[ADVERT] TAC-Team Zulu

Tactical Team Zulu - Bounty Hunter's and Contractors
Looking for someone? Need them delivered to you alive?
Or maybe a guy is giving you some trouble, need them killed dead so they are NEVER coming back?
Maybe you need assets requisitioned from a secure area?

Or maybe you want that secure area leveled to dust?

TAC-Z Are a team of mercenaries, trained experts willing to do anything and everything for the right price. Our state of the art ship with warp-drive and cloaking technology gets us in close, while our operatives move in to complete the work without anyone even knowing. In the event our detection, our team of heavily armed weapon experts can dispatch any threats effectively and quickly - neutralizing all opposition before they can pose any real kind of danger. All our dedicated operatives have some kind of military background, trained in heavy weapons, explosives, engineering, medical and long-range marksmanship.

If you can see this, it means you have automatically been selected as a customer that may use our services. Contact GUNNER, Actual of TAC today for a 5% discount.
I play as Sophie Rifler (Security Personnel) and Sadie (Synthetic Intelligence)

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