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Aristalus Negotiates Loosening of NanoTrasen Synthetic Employee Restrictions

In mid-September of last year, an IPC known as Aristalus was elected into the office of the Secretary of Synthetic Relations, a position in the Republic's presidential cabinet. This is the first time in recorded history that a synthetic has held any sort of government office of any state or organization. Aristalus was selected by president Dorn specifically due to their past relationship and Dorn's acquaintance with one of Aristalus's closest friends.

Since mid-October of last year, Aristalus has been working closely with representatives and board members of the NanoTrasen corporation in an attempt to open better employment and business opportunities for synthetics of all types.

"NanoTrasen's regulations regarding employment for synthetics were obstructive and cornering, forcing androids to adopt their brand chassis for retail price straight out of the android's pay. Some of their command-level roles were also barred from synthetics unless they met these requirements," Aristalus said in a private interview.

"I spoke with their representatives, their board members, and their internal affairs agents, and frankly I was appalled. They had an alarming number of potential candidates for these command roles, but because of the nature of the agreements they required the IPCs to make, they weren't being filled. What good is potential wasted?"

"They were not open to the idea at first, hesitant to change their policies for the sake of revenue and cost. I worked with them, suggested ways to reduce these costs and impacts on their biological employees. After a handful of months, here we are. NanoTrasen has happily opened up more opportunities for their synthetic employees. Some of the major openings were security chiefs and personnel directors aboard their orbital facilities. Some mining facilities are opening up foreman positions to IPCs, as well."

When asked about the mistrust of synthetics in the workplace, Aristalus responded with, "Yes, it is a shame that our creators cannot see us as equal to them... there will forever be mistrust, I think. There is still mistrust even between two individual humans. It can't ever really go away, but the trick is to prove slowly over time that synthetics are not the enemy. All they need allowed to them is time and a little bit of hope. These two concepts seem to have a tremendous impact on the outlook of human civilizations all throughout the past."

Aristalus intends to "keep up the good fight" by increasing the equal opportunities for synthetics all over Tau Ceti, and even other stars. "This one star system, this Tau Ceti... it has been the focal point of many, many awe-inspiring events - some great, some terrible. It would seem that all eyes are on us. I should, and we should, be making our best effort to make a good impression."

NanoTrasen released a statement along with the completion of the negotiations;
"NanoTrasen is an equal opportunity employer, and we recognize that synthetics make up a wide array of the specialization in our big family. Synthetics were already previously allowed to assume responsibility for many other critical roles in our installations. Now, we have widened those roles. Qualified IPCs can now take up head of security or personnel positions on any required facility, as well as other opportunities elsewhere."

The negotiations did not completely redact the policies, however. Due to the wide variety of chassis types employed by NanoTrasen, certain restrictions had to be placed on time-critical positions, such as their security chiefs. Heavy-style chassis, like Hephaestus Industries' newest Generation 2 industrial body are disallowed from taking the position, as well as the stylish (but fragile) Bishop Cybernetics Accessory frame.

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Crack Down In Imperial Plaza As Crime Rate Spikes
Tuesday, April 17, 2460
Mendell City authorities crack down on growing criminal gangs in the Imperial Plaza district.

A new police enforcement unit is to be introduced in the Mendell City Imperial Plaza district also referred to as "Little Adhomai". Following the Sol Alliance visa ban on Tajara citizens many families have been forced to relocate elsewhere with many heading to Mars, Eridani Federation space or Tau Ceti. The district has seen an influx of over five thousand individuals leading to a marked decrease in living standards within the areas.

Speaking to the press, Biesel Police Force representatives explained that the new unit will be more than just a law enforcement agency but a community outreach program as well which will work with the community and with NanoTrasen to provide jobs to the current citizens of the area and to the migrants who have arrived or are arriving. The unit will be a majority Tajara force to assist in community relations.

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NT Corruption Scandal As Security Found Compromised
Wednesday, April 25, 2460
Whistle blowers alongside key CCIA members of NanoTrasen have revealed a deep conspiracy amongst Tau Ceti NanoTrasen security staff with potential links to the mysterious "Syndicate" group.

Whistle blowers and NanoTrasen internal affairs have revealed a nefarious conspiracy against NanoTrasen and Biesel in the Tau Ceti sector with a large number of NanoTrasen Internal Security Officers and a handful of NanoTrasen Head of Security personnel being involved in a sudden internal crack down by police and security teams with "confirmed links to the group known as the Syndicate" press was told by internal sources.

In the early hours of this morning NanoTrasen Emergency Response Teams and security forces raided numerous locations across the NTCC Odin and other NanoTrasen properties across Biesel with the assistance of the Biesel Police Force. The names of those arrested have not yet been released but inside sources confirm that the majority were NanoTrasen Internal Security.

In a statement to the press Andrew Reynolds, NanoTrasen's Chief Relations Director, told reporters that "[we] have been undertaking an internal security audit of NanoTrasen assets in Tau Ceti for the last few months and have successfully identified and contained a potential threat to Biesel itself. We are always committed to the defence and freedom of all Biesel citizens and are absolutely delighted that we have served and will continue to serve the public in all avenues. I would personally like to thank the Biesel Police Force for its assistance in this venture." Mr Reynolds made no comment on the alleged Syndicate affiliation of the incarcerated security officers.

With such a large number of security officers being detained observers wonder how NanoTrasen will be able to maintain its security commitments in the sector.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

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NT Security Staffing Crisis Confirmed
Friday, April 27, 2460
Staffing crisis hits NanoTrasen after large numbers of security staff are suspended following this week's internal crack down.

Following the revelation of a nefarious conspiracy by large numbers of NanoTrasen Internal Security Officers and a handful of NanoTrasen Head of Security personnel against the company and Biesel within Tau Ceti space, numerous security officers have been suspended from duty across the sector.

The reduced numbers of security personnel have created a staff shortage across all Tau Ceti NanoTrasen assets with emergency staff being called in to temporarily fill the void.

In a press release Andrew Reynolds, NanoTrasen's Chief Relations Director, told the news that "the operation to remove seditious elements from across the Tau Ceti sector has been an absolute success. We have brought in back up officers from outside the sector to temporarily fill in for the minor dip in staffing levels and have processed a good number of NanoTrasen Heads of Security who are now back in the line of duty. The senior management team is currently in negotiations with key third party security contractors to fill in for the reduced staffing levels in the region over the next few weeks and we have undertaken a boosted recruitment campaign to replenish our security department. NanoTrasen is committed to its contractual obligations and we assure all our customers that this staffing challenge will in no way affect our clients."

Insider reports from the Biesel police force indicate that the conspiracy itself was focused on "undermining Biesel sovereignty and accumulating a vast number of credits fraudulently". The names of those officers taken off duty has not yet been released.

More on this story as it develops.

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Wilhelm Gunther Is Out As NanoTrasen Chief Security Officer, Replaced by Nathan Trasen Who Announces 'Eridani Initiative'
Monday, April 30th, 2460

Many pundits and observers expected that Wilhelm Gunther's career would not survive the crisis currently gripping NanoTrasen. His sudden announcement of retirement has confirmed the speculation swirling around the 56 year old. His time in NanoTrasen has now come to an end.

He gave his announcement from his summer home in Lakeside to a small assembly of reporters.

"I hold a deep respect for the values and goals of NanoTrasen, and I have spent a better part of a decade ensuring I was a part of this mission statement. I have worked tirelessly since the first day of the job to keep our stations secure and our men and women in the Security team safe, reliable, and robust. But after many months of thought and discussions with my collegues, I have decided to retire. My children are important to me, and it is time I devote to being a father full time. I want to be able to see them enter highschool with me behind them every step of the way."

Gunther's career with NanoTrasen saw the security force rapidly expand with ambitious goals. In 2457 he was approved by the Board of Directors to attach a permanent forensic team on NanoTrasen research labs. In 2458 he switched NanoTrasen's security team from their previously iconic red uniforms to the new navy blue, and was instrumental in persuading Tau Ceti's law makers to allow NT Security Officers to carry .45's on their stations.

But his tenure has also seen the worst corruption scandal to ever hit the Internal Security Department. As previously reported, over half of Tau Ceti's security personnel have been terminated, suspended, or put on leave. Over 257 arrests have been made and an anonymous source within the CCIA has revealed they have a backlog of 598 incident reports within Tau Ceti in regards to the scandal. The ISD alledgedly used its powers to commit widespread fraud. In one case three officers arrested a scientist for neglect of duty when the scientist went on a smoke break, and 'lost' the scientist's ID during processing. The station's Head of Personnel promptly replaced the ID, but the scientist later found that his entire bank account had been emptied using his old card.

Gunther has been accused of covering up the scandal in order to avoid hurting his performance reports to the Board of Directors, and has also long been accused of playing favorites with Head of Security appointments, often showing favor to fellow Sol-born staff.

Further reinforcement that this retirement was forced on him is the fact that mere hours later, a surprise announcement came from NanoTrasen's Board of Directors. They revealed that Nathan Trasen, 44, would be assuming the new role of Chief Security Officer.

Nathan Trasen, born 2416 in Cape City, is cousin to Miranda Trasen and is a member of the Trasen dynasty. Known for his remarkable philanthropy, he has previously worked as an independent security advisor for Getmore Co, a NanoTrasen subsidiary. In his own statement, Nathan Trasen thanked the Board of Directors for the job and at the same time announced to the public the on-going partnership with the Eridani Federation.

"I want to thank the intelligent and hard working men and women of the Board of Directors. I want you all to know that their faith in me is well placed. It might be my first day on the job, but I am already doing so much to make this Corporation a safe and secure workplace again. It is my pleasure to announce that with me acting as a mediator to the negotiations, NanoTrasen has accepted a security contract from the Eridani Federation. These cool guys are sending us five hundred private security contractors and fifty-six managers to orchestrate them all. That is enough for every single one of our stations and facilities within Tau Ceti to once again have a fully staffed, reliable security team. Wow! Just think about that. It really shows you the ability that NanoTrasen and Eridani have, that we can so quickly resolve such a big crisis. I know that going forward we are going to do great things together.

And to the employees of NanoTrasen: I've got huge plans for us all. We're going to see so much get done now. You are all doing absolutely fantastic and I'm going to do my best to make sure you can keep on being that way. You should be really excited for what's coming, because oh man I sure am.

Anyway, it's sad to see Gunther go. He did his best. Hope he enjoys his daughter's recitals. Good lucky buddy."

Eridani has released a similar announcement. It was a simple acknowledgement of the contract released by a spokesman for their own Board of Directors, followed by the full text of the 416 page Terms and Conditions Regarding The Enforcement Of Standard Regulations Within Tau Ceti Space Pertaining To Corresponding Biesellite Laws And Ordinances Ascertained To Be Within The Exclusive Economic Zone As Defined.

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Eridani Federation Contract Set To Expire: "Complete Success" Beams Nathan Trasen
Monday, May 6th, 2460
After a week of fufilling security obligations for NanoTrasen within Tau Ceti, the Eridani Federation has announced that they will withdraw from the sector during the end of March 7th. Nathan Trasen, the new Chief Security Officer of NanoTrasen, gave a statement in which he described the current state of NanoTrasen's Internal Security Department.

"We had a real scary few days there before Eridani arrived. A lot of space stations and compounds on Biesel and New Gibson had no security at all. But Eridani came in and they helped us out a lot. We've had our remaining men and women working double time to keep various areas safe and secure and Eridani's forces have supplemented that nicely. Especially on the Aurora, I know people are deeply honored to work with the Eridani Private Security. They have conducted themselves professionally, honestly, and with an unwavering commitment to the terms and conditions of our contract."

Nathan Trasen had previously visited the NSS Aurora on the same day that he was chosen as the new Chief Security Officer. During his visit he held a speech in which he presented an Eridani Security Chief an Eridani Federation tri-fold flag.

During the Eridani Federation security contract, there have apparently been several more VIP visits on the station. Unusually, NanoTrasen did not release any details on these events as or even after they happened. Information about these have come to us from statements coming from Aurora crewmen themselves.

Alledgedly various delegations paid visit to the station, including from the Jargon Federation and People's Republic of Adhomai.

Some analysts have predicted that Eridani is apparently much more concerned at keeping information security as tight as possible. There has been little news from the Eridani Federation operations across Tau Ceti in general, with any officials involved simply saying they are acting within the best interests of the Terms and Conditions.

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Eridani Security Forces Foil Syndicate Assassination Attempt of Nathan Trasen!
May 6th, 2460
Alarmist reports of Nathan Trasen being killed on the NSS Aurora in these last few hours have proven to have been an elaborate bait and switch operation by the Eridani Federation Security Forces that involved a body double, covert espionage, and a dramatic police raid on a Phoenixport warehouse that saw 4 additional individuals arrested for terrorist collaboration for their part in the assassination attempt. The Eridani Federation, NanoTrasen, and the FIB have released a joint statement detailing the operation.

On the 3rd of March Eridani Intelligence received intelligence from sources within the mysterious Syndicate terrorist organization that a terror cell within Tau Ceti was plotting to assassinate a member of NanoTrasen's Chief of Staff as retaliation for the purge of its spies from the Corporation. This news caused Miranda Trasen to quietly cancel her scheduled visits that would have seen the CEO interact with various Eridani Security Chiefs. In her stead, her cousin and Chief Security Officer took her place for a VIP visit to the NSS Aurora as well as several public speaking events.

On the 5th Eridani Intelligence uncovered more information on a specific plot to assassinate Nathan Trasen during his scheduled visit to the NSS Aurora on the 6th. Nathan Trasen was informed by Eridani officials, who advised him to send a body double in his place to act as bait.

The body double was sent in Trasen's place and boarded the station to visit with Eridani Security Chief Cassandra Faust. The vessel was commanded by Captain Paul Jonson.

The NanoTrasen Journalist Frank Carter documented the event and attached to the Trasen body double, taking many pictures with him.

The assassination happened outside of security reception, next to the elevator. The assassins, wearing NanoTrasen uniforms of an atmospheric technician and brig Warden respectively, approached the Trasen double and drew their weapons. The double ran towards medical and got shot in the back repeatedly, dyng almost instantly. Nearby security and Eridani officers returned fire on the assassins, subduing one assassin and disabling the other.

The double was cloned as the surviving assassin was brought into interrogation by Eridani security. He is reported to have provided enough intelligence on his terrorist cell that Eridani Private Security were able to cooperate with federal authorities in a lighting fast raid on their staging area, leading to 9 additional arrests by the time of this publication. The cloned body double's real identity has not been revealed, but NanoTrasen has confirmed that they are being given a hefty life insurance check for 2 million credits and an early retirement.

The Captain of the vessel was allegedly informed of the status of the double beforehand. Nathan Trasen himself held a speech in which he further described the situation.

"Unfortunately there are some really bad folks out there that want to cause chaos. This bait and switch was only possible through the Eridani Federation's constant vigilance and mindblowing professionalism and skill. I am deeply thankful that they are responsible for not only saving my life, but in destroying a major terrorist cell. I don't know any other organization that can show up and within a week manage four VIP visits and thwart a high profile assassination. With this operation successful, I think think this is a very high note for Eridani to pack up and return home. I am very glad I got to oversee their integration into our security force and I know we've all appreciated their stay here. We've got the manpower again, so we're going to start getting things back to the new normal."

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Jargon Federation Hive Labor Contract Signed
May 9th, 2460

Today, the Jargon Federation, representing its C'thur citizens sign a 10 year, 1.3 trillion credit labor contract with Nanotrasen. The agreement was reached after eight days of deliberation. Deliberations took place within Nanotrasens Tau Ceti headquarters, and during this time A retinue of Skrellian and C'thur diplomats visited Nanotrasen facilities throughout the system. Nanotrasen Public Relations Chief Andrew Reynolds had this to say about the landmark agreement.
"There can be no doubt that this agreement will be felt for years to come. In our increasingly connected galaxy, where distances between us grow ever smaller, it's important to recognize new and old associates. That is why together with the Jargon Federation, Nanotrasen will meet, no, exceed its obligations. Our recently resolved staffing crisis did not affect current events. The Eridani Federation and its employees met our needs, and the needs imposed upon them. As you may know, many of our facilities were visited by Jargon representatives prior to the closing of this deal. It was our hope that our professionalism and high standards would be conveyed, yet to our surprise and shame, it was not. In our efforts for progress, we have neglected some of the needs of our employees unknowingly. Rest assured, however, that these issues are brought to light so they can be addressed. No Nanotrasen employe should fear for their safety. As such, we will be releasing additional safety equipment and revise standard emergency equipment for all employees, of all facilities, of all species. Departmental safety equipment, such as EVA gear will also be updated. The issues addressed by our associates within the Jargon Federation will be addressed. Our care for our employees does not stop at safety equipment, however, no. The welfare and prosperity of our employees in their personal lives concern us too. With everything that occurs across the galaxy, Tau Ceti is a bastion of Nanotrasen ideology one that all species can recognize the value of. As such, the universal salary of all Vaurca employees will be increased. In addition, with assistance from the Jargon federation, the peer review system put in place to assess the aptitude of Vaurca personnel will not apply for their citizens. This deal lays more mortar between the roads of progress between the Jargon Federation and Tau Ceti. This road, crafted by more than 40 years of progress will never be finished, but the journey in finishing it is something that we will all benefit from, throughout the galaxy. Thank you."
After completing their speech, Leading Jargon Representative Waq'rir Qu-Liixa took the podium. Waq'rir Qu-Liixa was reported to have suffered a $^&*severe allergic reaction_%# aboard the NSS Aurora after reportedly coming into contact with a monkey, and even looked somewhat pale but nonetheless proceeded.
"Yes, that was a correct assessment by Mr. Reynolds. It is likely that this deal will be beneficial to everyone. Furthermore, the standards expected to Federation citizens will not be a concern after the reported instances are addressed. Expect additional implementations as the first wave of laborers moves into Tau Ceti. Visas programmes and travel accommodations will be an ongoing process, one likely to create more occupations in various sectors. As to further elaborate upon what Mr. Reynolds said, the Peer review system Nanotrasen employes with its Vaurca personnel will not be required for our citizens. Such checks and balances will already have taken place and will be a requirement for work Visas to and from Tau Ceti."
At the conclusion of the speech, Waq'rir Qu-Liixa coughed slightly, being led off the stage by another skrellian minder. After her, C'thur representative Ta'Akaix'Nzit'vol'lanta, the hives primary representative during these proceedings, took place behind the eclipsed podium.
It is indeed a joyous time for all hives involved. Nanotrasen, the great white worms that fatten the substance they harvest will know more prosperity than they realize in dealing with our hive. Production will continue to increase, here and elsewhere within and outside of our hive. This occurrence will be forever immortalized beyond this life, for future Vaurca to ponder over. It is no small feat to see elucidations of growth for all parties involved. Further still into thus, it benefits all Vaurca alive. Never did I expect such generosity. Jargon, the hoary strugglers of lost ages will ensure that only those befitting of your standards will be employed beyond the means of the bound. This visit has been engaging, and it is a hope that I seek such an opportunity again.
At the conclusion of the event, there was a brief press briefing, followed by a photo op. Miranda Trasen was sadly unavailable for the event, but insiders indicated that she spoke at length to Waq'rir Qu-Liixa, prior to the announcement and signing of this landmark trade agreement.

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Heavy Freighting Vessel Almost Collides With The Odin
May 23rd, 2460

A Bulk Freighter barely avoids a collision with the NTCC Odin after being forced out a bluespace jump whilst fleeing pirates, three dead.

The Bulk Freighter FV Teal belonging to the Hephaestus Industrial Division burst from bluespace and almost collided with the Odin residential block today. The one kilometre vessel was pulled from its chaotic jump by Odin Interdiction Net protection systems, forcing into realspace. Authorities confirm that the ship had been evading a mass interdiction event by pirates operating in the Tau Ceti boundary regions. Having sustained damage during the evasion upon entering realspace at breakneck speed the port side sheared off and began hurtling towards the Odin residential blocks viewing dome as the freighter skimmed across the surface of the commercial block. Visitors and citizens of the Odin watched in horror as NanoTrasen naval units scrambled to destroy the debris before they impacted. Preventing catastrophic damage, naval units were able to shatter the debris causing small but numerous micro impacts on the residential viewing dome. Bulk heads on the dome were able to lock into place before any breaches could occur on the superstructure of the dome but not before cracks formed, terrifying residents on the Odin's streets. The commercial block sustained only superficial damage to its outer plasteel layer. Naval units then headed off in pursuit of the suspected pirate force. The event caused mass panic with large amounts of damage and injury being caused by terrified citizens and visitors as they attempted to flee the residential block. Security on the scene reported no serious injuries but numerous people have been treated for minor to moderate scrapes and bruises.

Piracy has seen a stark increase in recent weeks due to the upheaval caused by the Dominian -Hegemony purge causing pirate groups to move further inwards on the Orion Spur. Government officials told the press that they "are aware of the growing threat and are in the process of producing a solution." Critics claim that the threat is "already here" and that Biesel government has been "so slow as to be almost comical" in facing the threat to travel and shipping.

Repairs are currently underway on the Odin and the FV Teal has been successfully toed into dock. Three crew members sadly lost their lives when the ship split and five remain in intensive care.

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June 1st, 2460
Odin Apartment Wing Sealed Off By Security After Missing Person Report: Linked?
Apartment Block B-17 on the Odin's residential wing has been sealed off by Odin security. Security officers are stopping people from entering the hallway, which holds at least 12 individual rooms and a small grocery store. This sudden closure comes only an hour after a recent crew shuttle returned from the research station NSS Aurora carrying over a dozen Aurora employees back to the Odin.

Crime Scene Investigators and Odin detectives were seen passing the security cordon with forensics gear. Officers did not immediately respond to our reporter's request for more information.

"We are investigating a serious incident. You will have to ask the Head of Security for more information." An officer said.

Witnesses say that this cordon comes after the wing was advised of a missing person alert. A general notice was sent through Odin newcasters and an announcement was posted on Odin's relay chat network on an Auroran employee going missing after the crew transfer. It is unclear if the security cordon is related to the disappearance of O'Ryan.

We will continue following this story as it develops.

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