Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

Scheveningen wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:38 am
Give him another month or two to settle in before you consider accepting this. We really shouldn't be making it a thing to welcome certain people onto staff for barely a month after their second permaban for hostile behavior. I don't care if it's plahunter and if he, as an individual, has been behaving. It wouldn't be a very fair standard to be setting.

I'm sure he's been behaving and he sure as hell has changed from my personal perception of how things have gone, but like Skull said, let's be more pragmatic in the sense of giving Pla a bit more time to settle in and hopefully clearing the air with other staffmembers in the same respect so they don't need to worry about trustworthiness.

Just because I was eager to be a moderator once upon a time didn't make the staff at the time be much less cautious in accepting me, considering I was given a two month trial period as a moderator and not just the one. Granted given how I still proceeded through that just fine, I've heard from plenty of people on staff that the extended trial was something they won't do for anyone else again seeing as how it was admittedly quite harsh.

Think it's better to tell someone to reapply later than have them trialed for longer, is what I'm saying. Ideal situation is not to increase the range at which failure could occur and instead make it reasonable enough that if they don't fail in a malicious sense then they should be considered a valued team-member.

Would he be qualified considering the past couple weeks? Maybe. It's a really tiny sample size to go off of and thus not exactly justification to accept him yet. Given more time and seeing how plahunter behaves continually, there would be a larger sample-size to take and make a general guesstimate on whether they check out in terms of koalaficiations.

What I'm saying is wait another month. At most, I suppose.
AllyBearsley wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:05 am
Personally I would feel more comfortable if they had more than a couple of weeks of being around. Maybe in a month or so my opinion will change to feeling fine. I don't know right now and that's what bothers me.
I understand your concerns on how short it's been and they have very valid points, and I agree maybe it is too quick to apply so soon. And maybe it's right to wait a months time to see if I do slip up, maybe not. But personally I am really eager to help the community and give back, and I feel as if that shouldn't be constrained on how long I've been 'back' so to speak. I came off my 2nd permanent ban after a year and a half of it with no appeal, so I feel like saying 'just coming off' is slightly unfair. I do wish I would be given a chance on this though, as I feel getting into a position where I have responsibilities in the community could motivate me even more to succeed.

Also I may suggest that this is not considered my first week back, considering I have spent another week on the discord before my appeal, it's not server time, but it is time within the community.

Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

Theplahunter wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:16 am
[...] and I feel as if that shouldn't be constrained on how long I've been 'back' so to speak. I came off my 2nd permanent ban after a year and a half of it with no appeal, so I feel like saying 'just coming off' is slightly unfair.
I can't really tell if this is the result of my nudge or whether you actually think that. But this seems relatively ignorant of the larger picture and the reasons behind the policies I mentioned earlier (and the feedback others have given). What's been said has been entirely fair, and it is misguided judgement to claim otherwise. You've not played nor actively participated in this community for about 2 or so years. You certainly have not been an active member for three months following your return. A week here or there will not change this fact.
Theplahunter wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:16 am
I do wish I would be given a chance on this though, as I feel getting into a position where I have responsibilities in the community could motivate me even more to succeed.
I might be twisting words a wee bit in saying this, but do not expect a position of responsibility to motivate you to keep your ass in check. It does not work like this. At all. Never will.

Volunteer work is still work. Work is stressful. Stress makes you drop your guard and act out on core personality traits. Saying that you need this dynamic to keep you in check is oxymoronic. If there were one motivational thing about this whole affair, then it could be the prospect of eventually, after you've actually proven yourself to be a stable and well conducted community member to the point where we need no longer question it, being considered for a staff post.
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Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

Skull132 wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:38 pm
Volunteer work is still work. Work is stressful. Stress makes you drop your guard and act out on core personality traits.
That is astoundingly accurate.
My main issue that I feel I need to highlight even though I have resigned from the CCIA, and have been trying to avoid tossing in my own two cents to let Synno carry on their succession unimpeded. I am going to grandfather in on this one. Regarding your talk about mained as an IAA.
Theplahunter wrote:
Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:26 am
Why do you want to join the CCIA?: Because back in 2014 through 2016 I mained IAA, and I found it extremely enjoyable. Progressing the round, making sure everybody was having fun by dealing with people who got too out of line without directly breaking a law, and generally filing paperwork, which I found oddly satisfying at times.
So. Overlooking personal issues from dealing with you and ignoring the badmouthing of the Duty Officers, which is the CCIA on reddit. An leaving those aspects out of the quotes.
...Hunter Robinsion was a grudging holding, rogue IA agent fabricating duty officers, lying to command staff. Destruction of evidence. Repeatedly ignoring direct orders from your command structure as a loyalty implanted crew. Violating a cease and desist. Violating a restraining order. Publicly disseminated private personnel records including posting them on newscasters. Forced interviews when he had a conflict of interest. Repeatedly misrepresented facts. Conducting multiple illicit investigations to further his own ends and continually reopened closed and sealed cases despite orders not to...

...Also in canon but not part of his firing. Without any medical training gave psych reviews. Prescribed medication for said reviews. Conducted a live autopsy. Physically attacked a few people in the few weeks he was back.

Fabricated (To the point he may as well chair them). The “Humans against Essel” movement and the “Anti-Essel Coalition.”...
Quoting myself. While a Duty Officer (CCIA Agent)
Excerpts from Re: Theplahunters unban appeal #19
Worse than that is. Over-assumes their authourity tries to lay one down and gets backslapped for it by command, occasionally tries to double down. Gets pimpslapped by the CCIA, and in the case of Hunter Robinson. [Perma ban due to other issues repeat step one and two upon returning] Triples down, pinning someone to a wall and threatens to torture them, and is violent in trying to anyone trying to stop him. Then quadruples down making up a fake CCIA to the CCIA Agents, on the record. Pentuples?even a word? down and says the agent he knows ranks higher than the CCIA leader, and no one has the authority to stop him in his quest. He was going to forever prison before they managed to earn another permaban.

Don't be a Hunter Robinson guys. It brings down the whole IAA a notch.
Quoting myself. Again. While CCIA Leader
Excerpt from Re: Remove Internal Affairs or Make Staff Improve It #5

Hunter Robinson and Terrance Frank, were, and remain as infamous examples of how not to IAA. An while you may have had fun. Pointing out that you are the posterchild of what not to do as an IAA, is hardly encouraging. So a more detailed answer on what parts of an IAA and what good parts you could bring from that to the CCIA would not go a miss.
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Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

It seems that the PlaHunter's application has reached a hard impasse and has gone long enough. As a second long-standing CCIAA, I shall now deliver my opinions. P.S. By Plahunter, I mean SovietCyanides. I'm going to give you the ugly truth from me.

After reviewing not only Head Admin but Head Developer and a Former Head CCIAA providing evidences to prior discussion. I am entirely convinced that this is a player that we wouldn't want to have on the team due to their known toxic behavior and a former "posterchild of what not to do as an IAA" as ForgottenTraveller quoted in 2017. If we were to accept this application given after the interview has commenced, our good standing may decay to a neutral standing as our superiors do not agree with Plahunter's promotion (and the decision may get override by Garn/Abo with a valid reason).

I would like for Plahunter to understand this, you have only recently just got unbanned and I agree with the headmins that a lot of things have changed since his last permanent ban. Before you were permanently banned, you were racking up bad notes and history; you verbally attacked players, you harassed one of the staff, and stalked HunterRS in-game. I'm sorry to say this but I hope you understand the fact that you aren't a fitting person in our bureaucracy. It's almost impossible to be able to change our minds with your history as it is and with the evidences provided, I guarantee you that it is a lot more harder to change my mind. You indeed have a choice whether to provide a defense, it's going to take more than just guts or you may just plea the fifth.

Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

I personally wasn't around back before Soviet was banned so I haven't had much interaction with him both IC or OOC. In my own opinion I'd give it some time before any applications to settle back in to the community. As for the ban itself, toxicity is a bad attribute for any staff / community member to have. That said, people can change, but I haven't seen him around enough yet to get to know him.
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Re: SovietCyanides CCIA Application

I can't say I know much about you. You're not as much of a meme as me on discord, so I wouldn't say your behavior is bad. Then again, with all that's said here, I'm not sure I could support you being CCIA.
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Re: [Denied] SovietCyanides CCIA Application

After deliberating, we're going to deny this application.

FT and Skull both touched on the reality of what we do being a little different from your expectations, and that shouldn't be ignored. You appear to want to contribute to the atmosphere of the corporate bureaucracy, rather than to the staff team itself. This is more easily accomplished with a command whitelist and station IAA character. You can characterize them, and by extension the company, much more than we typically do with our CCIA agents. Most of our 'work' is in the background and not even connected to the progress or story of a given round, while players are actively participant in it.

Being on the station like this would also give you time to do a couple of other important things. Firstly, you should make sure that you enjoy your time here and that you plan on staying around. Having some more time to consistently play and learn how things work after so much has changed will help people trust you with the decisions you'd be helping make on the team. To successfully apply, I think you will also need to address the concerns of the people who have criticized you, which is only going to happen with some time and an effort made to engage them.

While I believe that something a person did two years ago shouldn't condemn them indefinitely in a roleplaying community, both players and staff need the opportunity to evaluate how you've changed. Jackboot calls out your eagerness and apparent good intentions as a positive, and I agree, but good intentions are ultimately just that. With the history, it would be irresponsible of us to accept this application on only good faith, and it's telling that no-one in this thread could definitively point to something as an indicator that you've changed for the better. They just haven't had the time.

So, give it the time and work with the game, the players and staff. When you know what you want, and believe you can overturn some of the negative criticism here, I encourage you to apply again.
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