Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

I want to start a succession game. Just a regular DF, no mods or tilesets, directly from Bay12 entry page. If you aren't skilled in the game it's fine, spectacular failures are what makes the game fun.

One week/one year turns with rotation. Dorfing requests are welcome and anyone wants to keep journals can do it on this post. I might set up a Discord server to help manage the players.

Contact me through any means if you're interested, I'll put you on the list then inform you when your turn is up.

Re: Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

I was intending to use the 44.5 version of the game, which is the newest one. I haven't found any decent packs for this version yet, which usually come with a converter. I don't exactly know what the issues are with not using converters, but if you're sure it won't break the save for folks after you I guess there is no harm in trying.
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