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Ban Request: Landyn Helm

BYOND Key: Scheveningen
Accused Players Byond Key: Landyn Helm
Time of Act: 3-5PM EST. bSQ-c9TR, Changeling round.
Reason for Ban: Extreme greytiding play. Throughout the course of a changeling round, self-antagged as a security cadet (their ckey was a similar name in-character) to some pretty serious degrees and also IC'd in OOC plenty of times. Seemed really new at first glance but they slowly got worse and worse throughout the course of the round with the displayed intent of their actions. Such as choking a fellow officer in "learning" how to grapple and then stopping as soon as the officer cried for help. Threatened suicide at some point in the round for a reason I don't know why, I think he got arrested and threatened it. Also threatened to murder the bartender during the round for an IC reason but it was kinda escalated to a point where it didn't make sense.
Evidence: I had to reopen my client due to a runtime error. Aboshehab, the player Worthy and some other folks who played the round.
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Re: Ban Request: Landyn Helm

Hello, I played the security officer Alexia Quinn this particular shift and was quite involved with the incredible amount of greytide shittery of this round. I'll preface this by saying a lot of things that should have been ahelped weren't because we were running under the assumption that we were dealing with antagonists which, unfortunately, wasn't the case a lot of the time.

Moving on to this particular case of the cadet. Throughout the round they showed less than stellar RP and comfort with game mechanics, hence why I initially assumed they were just very new and inexperienced. It started with the cadet supposedly getting their teeth kicked in at the holodeck, which was at the start of the round. This was all fine and dandy as we arrested the one we thought was responsible, until the cadet decided to self antag a bit and attack the arrested one in the brig, getting themselves brigged. I thought this was acceptable, because albeit poorly roleplayed it still made sense to a degree for a disgruntled cadet to seek some sort of retribution against a person who fractured their skull.

Hence why I decided to give the cadet the benefit of the doubt and offered to teach him basic CQC, as I normally do with cadets, so he could properly defend himself against belligerent bartenders next time. Things got kind of odd when he decided he wants to ''kill the bartender'' which I decided to just shrug off as the player blowing off steam. It got even moreso odd that when I was ''explaining'' grappling to him, and allowed him to red grab me to get a sense of it, he decided to proceed to choke me out with decent effectiveness, to the point where I ashamedly had to yelp for help, as I was quite nearing possibly dying right there. I suppose I was far too trusting, but I digress. The excuse for him choking me out was that he simply did not know how to drop the grab. Which I found decently hard to believe as I explained it to him in LOOC, and as he only ceased choking me once I called for backup. He later remarked in quite creepy fashion that it was ''killer instinct'' which is where I just assumed the cadet was an antag, albeit a poor one.

As the cadet clearly was mentally unstable from an IC perspective, we had him sent in to get fully examined by medical, both physically and mentally, after which he was to be arrested and demoted for threat of murder on the bartender. During his arrest, which I carried out, he pulled the lovely card of ''I'll kill myself'' which added to his charges. After he was processed he spent a good time with the psychiatrist, was released, then plopped outside of the brig to do whatever a suspended cadet does, which is, sneak back inside the brig via the use of a beepsky key, walk into our armoury which was open to deal with a spider threat, arm himself in riot gear and decide to spray and pray at our HoS. He SSD'ed shortly after being quickly captured.

I wasn't particularly involved in what he did after, but we cryo'd him in the brig, he woke up, we released him. He decided to pull some shit again, and ended himself in a cell once more, which he SSD'ed in.

As Schev has said, his self antagonism made less and less sense throughout the course of the round, and was just a major pain to deal with. They also did not show any particular good RP, as his sentences were more ''chatspeak'' so to say than coherent sentences an actual person would make.

That's mainly it for my testimony, which I felt obligated to share as I was mentioned in the original post.

Re: Ban Request: Landyn Helm

I did adminhelp the issue prior but it never got answered. This is mostly why I'm here with the ban request, I didn't think to file another adminhelp in the round because it easily got extremely hectic in-game to the point where my concerns were elsewhere in the round at the given time.
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Re: Ban Request: Landyn Helm

They are a very very new player to Space Station, accidentally introduced them to Aurora through my barotrauma community. I would much prefer a staff member talk to them and explain the culture of our server and space station before outright banning them.
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