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Free Assembly Move In as ATLAS Forced Out
Monday, February 12, 2460
Free Assembly to set up new Tau Ceti base of operations in former Synthetic Intelligence Movement HQ. ATLAS Biesel base of operations forced into orbit amidst threats to personnel.

The Free Assembly, known for their push for equal rights in Biesel has joined forces with the Synthetic Intelligence Movement and set up a joint venture in Mendell City as the 'Equal Rights Union' headed by Dr. Alexander O'Caughney, Executive Director of SIM. Dr. O'Caughney told press that "[today] is a momentous occasion for SIM and the Free Assembly. Together we are committed to ensure our goal of equal rights for synthetics and of all species is achieved."

The ATLAS presence in Tau Ceti has taken a blow in recent months due to the Mars crisis and following firebomb attacks on their base of operations in Mendell City the Technosyndicalists of ATLAS have moved their regional HQ into high orbit around Biesel. Now based on the PMV Diomedes, a civilian class Liner locked in geosynchronous orbit over the planet, the group intends to continue its mission of charity work and captial investment to budding small businesses across Tau Ceti. An ATLAS spokeswoman told the Bugle that "[ATLAS] have chosen to re-locate to orbit to ensure the safety of our members but we are always available to offer aid to any who wish it and our business operations and charity events will all go ahead as scheduled."

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