probably going to be incompetent.' The same goes for any other department I've played in, but the medbay is my go-to example. While that isn't too harmful in its own right, I feel like this addition would likely reinforce it. A new name is liable to be either (a) incompetent or (b) a traitor rather than just incompetent. Even with the best attempts at remaining unbiased from metagaming / powergaming it does still influence people's judgment, and I fear this would just reinforce that.
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Re: A new breed of traitor...

Skull had a much, MUCH better suggestion in the discord.

A) DIsguise kits to change your characters apperance.

B) Have a menu pop-up before the round starts that asks you if you want to play a different character.
...the Hangman corrected me; "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."
- "The Hangman", by Maurice Ogden.

Re: A new breed of traitor...

I like this idea. I also like the idea of being able to toggle a specific faction. However, I believe faction 'goals' should be vague/generic ideas instead hardliners objectives. As much as I miss objectives, Aurora as a whole has drifted away from them.

The only thing I can see that might be an issue is the randomized appearances and names. On one hand, if they're too random, it's easy to spot a traitor if they have neon purple balding hair, yellow eyes, and dark skin. Too predictable, and people will start subconsciously start to memorize appearances and names of traitors.

All in all, a great idea if implemented correctly.
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