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Staff Complaint - Scheveningen

BYOND Key: Fortport
Staff BYOND Key: Scheveningen
Game ID: N/A

Reason for complaint: [EDIT(because I read over the warning again), REREAD CAREFULLY] I have a warning on my account that I don't really agree with on some of the wording within. My warning states that I did not stop with my transgender joke when I was told repeatedly by Menown to do so. Menown told me to stop in rapid succession after the first time, because I didn't understand/didn't take them seriously. With the following posts, I did stop. There was some brief discussion afterward that I participated in, but I didn't 'press the issue' further than just asking what the problem was and why I was being told to stop because it was just that. "stop" "stop" "stop"

Evidence/logs/etc: I have no logs or screenshots of what happened. Some staff members were present and can try to correct me if I'm wrong, and I welcome that.
Additional remarks: Menown tried to play it cool(that I can vaguely recall) by mentioning they stop playing when someone says 'trap' or whatever. It seemed lighthearted, I don't remember clearly because for a few moments prior to the staff members warning people to stop talking about it, I was just playing the game. I saw the situation and commented on it, that "staff is telling people to be quiet over something I said when I've long since shut my trap" or something like that.

"shut my trap" was perceived as a crude pun, and that's why I have my warning. Because if I had just said, "shut my mouth," there wouldn't be a warning here because it wouldn't be a 'transgender joke.' That misunderstanding is okay. But I don't want to be made out like I was intentionally being an antagonist by ignoring staff and also pretending that I don't know what I'm doing.
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Re: Staff Complaint - Scheveningen

Alberyk wrote:
Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:00 am
You had a note about: "Was muted for posting borderline ERP things in OOC. "me unbuttons your shirt, your sweaty nipples standing tall". Shit like that." from the last week, so, it seems that a warning for similar behavior over ooc seems fine here.
(final edit on my complaint above, sorry) I would like stuff like that to be in my warnings rather than notes I don't have the foggiest idea even exist, I guess. That's one note(???) where I goofed off too far, but I meant it as a dumb joke and didn't debate that it wasn't that, now that I remember. That one note/warning is not even a collective history of me faffing about, it's just somewhat recent. The warning makes out like I have warnings/notes(plural) about this 'sort of thing', when I don't. (two warnings years ago for unrelated matters) That's... not an accumulated 'history' if it's just one recent note when I've played here for more than two years without incident until now. It's written as though this is another drop in the bucket, one of many instances, which I don't think it is.

In this case, I blurted something out I shouldn't have and then trailed off after Menown made it clear that it wasn't a good subject. Moments of me not typing anything later, I made an observation which Scheveningen thought was a distasteful pun calling back to what upset Menown regardless of what I had to say because of...one note? Please show me more.

Re: Staff Complaint - Scheveningen

From the rules: "Verbal Warning/Warning: A warning is the lightest type of punishment we will dispense. Generally, this means you'll be informed of the rule you've broken, and we'll let you resume playing after you ensure us you won't break the rule again."

So, you had a prior note about this kind of behavior from ooc, and you were muted by a mod due to it, and they did explained to you what was wrong. So, you did repeat it and you were warned, which is, in the way I can understand, another step on the escale of punishment. I would agree that a warning might have been not in place if it was the first case of this happening, but, it is not.

Anyway, I do not think that the wording here is really that important, or it is going to change anything in this case. Because, as far i can see in your notes, you did something similar some time before, and a escalation happened before you were punished.

Re: Staff Complaint - Scheveningen

The most a slight edit would change is how staff interpret the log in the future, which wouldn't affect their judgment all that much in the end.

The warning's version is that I aggravated a person and proceeded to 'make a pun'(the only thing that got me punished) after staff tells everyone to stop.
My version is that I aggravated a person, then made an observation on staff handling players without making a joke at all.

It's a sad misunderstanding. All I can do is try to move on and forget it's ever happened because I've not broken any rules with this incident, from my perspective.

Re: Staff Complaint - Scheveningen

I was very much against the idea that it was a misunderstanding, considering you have past history of this sort of OOC conduct and mockery of other players.

This was not just an isolated incident, by the way, I didn't decide to hand out a warning and a OOC mute just because of the pun alone. You escalated a discussion to amazingly inappropriate proportions to the point where a player voiced their serious discomfort with it and asked for it to be stopped. I asked you and the rest of OOC to stop. You then continued with that pun, which its phrasing was certainly no accident considering the phrasing. I find it very difficult to believe it was coincidence. Restraint and the ability to return to a degree of sensible maturity is really important for a player to have.
It's a sad misunderstanding. All I can do is try to move on and forget it's ever happened because I've not broken any rules with this incident, from my perspective.
What you said implies you haven't learned anything from this event here, and that you don't care one bit about your issues with restraint. Why should I remove a warning from your account over behavior you refuse to acknowledge?
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