Re: DasFox's CCIA Application

After some deliberation, I would say that I am against your joining the CCIA team at this point in time; as Unknown mentioned, your reasoning for wanting to join CCIA smacks more of a temporary interest, rather than a true interest in the job.

Your response to Syn's question, in your interview; related to the purpose of the incident report system also feels incomplete, and somewhat inaccurate. The purpose of the IR system is not to punish behaviour that fails to breach regulations, or, rather, that that is only a small part of it. Incident Reports are generally filed in regards to character actions that breach regulations, but are unable to be dealt with during the round in which it happened. If it was not the result of antagonist activity, or heavily influenced by it, then CCIA will investigate the breach of regulation through interviews and analysis, before making a judgement. This is not to say that behaviour that does not breach specific regulations shouldn't be reported, there is no penalty for reporting behaviour your character sees as disruptive or problematic. Once again, this is not the entire purpose of Incident Reports, their final purpose is to act against poor behaviour that, while it doesn't warrant admin intervention due to not quite breaching server rules; is still detracting from whatever situation in which it occurred, if poor behaviour in a round is considered in-character, then it comes to us, unless it is antagonist driven, of course, but the IR can still be posted if you are the least bit uncertain, after which admins will confirm it as a valid IR, or cancel it, if they find that the antagonist activity to be too relevant to the case.

For my third and final point, the complaint levelled against you by QueenOfyugoslavia, Scheveningen and AmoryBlaine raises serious concerns. In terms of in-character power, besides admin spawned shenanigans, no role has more power than CCIA, or, with our alternate spawn ability, ERT Commanders; I would be hesitant to give you access to these given that the complaint was resolved against you, with rules lawyering, validhunting and powergaming being the specific reasons behind that resolution. The ability to severely affect a round as any member of staff is immense, but CCIA are the only staff group that have routine in-character interactions with the crew (again, besides admin shenanigans), and the complaint's result increases my hesitance to trust you with that sort of control.

That is not to say that I cannot be persuaded, but that is unlikely to happen within this application, I would suggest that you spend more time with the server, and endeavour to improve on the behaviours mentioned in the complaint; as well as take a hard look at the CCIA role and responsibilities, and ask if you really want to tie yourself down to it, it's interesting at times, but every role has it's downsides.
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Re: DasFox's CCIA Application

I'm afraid I have to support Gollee's response in further updates of your actions. I have increasingly become cautious after reading through (ignoring Amory and Schev's lengthy response to get to the summarized response) QueenOfYugoslavia and Garn's response and verdict toward to you. Instead of changing for the better, you have changed for the worse. I have no idea what to say but except to support Gollee's response.

Re: DasFox's CCIA Application

I'll keep my reply short and blunt as most things I wish to say have been said.

I am against DasFox joining the team at this current point in time.

To elaborate on this, when initially poked by the team for my opinion I stated that we should not deny others due to past behaviour or attitudes and I do still stand by this; initially defending the application. That said the longer this application has gone on for the more concerns I have acquired about putting you on as a trial member.

The interview put me off, to be to the point about it. It did show the detail oriented or methodical thought I wish it did and certainly didn't give off the vibe most of us are looking for. Quotes like "Law's fucked, man." and "Low-tier shitter" spring to mind. Whilst I more than most agree and found it rather amusing it's not something we are looking for, interaction wise.

Previous applicants have been methodical, formal and upright whilst being interviewed but I do not see this here. The casual tone and attitude is a step away from what I personally am looking for. Casualness and a bit of memeing is not unfamiliar to myself as I'm sure many will jump on to back up however there is a time and place. This was not it.

Overall the interview was a disappointing turn for this interview in my eyes as it reinforced my initial nagging thoughts about the lack of overall determination and tenacity of the application.

Further to this Doc has mentioned that there is a "steady" stream of notes and admin actions against yourself. Again if this had been in the past it would not have been an issue but the fact it is current is almost insulting, despite this all being voluntary and a bit of fun CCIAAs and all other staff simply must hold themselves to a high level of behaviour and community standing. If I myself had notes and warnings coming in at a steady pace there is no chance of others seeing the CCIA as respectable or as people who should be given extra responsibility. Notice that I use responsively and not power, because at the heart of it the reason we've taken up this role is to help the community that has given us so much and give back to it in an enjoyable way. It is not for our own enjoyment, though it is fun, our actions have been, and always should be for the community. The notes and bans simply make me believe that this tenant is simply not there.

Apologies for going on far longer than I should have. I thought this would be a short one but I was mistaken.

Please, please, please take this as a positive post. It may feel as if I am actively against you joining but I am not. It's a matter of getting yourself centred, giving it some thought and deciding for yourself if you truly would want to join. If so, get all the notes and bans in the far past and apply again with more fire and determination. That is when I shall support you in this endeavour.
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Re: DasFox's CCIA Application

Going through the comments here, I can see the points raised. While, some of which I may not agree with entirely (Like the assumption that my being casual is my entire outlook on the situation, and that this was reflecting my determination or want to do something.), I can understand the concerns and in the future hope to remedy them. However, for the time being, I'll be taking this feedback to heart. There's certainly things I can improve on both in my play, and in my personality that don't mesh well with a lot of people. Simply because my outlook changed, doesn't mean I can immediately improve everything I do. I don't claim to be perfect now, nor would I want to be. I'm simply human.

Beyond this, I do appreciate the feedback from all parties, and I don't take it as a personal assault towards me or my character if you were worried about that @Elliot . After all, the time I've been back (and made mistakes in), is hardly enough to prove much at all. And while some of you stating my change was for the worse, which did give me a moment to rethink, I like to believe it's more of a learning experience than anything else. I'm definitely overly casual, sarcastic, and at many points in time abrasive.

As a side-note, I didn't apply for 'power' over the playerbase in any way. If this was the assumption that was gotten from my responses, I apologize, as this was in no way my intent. While I understand things CCIA are given while interacting with crew round-to-round, (As stated both the CCIAA position and the ERT Commander position.) it was never my intention to shoot for this things as a way to move myself above everyone else. Or, even then, abuse it to get a power trip of some kind.

While, yes, my behavior regarding how I speak has caused issues in the past, I didn't at all see it as problematic during an interview. In my opinion, if I were attempting to be overly formal during it, it'd make me seem like someone trying too hard. I don't mean this in a negative way, I simply mean it as I wasn't attempting to appear as the perfect candidate. I'm not, and I don't believe I ever would be. But I don't disagree that it may have come off the wrong way, which was something I didn't think about at the time.

At any rate, to wrap this all up, I did read the feedback given, and I was taking the time to collect my thoughts in such a way to respond before posting, so my apologies for the delays. I see the points and concerns raised, and will try to at least, attempt, to remedy the problematic parts. Hopefully in the future, as Elliot stated, I'd be in a more centered position to be able to do this. Until then, however, I think it'd be a good idea to close this regardless if the feedback was positive or not. It's been a learning experience, and one I'm glad I had.

Re: [Retracted] DasFox's CCIA Application

TheSleepyCatmom wrote:
Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:04 pm
I think it'd be a good idea to close this regardless if the feedback was positive or not. It's been a learning experience, and one I'm glad I had.
I was going to wait just a little longer on this, but this was more or less the conclusion I'd arrived at myself.

For all the paragraphs above, my thoughts basically boil down to "enjoy your time back and see how things go, first." Previous records shouldn't disqualify anyone from volunteering by default, but for the people who might be otherwise concerned, I don't think enough time has passed for them to determine whether they should be, anymore. Garn mentions in the complaint resolution referred to in this thread that you've been "clean for a while" but that's likely due to your spell away from the server. Giving folks a while to see the changes you reference in your interview seems like a great idea - then, if you have the interest and apply again later, they can vouch for you here too.

Marking this as retracted for the time being.
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